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    DHEA Sulfate 306 mcg / dL ( 110 – 510)

    FSH 6.9 mIU / mL ( 1.6 – 8.0 )

    LH 4.4 mIU / mL (1.5 – 9.3 )

    Total T 842 ng / dL (241 – 827)

    TSH 3.66 mIU/ML (.40 – 5.5)

    Estradiol 33 pg/mL ( 13 – 54)

    Cortisol AM 16.4 mcg/dL (4.0 – 22.0 )

    SHBG 32 nmol / L ( 7 – 44 )

    FT3 282 mcg / dL ( 230 – 420 )

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    Looks good, especially your total T. SHBG is alittle high tho. E2 may be high than some people would like, but is still normal.



    yeah there a bit high, when i start HCG i’ll be using DIM and some others, maca being one



    Max HCG? Whats that? You’ll be using DIM aswell? Yeah, me too. I already got it. What else will you be taking? So far HCG(dunno what that is), DIM, and maca.

    I’ll be taking zinc and DIM. I’m thinking about taking TMG aswell, but I dont know if its necessary.



    Human chorionic gonadotropin

    you need prescription for it. i can tell you if you need it once i see your labs

    HCG will boost my t levels to 900 and DIM / MACA and maybe some others will keep my E2 down.,



    hey man, how long did it take for you to get your results? I mean it’s already been a week and a half…wtf.



    5 days after blood was drawn… i got my results in the mail too

    call your docs office!



    Max My mother did call, acouple days ago, or yesterday and they said some tests take longer than others and that they dont have all of them done yet.



    next week then for sure raven…

    if he thinks there abnormal, you’ll probably have to see him again and maybe then you’ll find out what the results are.



    Max So if they are normal, he wont tell me? I remember I did ask him for a copy of the results the day that I got the test…



    you should get a copy then



    im gonna start DHEA / L-Ariginine

    im thinking SHippen is going to give me Testosterone Shots / HCG, which is a mean combo




    But I thought your testosterone levels were fine?



    no! my normal testosterone levels were around 360ng/dl

    im secondary hypogonadism…



    Max Total T is 842…higher than the range!



    yes my Total T got that high afer a 1 week trial test on “Clomid”



    Max oh…i see. Did he order this blood test or did you want him to do it? Like was it his idea to take clomid and then retest in a week?



    he’s in charge of doing everything, he’s way beyond your normal doc. he knows exactly what todo; he’s been called the grandfather of hormones.



    Max lucky you man, good luck with everything

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