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    Max, Hardasnails, , and other experts,

    I got my blood test results today and I guess it is VERY clear why I am not able to get erections. I have 2 major things going on – 1) Blood Sugar 2) Estradiol. My Testosterone is falling and my Estradiol is rising

    I am giving my results that I got today below. I am also providing corresponding results from the blood test I got in January 2009. You can clearly see how the values have shot up. If you guys can kindly help me out with the solutions I would be very very grateful.



    Blood test results (April 9, 2010)

    Glucose, Fasting = 116 (65 – 99 mg/dL) *out of range*

    Glycohemoglobin A1C = 6.9 (4.8 – 5.9 mg/dL) *out of range*

    Prolactin = 6.5 (3.3 – 26.7 ng/mL)

    Estradiol-6 = 79.0 (2 – 54 pm/mL) *out of range*

    DHEA-S = 521.5 (160 – 449 ug/dL)

    Testosterone, Total = 315.3 (241 – 850 ng/dL)

    Testosterone, Free = 1.74 (0.43 – 3.04 ng/dL)

    TSH, 3rd Generation = 2.020 (0.35 – 5.50 uIU/mL)

    T4 = 10.3 (5.0 – 13.0 ug/dL)


    Blood test results (January, 2009)

    Glucose, Fasting = 102 (65 – 99 mg/dL) *out of range*

    Glycohemoglobin A1C = 6.1 (4.8 – 5.9 mg/dL) *out of range*

    Prolactin = 4.5 (2.1 – 17.7 ng/mL)

    Estradiol = 32.1 (11.6 – 41.2 pg/mL)

    DHEA-S = 491 (35 – 430 ug/dL) *out of range*

    Testosterone, Total = 431 (241 – 827 ng/dL)

    Testosterone, Free = 1.59 (0.95 – 4.30 ng/dL)

    TSH, Ultrasensitive = 1.45 (0.35 – 5.50 uIU/mL)

    T3, Free (FT3) = 3.66 (2.3 – 4.2 pg/mL)

    T4, Free (FT4) = 1.35 (0.89 – 1.76 ng/dL)


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    are you a diabetic?




    The doctor said I am heading there if I don’t take proper care now. My mom is a severe diabetic and I am wondering if I got it through the genes.

    My only vice is coffee… but I do PLENTY of white rice. Its a staple diet for us.



    Max, can you please provide some help?

    How can I lower my Estradiol and increase Testosterone? Will Zinc Picolinate work? Is there anything else you see in my results?



    Thanks newstrength. I will certainly check out the links in detail.

    I am willing to let go of white rice in order to keep my blood sugar under control.

    I believe though that my MAIN problem is HIGH ESTRADIOL and LOW TESTOSTERONE. If I look up my past results it clearly shows a rising trend for E2 and lowering trend for T. Why is my E2 going up and T going down?? What can I do to stop this?? How can I lower my E2?



    That E2 level is very high for a guy your age. Are you drinking from plastic bottles? Plastic contains (Xenoestrogens) that mimics estrogens in the body. You could take the zinc picolinate but I don’t think it would lower your E2 enough. DIM would probably be more like it or Armidex but your doctor would have to prescribe that for you. Is he willing to help you with your situation? The higher your blood sugar is the lower your testosterone is going to be.



    It is extremely high right? No wonder I can’t get it up

    I don’t drink water from plastic bottles. I usually use a cup.

    I did some search on DIM supplements and found a nice one from LEF. Its called Triple Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract:

    It has vegetables rich in I3C plus some DIM. Do you think this would help?



    I dont know if thats the correct e2 test, i think its the wrong test which would make it useless..

    you basically need to eat a rich diet in green veggies and meat, brown rice, limit fruit..

    avoid all other foods, dont use a microwave or use plastic.

    you dont need togo to low in carbs. just eat a healthy balanced diet. but you should avoid all forms of sugar and processed foods. Grains should only make up a small % of your diet.

    did you do a liver panel?




    No Max, I did not do a liver panel. The doctor asked a thousand questions already..

    I am planning to avoid rice as much as possible. May be have once a week. I don’t drink sodas, eat cake, chips, potato etc…. I don’t know what else I could possibly do beyond this…

    I am also planning to take Zinc Picolinate and Triple Action Cruciferous Vegetable Extract. Hopefully that combination will lower my E2 and raise my T.



    Maybe HAN can chime in, hes much more knowledgeable then me



    hc, I also strongly suggest you change your diet right now.

    Cut out all high-glycemin carbs. Replace the calories you get from white rice/white bread/potatos with calories from fruit and nuts. Eat plenty of almonds/peanuts/cashews, whatever you can get. Fruits are low glycemic carbs, but diebetics should still avoid some. Look it up. Beans are also low glycemin carbs if you can get them. Your can also replace grains for more eggs and oils.

    As for raising testastorone I suggest you start doing HEAVY weight training. Work out powerlifting style.. compound moves, explosive moves.. it’ll raises testastorone.

    Sorry i don’t know much about estradiol.



    thanks .

    Is wheat-bread ok? I hope I can at least eat some sandwiches



    The lowest glycemic grains are: whole grain bread (whole wheat is alright), buckwheat, oatmeal, and millet.

    Those won’t spike your blood sugar rapidly. White bread, white potato, white rice, spaghetti, refined foods, sugars, will spike your blood sugar a lot more rapidly. You can also reduce glymecic load by eating fats together with the grains. So if you eat even several almonds after a meal with rice, it’ll significantly lower glycemin load (blood sugar spike). Also avoid carbs before bed. And like Newstrength said, get the blood sugar device so you can monitor yourself day to day.




    Really? I never knew this. How are they related??

    Frenchiman, thanks dude. I am going to change my diet habits right away. I feel like crying now.. I feel my youth is gone… When I was young and handsome and virile I was not allowed to date… and I didn’t know how to date as well… now I am getting old and my body is changing so rapidly.. I don’t know if I can get well and date and have sex



    Really? I never knew this. How are they related??

    Frenchiman, thanks dude. I am going to change my diet habits right away. I feel like crying now.. I feel my youth is gone… When I was young and handsome and virile I was not allowed to date… and I didn’t know how to date as well… now I am getting old and my body is changing so rapidly.. I don’t know if I can get well and date and have sex

    The good news HC is that once you get your Testosterone up your Blood Sugar should go down. On top of that try not to worry to much your not a full blown diabetic which means you caught this before it became a problem. That Life Extension looks like a good supplement. I would wait and see what Han says first before I made the next step. Like Max said a liver panel was a very important and needed test. I think the Liver Panel would confirm the E2 tests acuracy. Maybe you can find a walk in clinic that will do this fairly cheap.



    When your DHEA is this usually occurs with first stages of insulin resistance then it will drop. I would need to know what meds you are on current diet, lifestyle patterns, ect to have a better understand. This can not and should not be done in open forum do to your privacy as it could come back to haunt you later down the road. My true identity has already been expossed so I refuse to putt personal information out there that could come back to smack me in the ass later on. I have seen it happen several times.

    There is not enough information to know what is going on with your lipids profile to examine possible syndrome X. Alot of this can be controlled through proper dietary changes introducing supplements that would help circiumvent metabolic blocks caused by insulin response you are recieving as well as helping to get e2 down. At this point you may be at the stages where you could recover with proper non medical intervention, but inorder to do that i woiuld have to have more indept testing and medical background to have some of a starting point.

    By intervening now may save you a load of health and medical costs down the road. Pm me for information.



    do the following HCP

    Walk daily for 1 hour….

    take a Multi VitaminMineral that contains zinc/ iron / chroimum( good to lower sugar)/ Magnesium and Vitamin C

    drink 2 -4 cups of Green tea…have significant results in lowering the cholestrol/ blood pressure/ and Sugar level in blood…

    try to reduce your weight( Iam also struggling with this)

    eliminate sugar from your life completely….. dont use sugar to sweeten your drinks at all…

    use honey…or artificial sweeteners if needed

    to reduce your E2.. you need to avoid any thing that contains SOY

    AVOID BEER and alcohol…stop smoking if you are

    and finally donot stress or feel the fear of losing it..

    All the luck



    Thanks .

    I do walk a lot. I enjoy walking.

    I do not drink beer, alcohol, soda etc. Its very very rare.

    My only bad habit is I drink coffee. And I use half-and-half and Equal (artifical sweetner). Is artificial sweetner ok to use???

    My other bad habit is I eat LOT of white rice. But I am going to cut it down.



    HAN I have sent you a very detailed PM.



    If your artificial sweetner is aspartame then if it were me personally I would stop using it. Aspartame has negative health effects. You could use Stevia as an alternative.




    clorox bleach attached to a dextrose molecule = inflammation why your choelsterol level is low stressing shit out of adrenals and causing intestinal irritation and not getting proper absorption of nutrients



    your results are indeed low

    i would get vitamin d checked if i were you, do you have that somewhere?

    vitamin d added almost 200 points to my total test levels

    you gotta get the bio d mulsion forte by biotics research

    for the estradiol, dim could work.. the way max described is good but i also read HANs protocol which is upping to two tabs a day after a week if no results/no morningwood

    i would try HANs protocol if your e2 is really that high

    tsh 2 also means something going on with thyroid, probably low t3 and high rt3

    you’re probably low on iodine as well

    one product which is supposed to be pretty good as a glandular and has a good dose of iodine is progressive laboratories thyro complex, dr rodger murphree also uses this product but with his own name attached to it which is much pricier

    he starts his patients on two tabs a day, morning and afternoon.. monitor your temps, if low after some time add in 1 extra in the morning, if still no results add in one extra at noon, or else look for other stuff like low adrenal function, heres the link:

    it has 900 mcg iodine which is pretty neat

    hows your adrenal function did you get it measured?

    i would buy a home blood pressure reader and see if you’re low, which indicates low adrenal function

    also buy a thermometer and start measuring your temperature

    for nutritional deficienies i would get on a green powder like this:

    furthermore cut down on white rice and start eating more balanced including brown rice, and fat at each meal to lower insulin response

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