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    Yesterday was my visit with Hardasnails. I got back all sorts of blood work. Ill post the most important ones.

    T3, Free =308 out of 230-420 pg/dL

    Ferritin=65 out of 10-105 ng/mL

    Progesterone=1.1 out of <1.4 ng/mL

    DHEA Sulfate=323 out of 110-520 mcg/dL

    sex hormone binding globulin= 18 out of 7-49 nmol/L

    DHT= 49 out of 25-75 ng/dL

    cortisol, free/TOT,LCMSMS =8.2 out of 4.6-20.6 mcg/dL

    IGF 1, ECL= 617 out of 121-423 ng/ mL

    T4, Free, Direct Dialysis = 1.4 out of 1.0-2.4 ng/dL

    T3, Reverse= 29 out of 11-32 ng/dL

    I unfortunatly forgot to get the page that had my catecholamines( norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine). They all came back really low on the range though. That bascially means iv got serious adrenal fatigue.

    These results really confuse me to a certain extent. I got into this mess through overmasterbation and drugs. I have all the symptoms of SE (premature ejac, eyefloaters, frequent urination). And yet all my blood tests indicate that the information that Dr. Lin and Dr. Richards provide is wrong( at least in my case)

    The inflammatory hormones – cortisol, prolactin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, being excessive will disable your pituitary-testicular axis for a few days, weeks, or in the severe cases even months. This will make the refraction time extremely long, leading to a chronic sexual exhaustion and strange inflammations. Prostaglandin E2 will also be released from the tissues, leading to excitotoxicity in the brain cells, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, blood vessels, digestive system, prostate, gallbladder, pancreas, and testicles

    based on all the blood tests iv gotten back this summer the above statement isnt true. The only thing that correlates is relatively low testosterone. Im really fucking confused if anyone understands this better please let me know

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    Your case sounds tricky man…maybe it all points to Low T, not your nuerotransmitters..



    i think neurotransmitters still play a role. Im waiting for those results they sould come in a couple weeks. As a matter of fact im getting amino acids and neurotransmitters so ill really see the full picture hopefully




    Out of the range…

    why does your body produce alot of GH

    just reduce the supplements that boost the GH

    thats what I got Js



    thanks. That heightened result for Igf 1 was of some concern for my doctors. Im possibly going to an Endo to get it checked out.

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