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    Right heres my story. Ever since i knew about masturbating i have masturbated at least once everyday. I ve turned 22 today, never had a girlfriend, haven’t really had much luck with girls mainly due to my low self esteem and missed opportunities. I used to be very handsome until i turned into a sex addict. Its all i think about. porn has ruined my life up to now. i feel so lonely in my life right now and feel as though i havent lived a normal life (getting chicks, making friends, having good health). I started having these symtoms at 16 and my looks have deteriorated since then. I look like I’m really ill, almost like have had a disease like cancer or something. This is not normal for a guy my age, peope look at me as if im a monster. Im sick of seeing people enjoying their NORMAL lives while im here suffering…but now it stops here. Its time for a CHANGE. I’m not going to grow old and look back at a ruined life when i could have changed it.

    Heres the symptoms i hope to eliminate which will not only make me look and feel healthier but raise my self esteem.

    Skin and Hair

    Mild acne

    Receding hair line, crowning, hair loss

    Greasy hair

    Dry, flaky skin

    Extremely sensitive skin

    Dull and colourless skin

    Dark circles under eyes

    Poor healing of acne scars


    Excessive sweating

    Cold hands and feet

    Digestive problems

    Weak, short lasting erections

    Premature ejaculation (around 1 min)

    Ejaculations on a ‘semi’

    Cold penis

    Dry eyes

    Red eyes at night

    Eye problem (keratoconus)



    Severe and constant anxiety

    Lack of concentration

    There is a few more but i cant think right now. I plan to abstain FULLY which means no porn at all for a total of 2 months. I need to do this in order to start living my life. I will give weekly updates and always open for some suggestions and a heads up…Thanx

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    maintain a healthy diet… focus on dark green vegetables; healthy fats..

    start working out.

    get to a doctor and get the recommend blood work done

    your still young, you got your whole life ahead for. you can heal and be healthy again.

    by the list of your symptoms im willing to bet your have a low thyroid, adrenal fatigue and maybe a pituitary problem.



    If you can, try and write daily updates.

    That way you reinforce your confidence everyday. But if you write weekly, you don’t have that reinforcement, and may end up masturbating before the week ends.




    what do you think i should do then? what steps shall i take? i rememebr having blood tests not long ago and they came out alright…shall i go back and get them done again?


    yes i will try to do so everyday as i have done the giving up tihng many of a time. im really determined now



    Kyza..happy birthday

    Just follow max suggestion

    and add to it

    try to find natural sources in addition to the supplemnt to inrich your diet

    Royal jelly -beepollen-Honey

    Try to crunch the food in your mouth very well..until they turn to a paste.>>it assitt the digestive system + it helps you to absorb the nutrient in the food

    Include to your diet Nuts OF THEM…but eat every day a 2 cups of nuts <better if they werent at the same time { cup at night and one at morning}

    You will feel after a while with eager to masturbate and looking at porn…just try not to listen to your evil




    You can either get more blood tests or get the results, get numbers, with the ranges and units. the whole lists.

    take this list to your doctor and go to a Quest Diagnosticis

    the ones in BOLD are the most important

    Testosterone, Free, Bio/Total (LC/MS/MS) Code: 14966X

    Estradiol (4021) Sensitive; (Male 13-54 pg/mL)







    Aldosterone/Plasma Renin Activity Ratio, LC/MS/MS 16845

    ACTH, Plasma

    Insulin (561x)

    Iron and Iron Binding Capacity (7573X)

    Iron, Total (571X)

    Ferritin (457X)

    Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, LC/MS/MS – (17306X)

    T3, Total (859X)

    T4, Total (Thyroxine)

    T3, Free


    T3, Reverse (967X)

    TSH,3rd Generation 30163E


    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel



    Day 1

    It’s my birthday today but im feeling depressed because i just saw a photo of me showing my bald patch and dead face…but still gonna keep at it


    what is quest diagnostics? and also shall i just ask him to get these tests done and have the results? what if he asks why?


    this is the thing i just do not do, definatly going to try it



    Day 2

    Managed to stay away from porn today. Had a horny dream but funnily enough…my erection didn’t last…IN THE DREAM haha I started to chew my food and from tomorrow onwards im not going to drink fizzy drinks and chocolate any more. Felt quite energetic in the morning when i thoroughly chewed my breakfast and drank loads of water.

    Note to self – Chew food thoroughly and Cut out fizzy drinks and chocolate.



    Day 3

    Still going. Really getting into this now! Started to visualise the day i become healthy and happy again….it spurns me on even more to abstain (i keep affirming myself which seems to help). I read on the a topic the other day about perversion. I realised that i myself have become very perverted and the porn addiction was the cause of that. I started off being interested in normal REAL women then it went to normal softcore porn (nudie pics) then it went to hardcore porn then it went to mature porn then it went to bondage then it started it get really dark here. Only taboo stuff started to turn me on now i.e shemale, bestiality, scat, incest etc… I came to a point where when i got a blowjob off my gf i HAD TO think about that stuff in order to get hard….i felt so shit. Now it as occurred to me that abstaining will be the only way i can recover from this perverted mind. I cant wait for the day until i stop thinking perverted thoughts about EVERY women i see and actually start respecting them as ACTUAL people…might even help me get further with girls aswell

    Note to self: Visualise, affirmations and think about how perverted you have become

    PS – if anyone is reading this, thank you for your time



    Day 4

    Wow it seems like its been a week! Still staying away from evil. Feeling really down and depressed today because i went clubbing yesterday and it seems as though the girls are repulsed by me. I don’t blame them because masterbation has really taken its toll on my looks. In a few months time this heartache will end as soon as im looking healthy again



    Day 8

    Still going!! Havent seen any health benefits yet but i THINK the colour is coming back in my face, the bags under my eyes are going and also…this is a bit weird but i get an erection in the morning then i need a pee after it. So going to carry on…wish me luck



    Just continue and you will find more benefits



    Keep up the good effort.



    Day 13

    Still going!! but cant seem to see results. Still gna keep going though




    What results are you hoping for? Im not sure how much there is to gain.



    just hopefully eradicating some of the symptoms i mentioned in the first post.




    Acne, flakey skin, greasy hair and poor healing are all releated to poor diet and extreme omega-6 dominance. Plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet will moisturize your skin making it softer and cleaner and ultimately clear up your acne and seriously help with your pale skin pigment. I cannot recommend udo’s choice oil enough for a person in your condition. You will not see great benefits from abstaining without some form of goodness going into your body. At the moment you are constantly going downhill and by abstaining without proper nutrition all you will be doing is lightly applying the brakes. Your body needs goodness to heal. Omega-3 oils will also help aleviate your constant anxiety. I have suffered with social anxiety for years upon years and by taking udo’s choice omega-3 blend I have became so much more confident in myself and greatly improved my self asteem.

    Start by reading this:

    Then buy this:

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