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    I went to the doctor a few days ago for my fatigue problem. he tested my T levels and it came back Testosterone – 446 Free – 12.5

    Obviously he says that its normal and recommends i do some daily exercise and take a vitamin.

    I joined the Hardflaccid community that is running and i learned that the reason for my loss of feeling and my hard flaccid is because of pelvic muscle tension. There have already been numerous people who healed through trigger point therapy and stretching.

    Only problem is that i don’t know which muscles to stretch, even if i go to the urologist and tell him about my condition its going to automatically think i have prostatitis which i don’t have. i came out clean of prostatitis in my last visit to the urologist. I did find a pelvic pain center in Birmingham,AL. Which i’m glad because its really close to my town. but i wanna try to find a nearby pelvic specialist if i can.

    Which brings me to my SE symptoms. Not gonna jump to conclusions but i don’t think i am that Severely exhaustion. i tend to get good erections. hard Flaccid penis seems to be the thing thats causing weak erections and my loss of feeling. which is why i’m focusing on fixing my pelvic floor before i deal with SE. shrinking testicles fall in with this also. I didn’t know what the cause of my shrinking testicles until now. Some where in my pelvis blood flow is being cut off to my genitals which explains my cold genitals i get.

    This brings me to think that for most people here who are not seeing improvement from fixing their hormones and neurotransmitters. it could be a problem with your pelvic floor thats keeping you from getting the erections you should have.

    I’m going to stay posted up with you guys. and hopefully i can tell my urologist the problems i am having.

    And could someone give me the test i should take for fixing my adrenals and thyroid?

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