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    I wanted to share my latest protocol…

    114mcg T4

    10mcg T3

    50mg 7 KETO DHEA

    25mg DHEA

    80mg TD pregnenolone or 200mg MLM Preg, im deciding which i want to stick with. I think i may do better on MLM preg

    12.5mg clomid EOD

    i feel decent most days, some days not so good

    libido and erections are of average quality.

    im getting very strong in the gym though.

    I havent had the greatest success with DHEA in the past so i may drop DHEA and just keep keto if i start getting ED.

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    a cool list, seems that you are only into thyroid and adrenals, the regime seems legit.

    as for the good days and bad days, every one who has this problem must keep altering the dosage, but i find a remark that i used to have a FT3 of 4 and after a liver enhancer it moved to 6. so i think its important to keep an eye to the liver enzymes since they are responsible to convert the t4 and the cholesterolpregnelone into other chain hormones, and this is what i found when i digged on muscle chat, i think many couldnt have a good assumption on how good is the conversion rate of t4 or cholesterolpregnelone in some people, thats why results and feelings vary from a person to another.

    i have couple of

    what happened to your 2009 regime?

    I have never asked you , but have you been of T in the early 2010?

    which you all the best Max



    Max, so basically the only thing thats not optimal for you right now is testosterone?

    how would you describe your sex drive now compared to what it was before all your issues started? weaker?

    I also plan on taking DHEA cream. I want to get on thyroid meds first, then adrenal med, then lower E2 via DIM or AI, and lastly boost free T with Sustain alpha or HCG.

    where in this process would you say I should plug in DHEA?

    I was thinking of starting to take it after I optimize cortisol with Cortef most likely. So I’d already be on thyroid med, on cortef, and next I’m thinking of adding in DHEA, before the DIM. what do you think?

    Or should I add it after the DIM or before the cortef?



    Im hoping that reducing T3(switching from armour to t4,t3) and driving up pregnenolone,dhea, will drive down SHBG, therefore resulting in good T levels..

    My protocol is always changing

    libido seems to be decent, not the highest its ever been.

    I think it would be better to use Pregnenolone before DHEA and Cortef.



    chris told me since I have really high E2 and low DHT cuz of low free T, Preg will most likely take the wrong pathway and make hard flaccid even worse for a few weeks rather than taking cortisol route. So we decided its best to take Cortef instead. Only 5 mg in the morning.. and thats only if supps like relora and stuff dont help cortisol first.

    So say I’m taking cortef.. you say I should add DHEA before the cortef or after?



    I’m not sure

    I still think its best to take Preg. first..

    then if need be take other hormones..




    I really dont wanna risk taking Preg. I dont want hard flaccid to be worse for 2 weeks.. things are bad enough as they are.



    How do you know you need to take Cortef?

    The only way to know is via 24hr saliva cortisol.



    my cortisol results:

    morning: 2.7 range: 3.7-9.5

    noon: 2.7 range 1.2-3.0

    evening: 4.5 range: 0.6-1.9

    night: 1.5 range: 0.4-1.0

    so I wanna take 5 mg cortef in the morning.. if these numbers havent changed.. its been months.. I’m getting tested again soon, will post



    i would be interested to see Serum pregnenolone,progesterone, DHEAS levels….

    then go from there.



    Max how many times a day are you taking the T3? and is the DHEA actually moving your DHEA up? also isnt the DHEA turning to much into estrogen?






    yes i am

    im not taking the DHEA anymore i;m going to hold off…

    im just doing 50mg 7 KETO

    yes to much DHEA does increase e2.

    i take t3 2x a day, and i take t4 1x

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