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    Hello All,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to all who have contributed to this board. I’ve had this problem (weak erections/near impotence, premature ejaculation, low or almost no libido, depression, anxiety, frequent urination, etc. you know the drill) for over 10 years (now 27). I have tried so many things, and time and time again found myself not improving, or only slightly. I’ve been lurking here for a few months and I have incorporated many of your recommendations and it has helped alot. I would also like to add some of my own ideas to the mix and perhaps some of you will find them useful. I’d say that I’m recovering quite well now (finally) and the results are stable. I’ve had this problem for so long that I was starting to become quite desperate and even terrified, so I’ve been to hell and back…but I never gave up hope, I never stopped trying. When I happened upon this information about Serotonin, Acetylcholine and Dopamine…well everything you have been discussing, then suddenly things made more sense and gave me a direction to go in.

    I now regularly eat raw organic egg yolks (4-6) and I highly recommend this practice as well. I also take Fish Oil, Borage oil, Glandulars, 5 Htp, and Mucuna Pruriens. I think all of these are good, and with these alone I was starting to have morning erections more often, when there were times I would almost rarely ever get them, so big improvement. I think of these things as adding fuel to an empty tank, but…for me it still wasn’t enough, I needed something to ignite that fuel (that’s how I think of it) and I’ve heard some of you mention it a few times, but not emphasized too much. It’s Tongkat Ali….the formula I used at first was called “Super X” (400 mg of high potency Tongkat plus 600 mg combo of Panax Ginseng, Cistanches and Epimedium), which you can purchase at a discount from Dr. Lin’s site. Dr. Lin however, didn’t make this formula, some guy named Dr. Chi did and he has some of the best chinese formulas I’ve ever seen (also Ron Teeguarden’s). Right now though I’m gonna try buying the ingrediants separately and I have been using Herbal Powers LJ100 with success. I plan on getting the tongkat ali from, , then the other things I get are from , the Paradise Herbs brand, the formula called “Rhino” (since they don’t use magnesium stearate and have good reviews). Tongkat ali has to be cycled though or it will lose it’s effectiveness after awhile.

    I also try to incorporate as many foods (preferably organic) that are beneficial to sexual function and here they are:

    Raw Organic Egg Yolks (3 to 6 per day) of course , Honey-Pistachio mix, Pumpkin Seeds, Wheat Germ, Glandulars, Carrot, Beet and Cucumber juice, Bananas, Oysters, Shrimp, Ginger root tea, Bee Pollen, Black Grapes, and Black Cherries.

    About the Honey-Pistachio mix and how to make it:

    On the same note, here are things you should eliminate or take in moderation in your diet:

    Refined starch and sugar, especially white bread, sweet pastries, sweet soft drinks, overcooked meat, all meat or foods preserved with potasium nitrate, vinegar (except apple cider vinegar), strong coffee and tea.

    Massages are also very good and I’m now doing that once every two weeks ( I had alot of long term built up tension in my muscles and back), I was waking up with excellent hardons the next day. Taking up Yoga, chi kung, meditation, or different relaxation and exercise methods I think are also very good to try. Eliminating sources of stress, anger, hate…might also be a good idea.

    A few other supplements I take to help with the veinous and arterial system are the potent proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase ( Doctor’s Best enteric coated to protect against stomach acid) and Grape Seed Extract (Paradise herbs), which will help against possible venous leaks during an erection, take alot if you suspect you might have this problem. Vitamin E I heard is also good, but I haven’t taken too much of this.

    One other thing I recommend to use, especially if you’re single, is a cool little thing called a Fleshlight…once you try this thing you’ll NEVER want to use your hand again, feels almost like the real thing… . I don’t recommend jerking off too often though anyways, this is what got you in trouble in the first place. I only go once every month or two, although with tongkat ali I can go multipe times and almost not feel tired… but still I resist this urge. Don’t repeat what got you in trouble in the first place. Unless its with a girl .

    Anyways, I wouldn’t say I’m %100, but hey it took me many years to get me in trouble so I reason it will take a while to get out of it, but at least now I know what to do and I am now sexually functional, whereas before I was almost impotent. I’m now very confident that I am recovering.

    Take care fellas, hope to hear your thoughts and comments, and anything else that you wish to add to this, please feel free.

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    thanks for the good post. nice to hear you using organic eggs and all these herb formulas



    what Glandulars are you taking?

    do you think the Honey-Pistachio mix actually helped?



    lol, thanks Max for reminding me of what i was supposed to ask him. yeah where did u get those from?



    Thanks for the responses,

    I got the Glandulars from , Organic Glandular Delight, which I heard mentioned here at this forum once.

    As far as the Honey-Pistachio…hmm, not totally sure how much it helps, but it sure as heck tastes really good and gives me energy. Pistachios are naturally high in zinc and arginine, so I’m sure you all know what that stuff does. Anyways, I always try to make food as my medicine in addition to the herbs.

    (Edit) Here’s the link to Herbal Powers LJ100 instead:



    when do u have your raw organic eggs?

    do u take these in the morning or in the evening



    I take 2 first thing in the morning with the Honey-Pistachio mix, then have breakfast. Then I’ll take another 2 when I get home from work, and the last 2 before bed. I have no problem taking them and don’t find the taste weird in any way. My family members might raise their eyebrows a bit but when I explain that it is one of the best foods for the brain, they understand. I’m known for trying unusual things and being a health nut anyway (this problem is why I became a health nut). I used to take Alpha GPC, but didn’t like the cost of it, so I switched to the egg yolks and haven’t looked back.



    on the topic of nuts…are any of you incorporating walnuts in your diets? They truly are a “super” food.



    Yeah that’s a good idea. I see that walnuts are also high in Arginine and Omega 3’s. I’ll add it to my list.



    walnuts are cheap here in NZ and a good addition to your diet definitely. i just bought some vogel cereal whole-mix. really good stuff

    unfortunately this cranberry juice is just another sugary drink.



    Walnuts are expensive here in Canada…although reasonable in bulk. They go rancid quickly so keep them in a sealed container in the fridge. By FAR the healthiest nut on the planet though



    i couldn’t agree more. hmm never had the rancid tatse before.



    How about cashewnuts…do they compare? those are the ones i eat mostly and cn easily access



    Glad that you are finding the forum helpful for you. Anyways, keep in mind that if you are totally exhausted and completely impotent then it’s not going to be too easy and you must keep at it for months and even years to win back your life.

    I would recommend anyone who wants to try Tongkat ali to order from

    Free shipping and $34.99 for one 100 capsule bottle of 1:50 extract. That’s $200 for 600 capsules versus $200 for 400 from

    About the effectiveness though, I felt worse than ever on them and stopped taking them after close to only two weeks. This is because they were possibly being converted into estrogen so I’ll need something like 6-OXO to go along with it. But I’m not making a move right now until later this month when I try to get a full hormone checkup.



    Yeah, it defintely needs to be cycled. From the website listed, you take one day off for every two days you are on it. With Super X you only need to take one dose (2-3 capsules) once every 3 days. The only other Tongkat ali formula I tried is Herbal Powers LJ100, and although it isn’t nearly as potent, I can take it everyday for awhile and it has a nice stimulating effect on sexual function and on energy levels (I feel more outgoing, masculine and talkative when on this stuff). Both, are the only Tongkat Ali supplements I can really vouch for and rely on…(edit) (due to the information has brought to light though, I can’t recommend Super X anymore) I have never tried the stuff from , or ‘s website and I should have said so earlier.

    Thanks Ravensfan2k3, to answer your question, my opinion is that panax ginseng doesn’t need to be cycled often like tongkat (I’ve taken ginseng by itself before), but it is always good to take a break once in awhile from stimulating herbs like that. , I don’t know about cashews but here is a good link about it:

    The other herb from thailand which I heard good things about is Butea Superba. Although it helped me some (supposed to try it for 3 months from the study that was done on it but I got bored with it after 1 month), it wasn’t nearly as good for me as the tongkat formula, but it may help someone else, just an idea:

    Yeah, thanks , I’m very glad this message board exists. It has been instrumental in my continued recovery, and very educational. I’ve been doing these things for over 4 months now, experiementing with all the dosages and the different things mentioned here, and things are finally under control. I’m surprised the Tongkat Ali doesn’t work well for you, but then everyone’s condition is different. May I ask when you took it and what your dosage was? I hope that you find something that can help you. I wonder about the quality of the tongkat from those two websites, I’ll have to try some and see. The Fish and Borage Oil I take with meals, the 5 Htp (The Natrol brand 50-100 mg) and Mucuna Pruriens (Himalayan Herb 250-500 mg) I take together in the evening and this combo really helped. The egg yolks I can tell make me stay stronger on my job (masonry) and less forgetful (choline is supposed to make the brain-muscle connection stronger).

    In the past I have tried:

    Muira Puama + Catuaba, Suma, Maca, all manner of chinese herb formulas (except tongkat), tribulus, Arginine, Maral Root, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Citrulline, Butea Superba, Dr. Lins formulas + topical cream, homeopathic remedies, hypnosis (this did help some actually), Tri Methyl Glysine (increases acetylcholine), Fasting, Colon and Organ cleansing, yoga, chi kung, accupuncture, self-pranic healing…and probably other things I’ve forgotten by now. I’ve been searching for over 5 years trying everything and anything I could possibly think of, and it wasn’t until I found this message board with its suggestions and started trying the tongkat ali formula that things finally and very noticeably improved, because I wasn’t improving before implementing this board’s suggestions, I was gradually getting worse, now not anymore .



    Hmm, that is a distinct possibility, and unfortunate if true. I still think tongkat ali is a good supplement because even when not using Super X, The LJ100 was giving me very good erections too even when I hadn’t taken Super X in over a month. Unless they spiked LJ100 too lol! Seriously though, that is cause for concern, and another good reason for me to use other products. The Herbal Powers LJ 100 is the one I take regularly because Super X is prohibitively expensive in comparison to the other discounted tongkat ali products. I rarely take Super X now, but it impressed me enough to start taking other tongkat ali products and I’m not dissappointed.



    I think LJ00 is clear of prescription drugs and is on the level of the Tongkat ali extracts offered at

    Do you feel that Super X is stronger than LJ100?



    Here’s a link to a guy who is a long time user of Tongkat Ali and who addresses the use of Tongkat Ali from , with and without viagra…he also said that Super X has a viagra like substance in it, but Tongkat Ali alone still can be effective:

    MuffSlayer (I like your name by the way ), yeah I definetly know what you’re talking about, and I also stay away from the microwave. I think it was you who recommended the egg yolks, so just wanted to thank you for that suggestion.



    i use the microwave from time to time.

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