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    Glucose fasting – 85 mg/dl (ref range 70-100)

    Progesterone- 0.20 ng/dl (ref range-0.10-0.20)

    dhea-s – 390.40 ug/dl (ref range- 45.10-385.00)

    Estradiol E2 – 45.82 (ref range-5-45)

    Thyroid Profile,

    T3,free – 4.05 pg/ml (ref range- 1.71-3.71)

    T4,free – 1.25 ng/dl (ref range- 0.80-2.00)

    TSH, ultrasensivtive – 0.68 uIU/ml (ref range-0.700-6.400)

    Total testerone which i did a month ago was 709 ng/dl

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    test for SHBG and free testorterone am still waiting for it

    about 4 months ago, my conditions were really worse, but after i started to work out 3 times a week, with eating food more frequently througout the day , i feel more healthier than before. wid more erection compared to before.. and i also gained weight wich didnt happen from 3 years. i want to make further progress. my erections are still worse.

    am skinny ,my weight is 49.6 kg my heaight is about 5 feet 7 inch doubt i hav trouble gaining weight.. forcing myself to eat more food

    i also hav excessing precum leakage on arousal and on erection. semen leakage wen pushing hard poop.. memory is not good..get tired pretty soon. have prostate pain after ejaculation. i feel i also hav weak immunity get cold and fever easily but dis thing is little better than before




    I think you are categorized in the hyperthyroid,

    possibly over reactive adrenal (high end DHEAS, and possibly cortisol)



    its pretty obvious that your Estradiol is really high.

    It should be no more than 25 on that range. And your testosterone should be higher ideally. The high E2 can cause premature ejaculation and precum. Seems the rest of your hormones are fine. So first thing try to lower E2. Try a supplement called DIM Indoplex. Read about it. If that’s not enough then you may need Arimidex (a very strong E2 blocking med). But once you get on arimidex you gotta know what you’re doing cuz you may need to take supplements for testosterone first. So try DIM first and eat brocolli everyday and see what happens. If it doesnt work start researching on Arimidex.



    Need to examine underlying pathology of why e2 is high before resorting to Adex. Adex long term is not a viable solution. There are many factors which go into estrogen issues. The main ones are lifestyle, water source, and nutritonal imbalances mainly zinc, as welll as improper liver detoxfication and altered GI terrain. Solution of cases like this is looking at the whole picture from start to finish of estrogen metabolism. Broccoli can make matters worse in some cases I have seen. I have numerous clients from Dr’s who are causing major imbalances with in the detoxification pathways. After giving a small lecture of the fallacy of the anticancer diet actually increasing cancer risks due to imbalance in detoxifcation made doctors reconsider how they view dietary recommendations.



    wow, if all that’s true, that’s interesting to know



    wow, if all that’s true, that’s interesting to know

    Actually all he said its true. For some people broccoli will be an issue, for example people having issues with sulfur. does have problems with sulfur, he shouldnt eat broccoli frequently.




    This is what I do is interpret genetic profiles of Dr’s patients of lyme, CFS,mold and some of the top clinics in the states. From this information I develope nutritional recommendations based on alterations in their genetic profiles. I use this information in looking at the whole case to present back on what would be the next steps to the Dr. This week I am hoping to speak with a very well known Dr in Uk about this approach. I am going to multiple meetings around in the area bringing this to attention of mainstream Drs. Medical Drs who I have told about this are now started to use it in their practice with great success. It has been the missing link for many people who have even been on TRT with unresolved issues are now having those symptoms get better TRT did not help. I feel what we are dealing with adrenal, hormones, and thyroid, immune dysfunction are all the down stream effects of these imbalances. I am seeing changing in my clients as well as the people Drs are referring who not have made progress for several years.



    A bit off and personal but are you people interested in seeing my genetic results? If so,I can post it along with an “instuction manual” of the SNPs so you will understand what is causing my POIS and PSSD symptoms.



    There are only about 15-20 people in the world who understand this stuff. I am one of them.. Instruction manual will not help …So do not even try to figure this out on your own.. End results could be disasterous and potentially fatal. Your messing with areas very little know about, I see the screw up on a daily basis from medical professionals who are following generic protocols. Handling suicide calls are not fun…



    , have you considered on writing an instruction manual? I think it is a good idea and it might help others on the forum. Who knows maybe you can publish it? I know it is a lot to take on, but it is just a suggestion.



    When I give lectures its a challenge because of being aspergers my mind starts to race. Sitting down and writing a manual would drive me insane LOL. What I do is totally intuitively and instinctive, why I am able to see things on a different level then most Dr. People make comments of how I write, well having 2 of the most common genes associate with aspergers along with 50% of the SNPS you know why …

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