My situation and solution. Feedback please. Share your exp.

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    For the last 10 years I masturbated once or twice a day. Just about every day. One day I realized i was getting erections but not as strong as they used to be.


    1. Tired and Groggy (wow, just realized my masturbation habit probably caused this, since i was draining my self of vitality every single morning)

    2. Soft erections (the tip of my penis does not get as hard as it used to)

    3. Burning while urinating

    4. Itching (due to a fungal infection i had during my alcohol and heroin usage – been sobre 6 years)

    5. Take too long to ejaculate.

    6. Non existent morning wood!

    Over the course of the last three years i went to urologists and endocrinologists.

    I believed I had some type of problem in my body due to std’s which i might of caught during my crazy life as a practicing alcoholic/addict. Furthermore, my alcoholism (been sober 6 years now) and heroin addiction had given me a fungal infection in the groin area, due to bad hygene and vodka which contains sugars/yeast. In turn i belived that my untreated fungal infection (4 years) had traveled down my urethra and into my protate, therefore i had an infection of the prostate (more below). So i ran with it and spent thousands of dollars on trying to figure out what was wrong.

    Here is what i have done!

    1. Endcrinologist had me take all the tests to see if my endocrin system was functioning correctly. Everything came back negative and was told I am perfectly heatly. But still had soft erections (not total ED, just soft at the tip)

    2. Urologist put a camera down the urethra and said no signs of infection. But he did say my prostate was somewhat inflamed, just a little. During this time i was masturbating once or twice a day and watching porn. Go figure.

    3. Did a blood flow test to the penis and they could not see any problems, except for the fact that my penis was not getting really hard like it sholuld be at my age.

    4. Took all kinds of medicines to help my prostate. Nothing worked. Tried anti-fungals including many other antibiotics.

    5. Took Androgel a testastarone replacement gel. This only irritated me and made me want to jerk off every 10 minutes. Stopped taking it after 6 months thank god.

    6. No scarring has taken place in the urethra (Examination). Bending is almost non existinent.

    7. Docs have given me prostate checks and they say my reactions are normal and nothign to worry about.

    8. Been tested for many std’s and took medicine for std’s which cause burning while urinating. But no discharge ever (so probalby no std).

    9. Tried cialis/viagra no dice!

    10 Tried antifungal for extended periods of time, helped with itching but not prostate issue (shall i say soft erection).

    So, last year i stopped watching porn. I kept on masturbating but my erections still were not hard. I would give it a couple days with little improvement. Then go back to masturbation.

    60 days ago i stopped masturbating every day and would wait a few days. I would relapse into masturbating for a few days in a row and then quit agian. SO no real recovery was occurring. During this time my morning erections were starting to come back but my erections were still not very strong. Early Aug. i met a chick, got some head and was some what embarrased because of a soft erection. It was very easy to stop masturbating while i was with her. Once i could not cum and my penis just went limp, i thought i was being generous and trying to make her cum (porn is bad) and she said “why did you take you fucking time moron”. Can i get an LOL, LMAO, ROFL anyone?

    Im being a goof ball forgive me. Have to be positive in times of bad health.

    After about three weeks of being with this chick i was able to have sex with her normally but without a strong erection. Afterwards the chick dissappeared due to her own issues of alcoholism (she basically left the 12 step program and disassociated her self with anyone int he program, due to guilt, shame, whatever) I started masturbating again. Bad move, i had gone almost a month without jerking my meat. Now I am a few days without jerking off. I have made a serious resolve and appllied my experience with quitting heroin and alcohol. So far I am fairing well. Thank god.

    Here is what I have noticed. I am having sex dreams again and waking up with a morning wood (not strong yet) but they are happening. I cant tell you how happy that makes me. Secondly, I have noticed pain in my frontal pelvic region. It feels like this area is trying to heal. I also felt some discomfort, or build up in my testicles, which always happens when i dont masturbate for a few days. Eventually that pain goes away.

    I have also noticed i am much happier and positive. I can talk to woman without any issues and carry a strong conversation. I work better and eat better. I am tired but thats due to fasting and bad sleeping habits during this month. I am sure after next week i will probably be more energetic and such.

    Below is my solution thus far. Here is my question: What can I add to my daily routine to get back to my natural healthy state without any over the top supplements? Please tell me there is hope. Please, i want this more than ever. I am tried of ruining my health, its the story of my beautiful life.

    I work out 5 days a week. I run about 3 miles, sometimes i sprint quarter mile at a time up to three miles. I do a full body workout throughout the week (to stay toned, not to get bigger).

    I have been fasting since I am muslim and it is the month of ramadan. I have heard this is very good for a total body cleansing.

    I eat healthy minus the occasional restaraunt meal. Low sugars, normal carbs, normal protiens and veggies.

    I take the GNC sport vitamin every day. Stopped taking any antifungals and etc.. I dont smoke and dip some tobacco here and there. I also drink about 2 cups of coffee a day, sometimes 3/4.

    I have integrated squats into my workout to help me gain more lower & midsection strength. I am hoping this will help me recover from the damage i have done to my pelvic area and sexual organ.

    A huge problem I am facing is woman. They are abundant where i live and extremely hawt. I am tryign to abstain from sex, since this would be using my organ and stopping it from healing. Right? Dont know.

    Sorry if i have was a little confusing or inconsistent with my thoughts. I need to get my work on and i really wanted to put this on paper. It plays a role in recovery. Which I learned is good therapy when dealing wiht addiction. Feel better already and i will not be doing the deed this evening. One day at a time baby!

    God bless and thank you ahead of time for any replies.

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    besides the weak erections has your penis looked or felt different anyway flaccid or etc. and how long have you had this going on ??? any lost in size while erect



    Not looked different, it is flacid, seems weak and never 100%. This has been going on for about 3 years now. The size of erection has diminished in height soft erection. The blood just doesn’t fill up at the tip of my penis, but the bottom does when its a good erection.



    So i have gone about 10 days so far without any masturbation or porn. I have noticed some morning and mid sleep erections. I am staying positive and meditating, praying, eating right, running/weights allot.

    I have had the urge to masturbate a few times but have not, its a short lived moment.

    I have a friend of the family who is a multi-specialist (internal medicine/urology) and will discuss what I have found on these boards.

    I found some tests which are recommended when experiencing these issues. Can anyone give me a couple of main tests I should go for first. So i dont have to spend a grand out the gates.

    Thanks for your help ahead of time.



    practice your exercise brother but don’t exhaust your self, if you feel tired just stop and resume later on…

    Heavy weight lifting may slow your recovery



    Thanks . I dont get too heavy on the weights, but i like to work out hard, it helps mucho!

    Squats and back workouts’ trigger the body to release testosterone and growth hormone which is what I need : []



    DAY 11 – Last night I started to do the deed but stopped before i spilled the seed. Cant do that again.

    Notes to self! Lets see how things turn around as the weeks go by.

    Erections are stronger. Dreams are getting better. Morning wood kinda there compared to non-existent.

    Ex-girlfriend called and i am struggling with that, will have to make a decision on that, she simply wants to have sex (i need to get to normal first though).

    Woman seem much more attracted to me now that I have this energy coming out of me. I like it. Feels good.

    I get this uncontrollable urge at times. Breathing and thinking about my recovery is what keeps me moving forward.

    Conversations with friends and business associates are much more lively and I feel better when it come to energy and well-being.

    More praying/meditating and another day has passed, thanks god!




    good to hear your progress , hows it lookin is it also improving



    Overall, i am getting really aroused by just thinking about woman and being around them. But i am still having problems having a full erection all the way to the top.



    your erections are stronger so in no time you be full erection soon .



    Thank you for the positive talk, i appreciate it much.



    You are well on your way.

    Don’t fast too much, 1-3 days of water fasting is enough. Indeed the rate of cleansing is great while fasting. If you do it too much, you have too much shit coming out of you.

    The pain and sensations you are experiencing in your pelvic and testicular region is indeed a sign of healing. Tissues there are adjusting for greater blood flow, nerves for improved energy circulation. Just concentrate on these sensations, don’t try to do anything with them, just relax and see. Eventually these places will open up and you will feel vibrant pleasant energy filling up these formerly blocked areas. This is what healing is all about. If you cannot feel yourself healing, it’s not really happening.

    So just meditate every day and do some yoga poses to speed up the physical opening process. Especially lower back, groin, hip stretchs are good for the sexually exhausted. Of course the whole body must be opened in time.

    Always keep a perfect posture, breathe naturally and stay present in your body no matter what you do, always scan your body for tension and your mind for negativity. Do not react to negativity, cultivate positive thinking.



    Thank you. Fasting wise, i only fast from sunrise to sunset. Afterwards I drink/eat during the night.

    This morning i had a ridiculously strong erection which i have not experienced in years. This is like day 12 or something. Tonight, i had another one and i feel like my soft erection issue is going away.

    The yoga, working out, praying/meditating and staying positive is helping mucho.

    I really appreciate your words of experience, you rock sir.




    Ok i am at like 95% erection. Couldn’t handle it anymore, had to do the deed today. Will abstain and practice moderation .

    I am glad this is what my problem was. Its weird how i went years never knowing, no doctor ever asked me these questions. Oh well, im glad i found out sooner than later.

    Anyways, i am not going to try and track how many days i can go. My test is complete, I now know too much masturbation is not good. The more i think about how many days I have gone, the more i want to do the deed lol. So, I will just moderate and try to abstain to the best of my ability. Once a week or every other week max. I am sure it will be much easier once I have a woman in my life.

    Thanks to the founders of this board – if it was not for you all, i would never of found this solution.

    You guys are awesome!



    good to see you back on track

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