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    Hey guys, I just wanted to write down a list of supplements I think I could minimize to, and get the best results from. This is mainly so I can keep track of what I’m taking and what I’m going to take, and see out of all the supplements I’ve taken through the years, what works and what doesn’t. Basically these are the supplements I noticed a profound effect on when I added them to my stack.

    So my top supplements so far are:

    Pregnenolone – For adrenal support, made my ballsack tight when ballooning once. Also helps with cortisol, can wake up in the morning, and now when I take tyrosine, I don’t get brain fog (if you get brain fog when raising dopamine, that means you don’t have enough cortisol).

    60mg Zinc Citrate – Really makes my mind calm and focused, and I got super erections from it, and still a hard erection after I had ejaculated. I believe I’ve been zinc deficient for so long, and I recommend extra supplementation of this so you’re getting 50mg+.

    Alcar – Stopped my precum once, trying it again.

    Egg Yolks – Starting these again in conjunction Alcar to help stop precum. I remember I said I had rock hard erections with these before on the forum years ago.

    Broccoli – Think this helped with erections.

    Horny Goat Weed 45% extract – I seem to be getting erections talking to this girl, thinking about her, morning wood everyday, something that never happened before, I thought porn had ruined me.

    Weight Lifting Exercise – General fitness helps with everything.

    Supplements that are most likely helping, I just didn’t observe an obvious effect –

    Pathoetic Acid B5 – for pregnenolone support

    Vitamin D




    Fish Oil, Borage Oil


    My current symptoms are:

    Precum – Which will eventually drain my erection throughout the day

    No orgasm

    Right side of penis is slightly deformed from stupid steroid use and ballooning, is not as strong as left side. When erect it’s easier to move my penis to the right (bad, not as much spongy tissue), but harder to the left (good).

    On the bright side, I don’t know how it happened, but my penis is now 5″ girth rather than 4.5″.

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    Very useful info coming from someone very experienced over the years. Thats what this forum needs! Sharing what works. Well done.

    F*ck, I just bought 60 capsules of 15 mg of Zinc Picolinate from Thorne a week ago. Maybe the best form would be citrate. And it is ridicously cheap.

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    Do you still have the pleasure of the arousal and the pre-orgasm (masturbating, penetrating etc)?

    I still have that and its greatly boosted by some supplements (especially viapal) I even managed to have some orgasm! But that was a year ao so probably my current state is a lot worse :/



    citrate form is one of the least bioavailable of the zinc, why I use zinc picolonate.



    Well It seems like horny goat weed effect has died down. My erections are either weak or non existent. Only been taking citrulline malate for a couple of days, no effect yet.



    Ok I was wrong, my dick is back, responsive and hard.

    However this has never happened before, but my dick smells like fishy odor, even after I clean it in the shower. Not good as I have a girl coming down Sunday.

    Luckily I can pinpoint this to egg yolks and Alcar. Apparently these cause a fish smell, so gonna stop that for a couple of days.



    Hey Muffslayer,

    Yes, that is great you have found Icariin to also be very beneficial. My only further advice would be that you should cycle off from time to time and use something else during the down time to keep the nitric oxide levels elevated.

    Something like protodioscin (extracted from tribulus) I have found to be just as strong as Icariin in the erection department.

    Nevertheless, glad to hear of your good results.



    Yeah I replied to you in my other thread. I’m not going to cycle it at the moment, I think I could take it everyday. It’s just my body needs to build it up, I don’t think it’s tolerance just yet. I wish you had replied about protodioscin earlier, just made a big iherb order, and I live in the UK, doesn’t matter though I’ll order it some other time.

    Now for my speculative thoughts. My erections are up and down. Really hard some days, and some days I worry about getting them. But I get erect thinking about this girl, which is great for me, as I was sure porn had ruined my ability to get an erection. BTW my erections, when I say really hard, I mean these are really good hard erections. They’re just not consistent at the moment that’s all, I need more time for the citrulline and alcar to build up in my system. And I’m having to stop the alcar and egg yolks for a little while because of fishy smell.

    Anyway my current ingredient list for super erections are:




    Egg Yolks

    Citrulline Malate

    Horny Goat Weed (40% extract)

    Things I’ve ordered from iHerb, that are cheap, and believe will assist in getting super erections more consistently:

    Korean Red Ginseng (ordered from ebay)

    Garlic Oil

    Ginger Root


    Hawthorn Berry


    I know we shouldn’t underestimate things like garlic and broccoli, because they’ve by themselves have given me super erections. But I’ve decided eating garlic, ginger, and cayenne are much harder, so I rarely do it. And never bothered supplementing them out of pure laziness, and being told cayenne needs to be tasted at the mouth to work. Well I’ve decided to buy them in capsules, make it easy for myself, because cayenne and garlic are 2 things that have been show to help with super erections, and my previous experience with garlic can prove that. Not only that, but I ordered a years supply (only going to take 1 cap of each a day), and it’s cost me practically nothing ($92), excluding ginseng from ebay. So for the whole year I’ll be able to take Garlic Oil, Ginger Root, Cayenne, Hawthorn, and Maca everyday. has given me the ideas for this formula. And my previous experience with garlic, I know it’s worth a try. Not only that, but since I will be adding it to my stack where my erections are inconsistent, I can hopefully see if they help me wipe out all worries of getting an erection ever again but giving me consistent super rock hard erections.

    Anyway that’s it for now. I usually don’t post on the forum unless I find out something new that working, or get excited about something else. And currently I’m getting erect with a normal girl, and a lot of these have been rock hard. They’re just too early to tell whether its like many things on here that help a little, or once, then drop. I’m looking for consistency.

    My goal is to make a years supply formula, that will give me super erections whenever I want. But not only that, but a formula that gives these results at a cost effective price.

    For example if I had to spend $200-300 for a years supply of supplements which I could take everyday in the morning on an empty stomach, and not only not worry about getting an erection every day, but each erection was a super rock hard erection. Then I’ll be happy. People can stop wasting their money on things that work sometimes, and not other times.

    And like I said, I don’t post unless it feels like I’m onto something, and now after many years, it feels like I’m onto something.

    Anyway these are my speculative thoughts, I don’t want anyone to wasting their money on any of the supplements I’ve suggested, I’ll keep you updated.



    Maca is a great choice. Increases libido and gave me semi boners while walking on the street. I really have in my mind the list of things I will take when the worst problems are solved!!



    Hey , interesting thread about trying oxytocin in the muscleheads for sexual dysfunction haha

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