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    Hello guys i am happy to find this forum…

    I am 22 years old. I started masturbating at 11-12 i think…

    I do it at least 1 time per day.. I think that i did masturbate 3-8 times per day!

    Also i have sex with my girl about 3-6 times per week , some times i feel that it is too much but now i think that this is because of over masturbation..

    Actually at the period from 11 years old until now many things have happened to me ….

    Depression , phobia ,derealization ,depersonalization etc…..

    I am very addicted to masturbation and i think that this is a problem…

    My symptoms are many and cause me lots of problems.

    I cant concentrate at my work-studies, my imagination is lost for many years, i get confused and i feel that i am lazy and cant do nothing to help this.. I try hard but i am not efficient to what i do.. I have a lot of experience in a certain field but i feel that i can do a lot better if i hadnt had these symptoms – problems….

    Here are my problems!!!

    -eye floaters (a lot !)

    -short term memory problems( forgetting what i said, what i did last hour and cant remember 3 numbers for example an RGB value to copy it to another place no matter how hard i try)

    -feeling tired( i dont feel so much tired as i used to but i feel like i dont have much energy)

    -flustration ( i cant think clearly , communicating with other people IS hard)

    -no concertation

    -sensitive to light( i dont have this problem know but it was a big problem did some treatment accupuncture)

    -emotional problems

    and as i see many of the symptos listed in this forum….

    I know that this is my problem because WHEN i did quit it for 3 weeks my life changed a lot… It was easier to attract girls with success something imposible before (too hard exactly) ,could concertate a lot easier and becaome a lot more active. After that i was excited but rolled back to my old habits…. I didnt want to try because i was feeling that it wasnt the time to do this…

    However now i am willing to do some drastic changes on me and i should limit this habit somehow. …

    Thank you

    and a lot more

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    In order to figure out whats wrong you need to do the following


    1) Total testosterone

    2) SHBG

    3) DHT

    4) E2 sensitive

    5) prolactin

    6) Free T3

    7) Free T4

    8 ) RT3

    9 Saliva cortisol x 4

    10) DHEA S

    11) Progesterone

    12) Pregnenolone

    that sould give you a good idea of your hormonal function

    Then you one hundred percent have neurotransmitter imbalances. I have all the samesymptoms as you and my neuros were fucked. In order to test that you need to order a urine neurotransmitter test online. usually about 200 bucks.

    One you know whats wrong with you hormonally as well as neurotransmitters wise then you can formulate a game plan.

    For now stop masterbating and watcing porn. You got a gf man lave your sexul energy for her.

    Simply stoping masterbation will not fully heal you. its your health and your life. Balls in your court.



    also I might add.

    Your probably gona get all sorts of advice like

    take fishoils and take this vitamin and do this and do that blah blah.

    Though all those things are in general good to take for general health they will do nothing for your Sexual exhaustion.

    My advice would be to focus all your energies on getting the proper testing and the proper medical care. The longer you wait the longer your giving our body to develop these problems.

    I might add. There are 3 people who have completly healed by fixing all their hormones and neurotransmitters and limiting their ejacualtions to a lower frequency.

    So far noone has healed by taking vitamins and basic supplements and abstaining.

    Its just clear as day to me that your a typical case of SE and i dont want you to end up like many of the veterans on here who dont do anything worthwile and waste precious time .



    Have you checked the stickies Js…

    What about Marianos advice about Vitamins and the other sort of meds he gave 3-4 months ist useless or he was the most dumbest doc youve ever seen



    Thank you for the responses.

    I think that the exams listed here some of them were fine when i did some tests apart from TSH which isnt listed here.. Most of them i think that they were ok.

    Luckily when i stop masturbation i get a LOT better. It is amazing… how everything change!! How people behave different towards me ,how easier i can have a conversation,how easier i can organize my time, how easier to achieve impossible things. etc

    However i have reiki also but havent practiced it on me for long time. It does help a lot and i believe that it increases your energy. But my mistake was that after that i did masturbate and lost. The key is to not let the energy blocked down only..

    Ofcource it seems logical to me that all things that you say about neurotransiters are true.

    i would like to tell you that in my country there is a proverb about masturbation that they say for fun but i believe that it is true!!

    It is like

    Than the ‘masturbation’ makes the ‘child'(boy) an asshole.(moron etc…)

    I have already stopped masturbation for 2 days but it is impossible to reduce sex unluckily.

    I should read here this forumt o learn about this



    Have you checked the stickies Js…

    What about Marianos advice about Vitamins and the other sort of meds he gave 3-4 months ist useless or he was the most dumbest doc youve ever seen

    completly useless. Hes still one of the smartest docs iv ever meet. That dosnt mean the treatmnt he designed for me is correct.

    Still no one has healed wth vitamins and abstainin havnt seen a single real success story sorry If you consider any of those stories successes then I feel bad for you.

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