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    I had a few symptoms of SE come up a few weeks ago. I masturbated regularly for 6 years. It took its toll on my body, but I didn’t realize it. After on stressful day at work (manager at movie theater) I had a panic attack during my sleep. It caused major anxiety issues. After much research I have found that I may have sexual exhaustion. I had noticed that my thinking capacity had been lowering significantly since I have been masturbating. I recently stopped masterbating for a week and all my symptoms disappeared. But today I got sexually excited and it caused me to become dizzy and feel like I have a fever. My libido is fine and I have little leakage and no problems gaining an erection. Most of my problems seem to be mental. I am currently on Elavil (tricyclic anti-depressant) and have ordered the LoveLonger 3 program to boost my neurotransmitter levels and start repairing damage. I am mostly recovered from depression and anxiety, but I still seem to get light-headed and feverish when I get excited. Any help?

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    Is Lovelonger 3 from Dr.Lin? I would suggest that you do not take it.



    continue your abstaining program

    light headness could be sign of adrenal fatigue, just continue your program without ejaculating or looking to porn…it seems that your case is mild because you managed to feel well in couple of days

    keep away from anti-depressant Kountertorque, know that your symptoms are imbalances in all your body and its not mental….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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