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    This group is absolutely ridiculous and useless. Two weeks of this nonsense is all I can put up with. Noone’s going to get better by listening to this drivel.

    Kidney Yang blah blah blah straight from the ass of the diabolical Dr. Lin.

    And there are so-called “experts” like Armani giving flat-out dangerous advice using baseless theories and BS. Take low dose T with a mild estrogen inhibitor? Sure, if you want your T levels to be even lower! And you’ve been “exhausted” twice? Try to stop beating your meat more than 10 times a day and you’ll be fine.

    Masturbation and sex are natural activities of the human race. It is not “reckless behavior” as some have stated.

    I think you all have Yin Yang Ding Dong deficiency.

    Remember, remember the 5th of November.


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    Ummm, OK?

    First of all, don’t come on here and insult members of the forum. I guarantee Armani knows a lot more than you, about everything. So don’t try and flood our forum with your little angry thoughts and doubts. None of us care.

    Just leave, because you clearly have no idea what your talking about. But that’s OK. Your just taking a lot longer to mature than everyone else. You’ll grow up eventually.



    Go order yourself some Viagra and take some Prozac with it while you’re at it. You’re an absoubt retard who will never recover.

    There’s nothing wrong with masturbation or sex, that’s not the point. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system established for thousands of years which uses its own terminology, which is also not what we’re trying to preach here. Some of us are rather intrepreting the underlying biochemical concepts. TCM is not our focus either, we are only interested in researching for what works. We’re not exactly Dr.Lin followers either, the guy is a con artist for the most part as far as his overpriced supplements are concerned but his theories are accurate. Youre a noob who knew nothing about say W’s analysis of Dr.Lin’s products, which were found to be for the most part a multi-vitamin with additions.

    Open your DSM-IV and take some more SSRIs…and you will be IP banned. Like said, no one cares.



    It seems like this Vendetta is not too intelligent. Why is he trying to suggest that some forum members here are not sexually exhausted but probably got their symptoms from street drugs or SSRIs when I clearly said that these are similar situations resulting from a different pattern? He should be doing some research in the right direction rather than taking it out on others.

    SSRIs overloads the liver’s detoxification system and as a result weakens its ability to produce enzymes to help produce hormones and neurotransmitters. This causes a deficiency that causes impotence.

    Sexual exhaustion on the other hand results from excessive sexual activities which uses up acetylcholine, serotonin and dopamine excessively. The liver then resulting from lack of acetylcholine, weakens and thus weakens its ability to produce hormones and neurotransmitters.

    Over exhausted adrenals results in low DHEA due to over-production of cortisol and other stress hormones which then results in increased prolactin which increases anxiety and lowers sex drive and ability. Adrenal fatigue which is also known as burnout is also known as kidney yin deficiency, this is not a religious term as the genius Vendetta thinks. Now does increasing the adrenal’s functioning result in sufficient DHEA to support neurotransmitters which will result in restoring of the parasympathetic nervous function thus sexual functioning? is something I’m working on to find out at the moment since DHEA is said to be a co-factor along with GABA, serotonin, acetylcholine in preventing excessive dopamine conversion to adrenaline.

    About Armani’s suggestion of using Testosterone gel along with an estrogen inhibitor, I have no comment as I am not working on Testosterone right now. But as long as it’s not enough to activate the negative feedback loop it should be okay.

    This Vendetta also seem to have come from the yahoo SSRI group which is a group highly impressed with sythetic drugs, with questions such as “which anti-depressant drug will not have sexual side effects (Wellbutrin)” or “how many mgs of Viagra will counter the sexual side effects of SSRIs?” Absoubtly clueless and low level, totally toward the wrong direction.



    i will add my voice to my fellow members over here. don’t waste your time and effort on him guys.



    Everyone is just interested in getting their healths back. We are researching the methods and lifestyles how to achieve that. Most of us have not masturbated more than few times per week for years and feel how the supplements and i.e foods affect the health. Dismissing all that will not change that at all.

    Chinese medicine concepts and theories about foods and lifestyles are not invented by Dr. Lin, they´ve existed for a long time.

    It is not nice to insult this forum members, who are trying to heal themselves and give others advice instead of messing their bodys and brains with drugs and toxins ( legal or illegal ), overmasturbating and practising harmful lifestyles. If you go to see doctors, they will see nothing wrong with you and still prescripe pillers and ssri inhibitor drugs ( who in the right mind does that ).

    Ps. Admins, I think this thread should not be deleted, as it contains a lot of useful information about the philosophy of healing / drugs and will help new members better understand what is the right direction.



    This guy is simply just lashing out. Sexual exhaustion and all it comes with-weak erections etc can be a very very frustrating. not to mention scary. I bet we have all felt that at one point or the other. Especially that this is a very new area even to doctors and western medicine. It’s just that WE are keeping our heads on straight and working on these issues slowly but surely. He on the other hands feels like his whole world is caving in on him. So just understand him






    and another thing. i have never reccomended testosterone gel to anyone. i only told deltguy to use it because he was already on testosterone replacement. but he didnt respond to the gel.



    Thats true. Hes “war with the world and everyone in it.” When I was exhausted, I was too mad at everyone ( like most of us ), as the whole thing felt like a punishment.

    ( actually, it was a punishment, from abusing the body for 4 full years with overmasturbating/over ejaculating ).

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