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    I dont post as much or put as much time into researching sexual exhaustion because i’m in a good situation. I work many hours each week, have a good relationship and just dont have much time to post anymore..

    I dont have any sexual problems and my anxiety is gone. I do have some premature ejaculation, but its nothing serious….. im not concerned over PE…. even most of the healthiest men i know have some PE.. I dont think its a problem.

    I have been following the same diet / supplement / HRT protocol for over a year now and it seems to work quite well for me

    I work 55 hours a week plus workout and i’m able to have sex 4-5x a week.

    my diet is

    lots of raw milk

    fresh pressed orange juice (pulp free)

    organic meats

    white potatoes (boiled long time 40 minutes)

    fresh ground coffee (2 cups each morning)

    organic whey protein

    Gelatin powder (green can from great lakes gelatin)

    i eat some ice cream i like Haggan dazz

    i take 150-250mg MLM pregnenolone

    125mcg T4

    15mcg T3

    12.5mg CLOMID EOD

    When it comes to diet and supplements you need to figure out what works for you, it takes time experiment. I dont do eggs anymore because i dont feel there right for me… each to there own

    if anyone has any question i’d be happy to answer

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    Who doesnt likes Haggen Dasz haha

    Congrats man, how curious your HRT protocol its so simple. Yet, it makes sense, pregnenolone, thyroid and gonads.

    Did you have low cortisol, low progesterone, low DHEA or just low pregnenolone?

    And what supplements do you take?



    Taking pregnenolone increases cortisol, dhea, progesterone… its a great way to increase everything…..

    I dont take to many supplements, just liver powder, b12 sublingual and sometimes zinc,vitamin C… i dont them them everyday just whenever i remember



    ey man

    good to hear ur doing well

    what’s the main thing that fixed your ED in your opinion?

    diet, hrt program, or combination of both?

    what’s your erection quality on 0 to 10 scale now, and doesn’t it die down soon anymore? what about precum?

    do you track calories and eat above or below or at maintenance?

    all the best man



    I dont notice any precum…

    erection quality is 7-9 depending on the day… I can always get it up for sex and it doesnt seem to die.

    DHEA does seem to give me poor erectile dysfunction

    I like doing refeeds, eat a restricted calorie diet followed by massive refeeds each as much as i want for that day

    I’m not sure what worked the best



    Obviously its the HRT.



    hey max, where do you get the T3 and T4, from a doctor or order online? If online what site?

    Great to hear you’re practically back to normal man.

    Ya I think the Clomid is definitely the biggest contributor to the recovery.

    you ever experience a crash or anything unpleasant after drinking coffee or you just feel good?



    no crash after coffee…

    i get all my prescription via doctor



    That’s great Max,

    by the way long time no see, iam glad that you are in a good shape to perform your regular life.

    got couple of questions

    1- do you take your thyroid drugs , once or in separate doses?

    2-I recall that you had a tiny list of supplements

    Magnesium and Iodine as i remember (back on 2009-2010)

    are you still taking any, or you fixed your main problem of absorption?

    3- as for the eggs, any reactions happened to you from them?

    (I stopped early this year because of liver pain, and returned back to consume 1-2 boiled eggs only)



    I’m not sure i think my gut is much healthier now… for example i use to always have a hard time keeping my Ferritin ups…. i stopped all iron supplements and my last ferritin was very good…

    I take magneisum and iodoine on / off… depends on my money and if im in the mood…

    i like picking food over supplements now if i can

    i take 125mcg T4 and 10mcg t3 in the morning then i take 5mcg in the afternoon or evening.

    Im not 100% certain but i believe the eggs were casing a skin rash…




    Yeah eggs are top allergenic and very linked with eczema.

    Personally, eggs or dairy were causing my eczema. I cut dairy so lets see how it goes with eggs.

    You guys need to not overlook simple things like food intolerances. They are at the bottom of many chronic conditions.



    I agree… one food can be very helpful for someone and the same food can cause all types of problems for someone else.. real important to pay close attention to how you feel when eating.



    Hi max..congrats..

    My question is are you losing hair?



    Hmm it seems eggs trigger the eczema in the nose, im gonna cut them too. God my diet its too restricted.



    the biggest things that helped my libido are.

    whey protein (true raw whey from grass fed cows, best tasting and healthiest whey protein I have found

    liver powder (NOW)

    gelatin powder (Green can from great lakes)



    Liver powder, thats a new one by me. I’ll look into that. I always do my research before buying of course. IMO, My opinion in whether to go ahead and use something is more important than anyone’s including Doctors (big pharma drug pushers)

    Radio-active makeup lol fail.


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