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    aight so another interesting and informative visit with hardasnails.

    This is my latest diagnosis and what im gona do over the next couple months.

    ok so all my amino acids tryptophan, glutamine, tyrosine were good and in relatively good range. However Phenylalanine was pretty elevated. this sounds like good news except…….

    my neurotransmitter test showed that every single one of my neurotransmitters was really low. serotonin, GABA, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine etc were all low.

    So its clear that I have some conversion issues. For some reason or another be it overmasterbation, drug use, supplement use, excesive diet drink consumption caused my bodies conversion processes to become screwed up.

    So the solution Hans came up with is to support my liver and detoxify my system so that my body can begin to function the way it sould.

    This is what im gona be taking

    1) SAME-200 mg

    this is a supplement which helps with methylation and conversion of amino acids to neuros.

    2) N-Acetyl-Cysteine-500mg

    This supplement is a heavy metal detoxifier and a liver support aid.

    3) magnesium glycnate 300 mg

    great for depresive symptoms

    4) 30 mg zinc picolate

    Keep estrogen in check

    5) 50 mgs p5p before bed

    This is the bioavailable form of b6 which the body uses to convert amino acids to neuros

    6) 3 grams of tryptophan before bed

    for deeper resotorative sleep and to raise serotonin

    7) pure encapsulation multivatimin

    This multi is for people with under methylation issues

    Milk thistle

    More liver support

    So hopefully this protocol is able to detox my body and get my conversions functioning better. We also got an E2 estradol test done and when those results come in if my E2 is high then were gona add in a DIM supplement. hopefully this shit works lol

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    ooooooo i also dont have adrenal fatigue according to my cortisol test so thats pretty sweet.



    good deal , I like how hardasnails took the medical/ natural route solution as some doctors would just prescribe you some presciption pill or medicine to mask the problem.



    js, i saw HAN/DR O today

    i just missed you by a few hours.



    nice news C j



    haha max i think the last time i went to go see him sometime mid summer he told me you were coming later that same day so we missed each other twice now.



    Maybe next time.

    Do you have insurance? What lab are you using for E2?



    ya i have aetna insurance which thank god Dr. O accepts or id be fucked. The e2 test we actually did right in the office and there gona send it out for me so thats clutch. Hopefully shit works out



    Street drugs accompanied with excessive masturbation, ejaculation or sex may prove to be extremely destructive. Directly or not they usually alternate the enzyme expressions, which results in numerous brain or nervous disorders.

    These disorders are usually a consequence of a transferase gene expressions by tyrosine hydroxylase, dopamine hydroxylase and phenylethanolamine-N-methyl. Excessive masturbation, ejaculation or sex only adds prolactin and oxytocin to the picture. When one exhausts his acetylchloline or dopamine nervous system, though, he will experience oxytocin deficiency and will have problem with the excitement of the oxytocinergic nervous system in the hypothalamus.

    The street drugs pollute the brain and the nervous systems, alternate or destroy the gene expression of the nervous receptors or synapse. Neurodegeneration may occur, bringing it’s two widely known diseases – Parkinsons’s and Alzheimer’s. Mixing excessive sexual activity with street drugs is very, very dangerous. Over-ejaculation by itself is destructive enough – alternating the gene expression of the dopamine receptors – D1 and D2, Serotonin C2 receptor, GABA A receptors and acetylcholine receptors.

    Not to mention that chronic use of street drugs will also damage directly the testicular function and will dry the seminal production of the prostate.

    The street or medication drugs also have poisoning and damaging effect on the skin’s neuro-endocrine cells, and considering that the skin serves as a neuroendocrine organ for a production of neurotransmitters and hormonal production, it may cause certain lacks.

    Liver is also heavily damaged by street drugs (nicotine, methamphetamine, cocaine), which leads to the destruction of liver’s detoxification system, thus leading to a reduction of ability to produce vital neurotransmitters and androgen hormones. One who use street drugs is surely messing around with his dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous function, which in turn may lead to a fatal outcome.

    Im seriously thinking this is what happend to me. It would explain basically everything.



    i mean i neve did coke or anything but i did smoke alot. and then masterbate. F*ck i really hope i didnt break my body beyond fixing.



    Nah don’t worry that article is an exaggeration. If you’ve already had times when you significantly improved with trytophan or Lin’s products it means your body does have the ability to recover so you got nothin to worry about. If Chris recovered from every imbalance that could possibly go wrong, then for sure so can we.

    Fingers crossed that your protocol works.



    Goodjob dude, things look good hopefully things start to balance out. AND NICE on no adrenal fatigue lol.



    werd i also just found this supp which im gona add …5-MTHF

    Its a bioavailable form of folic acid that can help with the formation of BH4 which i may be deficient in.



    already in the pure encapsulation multivitamin

    I mentioned that at the appointment.

    You need to go slow because it may make you feel worse due to getting detoxification systems are kicking in.



    pure encapsulation- company




    thank u


    and i think many big companies…have started to take this approach because people nowsays are more aware of the inactive ingredients.

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