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    You need a microphone. This software is kinda wicked but also a bit unbelievable. It analyses your subconcious through the pitches in your voice.

    The progress report did report things that relate to me. One thing that amazed me is it said I have joint and tendon issues, and I’ve recently been off the gym for a couple of weeks because of my joints. Also is describes me as someone who has high morals and values fairness, justice, and liberty, which describes me perfectly as I’m very into libertarianism, conspiracies, and anti-government. It also says I have digestion/enzyme issues which I’m not aware of any, but could be a hidden problem. Problem is the report isn’t very detailed. But I do constantly get the same results, and when compared to my other family members, they get different results, so there is definitely something to it.

    Anyway try it out, tell me what you think. All you have to do is install the software, click the microphone icon, talk about a subject like your health until the number reaches 500 where it will then stop automatically, and then click the progress report button.

    See what it says about your health and personality.

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