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    Currently I’m 19.

    For a while, probably since 15 I masturbated at a decent amount. Usually once a day, sometimes twice, it really depended. At first, my erections were very hard, and I was having satisfying orgasm. Recently, I went to my doctor with symptoms of fatigue, very low libido, and weak erections. I also had slightly watery semen that had taken on a new smell (almost chlorox like). He did a DRE and examined my prostate and diagnosed me with prostatits. He put me on ciproflaxcin (antibiotic), and after a week of that with no result, he put me on Levoquin (antibiotic). My symptoms seemed to improve while on the levo, however I was masturbating maybe once a week at most. After the levo, I went back to my doc and he told me my symptoms were cleared up and he believed the rest was all mental. Now my symptoms have seemed to improve, but I still have weaker erections, watery semen with a odd smell and a very decreased libido. I’m wondering if anyone has any insight on how to solve this problem? I can post more info if you need it..I think that this has something to do with stress/over masturbation, because I have started decreasing my stress and my symptoms have improved slightly, however they are still there. Please help, I’d like to regain my normal sex life

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    where are you located? state, country?

    hmm i would suggest taking a high dosage of probiotics to establish the good bacteria in your gut. The problem with antibiotcs they wipe out all in your body.

    i recommend the probiotic from

    if you dont want to take then start eating homemade fermented foods, like yogurt from raw milk, sourkrat, pickles, etc.

    you need to have some testing done, see the Sticky for recommended testing.

    sounds like your adrenals and testosterone is in the gutter…its hard to tell without testing.

    i can only recommend taking supplements like zinc, b6, magnesium, fish oil, probiotic, Vitamin C 3000-5000mg a day.

    i like getting my supplements from pure encapsulation; from

    hows your financial situtation… honestly if your in a tight spot with money and dont have good insurance its going to make it a lot harder.. but you can do stuff thats cost effective, like eating a healthy diet, getting sun, brisk walk in the woods, whatever relaxes you and makes you happy.



    I’m located in the United States, and currently I am insured and can afford supplements. I also took acidophilus after taking the antibiotics. I’m going to make an appointment either this week or next week with my doctor to get my test levels checked, etc. Would you reccommend taking him in the list of things to get tested from the sticky and ask for that?



    also, any insight into the more watery semen? This whole episode is very frustrating. Thanks again for your help



    tell your doctor about that, make sure he test FSH and LH

    In men, FSH stimulates production of sperm.. you need to have this checked out

    i wouldnt worry about this, this can be solved with HCG, which is used alot in men

    LH signals the body to produce testosterone. you need both.

    i would suggest getting the basics, the more the better

    at Least tell him todo..

    Total, FREE, Bioavailable testosterone



    LH, FSH

    TSH, Free t3, Free t4

    Estraidol Ultrasensitive

    Vitamin D, Ferritin.

    those would be the basics, but you can print that list out..

    what state are you in?



    I’m in Seattle, Washington…are those all tests a m.d can have done or do I need to go to some special lab? Sorry I’m ignorant on the matter..I have had other blood work done though so I’m guessing he could do that also?



    usually your doctor writes you a script for those tests and you go to a Quest dianogistics..

    just find out



    I took in the list to my doctor and he’s testing just about everything on it but excluding the ferritin and one other thing because my other bloodwork showed my thyroid function was perfect or something…he said he thinks that everything is going to come back normal, and if it does says he’s not sure what to do. I’m going in monday to get tested, I’ll keep you all posted



    nice!! the more tests the better..!!!

    im assuming your going to a QUest Diagnositcs.. ASK THEM FOR A COPY!!!

    they will be glad to send you a copy of the results.. you just have to sign a copy release form..

    post results here when you get them, you should have results in 2-3 weeks



    I wonder what causes that bleach smell of the semen. Mine used to do that aswell. Actually, I’m not sure, but it might still smell like that. I just havent actually seen my semen in awhile, because I havent masturbated in months, and when I have sex with my girlfriend, I usually ejaculate in her(she in BC) or into a condom.



    eat more fruit and green veggies for semen



    Just a side note, I’ve been experiencing cloudy urine (not dark urine) occasionally for months now. Its not an infection (I got tested for a UTI and there was no bacteria in my urine) any ideas?? I’ll post test results asap



    no idea, sorry… i dont think its anything to be worried about



    Test Results:

    Vit D (25_Hydroxy) Total, 24.7 (Normal Range 20.1-50.00)


    Testosterone 4.9 (Normal Range 2.5-10.00)

    Prolactin 4 (Normal range 0-14)

    SHBG 26.4 (13.0-71.0)

    Lutenizing hormone 3 ( Normal range 0-14)

    Follicle Stimulating Hormone 5 (normal range 0-14)

    Any insight? Doctor says he sees no sign of any imbalance…



    your Vit D is low… either take vit d3 or get more sun..

    Test looks a bit low.. need more testing on thyroid and adrenals.

    if you want you post your labs here

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    its a great site



    I might just do that…

    Can you recommend ways to boost Test and help recover from Adrenal Fatigue? I’m almost certain I’m suffering from that..any supplements I can take?

    I mean I don’t get morning erections, and I’ve lost the warm feeling in the genital area…it sucks. I feel like at this point I’ve over worked my system from over masturbation and smoking pot, so I want to start the healing process..

    I’m considering ordering some Organic Maca from Nativa naturals, and some 5 HTP as well as a ZMA product. My thyroid blood work done from my doctor was described as “normal” (I’ll request the actual value from the lab this week) but I still have fatigue, no morning erections, no random erections, and overall kinda funk.



    yes please get labs results..

    magnesium and Vitamin C work good for adrenals…. possibly DHEA low dosage like 20mg or maybe 7KETO

    its hard to really start treating the adrenals without doing a test like a 24hr salvia….

    just keep at it, it takes hard and time to heal.

    i wouldnt worry about morning wood



    Thanks for all the advice MAX, this forum has been the only place where I can decent answers I feel like. Do you think I should still get the ZMA and the Maca products, or 7keto?

    Also Max, I have a question regarding abstinence. I have not masturbated or ejaculated in ten days so far. I have had a few occasional urges to masturbate, but nothing very strong. My goal is to stay abstinent (no sex or masturbation) for around two months. Is this a good goal to have?

    Again thank you so much for your time



    I dont know about abstaining, it wouldnt hurt to try..

    you could just take ZMA and maca for now… make sure you getting about an hour of sun a day; id hold off on the KETO it is very pricy stuff.

    try getting a girlfriend, they help out a lot in healing….then you can completely quit masturbating and just have sex.

    hold off on doing anyhing to extreme right now… id wait to see where your labs stand.. if they seem poor and your doctor doesnt do anything, you can simply go to a good doctor, theres a database filled with top hormone doctors in your area that you can visit.

    when you dont have a doctor that doesnt do the proper testing and treatment, it makes healing extremely hard and possibly dangerous; you dont want to get into the game of diagnosing and treating yourself. Let this up to a trained doctor..

    that should be your number one priority is finding a good open minded doctor…

    if you really have the money you could fly to the usa to see a top doctor.



    I am located in the U.S.A, so thats always an option. My doctor did a basic liver panel, thyroid test, and a few other tests…I’m headed in today to try and get the results. I think I will get the Maca and ZMA, its not like I want to masturbate, my libido is so low I don’t even really want to have sex..part of me does and part of me is just indifferent. My penis seems like it is lacking blood flow or muscle tension in the area is messing things up. I’m taking a yoga class as well



    what state are you in?



    Washington State,

    City: Seattle



    im sure theres good docs in your area… just search around



    if you want you could fly to Philly, PA to see my doctor,, it actually wouldnt cost that much…. find a cheap flight and a night one stay…

    after you see him once you can consult by phone or via webcam.

    or you could actually have your doctor consult with mine.



    I suppose thats always possible, however I am a student so that may be a little more than I can afford. I was wondering if you could recommend the best affordable at home saliva test to test for adrenal fatigue.




    Your diet is too acid or most likely you are having melabsorption issues.

    Dark cloudy urine is sign of over load of toxins..




    Right one,

    i am the person that alot of people deal with when they have no place to turn. May be in conjunction with your dr (if open minded) would be open to possible suggestion to help get you back to feeling well again. I have cases from all over the world I deal with and have had great success looking deeper into issues what ever error that may be.. If you got the proper testing done as max suggested then we can go from there with further suggestion on what the next steps would be or areas that need to be ruled out further.. Feel free to Pm me or have max give you my email address. I do not want to offset the boards rule.



    Hey all,

    Sorry its been a while since my last post. Currently I have had some unexpected expenses so the saliva tests will have to wait a while, however I have noticed some improvement. I abstained from masturbating for around two weeks, and masturbated. My semen had regained its white color, and seemed less watery. I have completely stopped watching pornograpy, and I have also noticed that my cloudy urine has stopped. The only time my urine is very yellow it seems is when I’m dehydrated. I’m still not getting the morning wood I would like, but I’m taking maca and zma which seem to be helpfull. At this point I’m just going to allow huge periods of rest between masturbation/sex and hope that recovery, a healthy diet, rest and yoga aid my journey to wellness. I’ve also started Oil pulling with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, so we’ll see how that goes? not sure if any one has had results from that.



    I’m also going to purchase Isocort or Throne Labs Adrenal Cortex, and DHEA. My adrenal glands are almost surely exhausted, I have all the symptoms.

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