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    I am a 26 yr old male who has been battling with increasing numbness in my penis and testes and loss of libido. I have seen many doctors over the years, none of which attributed my symptoms to SE. After doing more research recently I was happy to find that there is possibly hope for me yet and I’m doing everything that I can to give my body the rest and appropriate supplementation to help me combat this crazy problem.

    The numbness has been slowly increasing for 7 years now. All of the doctors I saw said that it should get better on its own and they had no idea as to why it was coming on in the first place. After looking into forums I now know that SE is my most likely cause. In the past I was tested with a low testosterone level and low vitamin D.

    I am now taking the following supplementation, as these seemed the best options after trying to weed through all of the BS online:
    – Amino Acid Blend (often used for bodybuilders but I am taking 2 pills instead of the normal 4 for bulking up)
    – 5-HTP (200mg/daily)
    – GABA (125mg/daily)
    – Acetyl-L-Carnitine (500mg/daily)
    – Gingko Biloba (120mg/daily)
    – Krill Oil (500mg/daily)
    – Vitamin D (500mg/daily)
    – Vitamin B Complex
    – Multi-Vitamin (on top of everything else)
    Is this a good supplement regiment? I don’t want to further screw myself up by taking improper supplementation, but know that I need to take action further than just abstinence.

    I am also refraining from all sexual activity for a month (its been 2 weeks and I have seen some, but very very little improvement, but it has me at least hopeful). Because I have a girlfriend, after 1 month I am going to try to just engage in sex once a week with no masturbation.

    Also it has been impossible to find a doctor that knows ANYTHING about this problem or that will even recognize SE as a potential cause of numbness in the genitals. Does anyone know of any doctors that have experience with this around the San Francisco Bay Area?? Or any other avenues for medical advice that I could/should take?

    I should also note that I have a bulging disk in the B11/B12 parts of my spine, but MRI’s show that there should be no nerve obstruction. I also have Hypospadias (my urethra opening is one third of the way from the head down my shaft. During excessive masturbation/sex I always noticed pain and burning near my urethra.

    Please any help/advice/or people with similar problems would be soooo appreciated! Thank you for reading and I hope to get any help that I can.


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