need help please look!!!!asap

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    right,read all of adrenal faituge

    last two days have been taking ashwaganda,50mg 5htp-adrenal extract and liquorice root.and l thaiamin?(increase”s dopamin and gaba)

    feel odd,keep smiling loads when i talk to people,and started hulucinating in work,heard a bang and seen a flash, two guys next to me never knew anything about it,never seen or heard it,and i keep seeing things run up the wall s in the corner of my eyes

    energy levels have gone up tho

    its like im nervous but its not thta bad, just cant look people in the eyes and keep bloody smiling wen i speak!!1

    thing is,i was recomended to read andrenal fatuige,and when i did everything in the books points to me having the condition,but ive also been told i have high adrenal,

    is this just getting used to it or? few days i be fine

    what do u think

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    good i think-cant say fully,dont know whaty i feel atm

    i start to feel good,think about my problems and go back down,need a lot of mind work as well!



    Seems like the dosage is kind of high to me although I don’t know how much licorice is in that 40 drops. Try maybe 10 drops at the most and see if you still experience those street drug like effects.




    Share the mindwork with someone else, don’t try and do it on your own.

    Without getting to “personal” it will probably be something in your past that made you go to the illegal drugs in the first place. That, unless done so already has to come out. Meds and supplements can and will help but just talking will help to. Otherwise you’re just stuck in a circle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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