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    Hey guys my name is vick this is the first time posting on this website, nice to meet you guys! wow i never thought id find a forum on this subject i thought i was the only person on this planet to suffer from this condition, i felt so alone no one would understand me, and on top of that no western doctor understands this condition so no one is able to help you! basicly

    Im sure you guys heard of dr.lin before, long story short, hes products werent working i emailed him he told me to get a blood test for testosterone to see if my testicles are still alive, my total testosterone test came back at 280 ng/dl, he told me that at that level it indicates that my testicles are dead stopped working and theres absolutely nothing i can do to recover! is he serious!?! please guys i need some help here if anyone could give me some advice ill be very grateful,thank you.

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    sounds pretty grim, you probably need to make drastic changes to your life. Stop masturbating, stop watching porn, cancel your internet or put a web protection filter…whatever you have to do. Find natural ways to increase your testosterone levels. If you are a severe case, then see a specialist, they may recommend hormone therapy.

    Once you’ve decided to correct the situation and change your life accordingly, make a jounral, note the daily changes in your physiology and psychology. It may take anything from 2 weeks to 3+ months depending on the severity of your condition to notice real changes.

    How old are you btw? that will also factor into the method that will work best for you.



    your age, location?

    do you have any other tests done?

    you need to see if your primary (your nuts are dead)or secondary( the signal is to make testosterone is dead)

    to keep your nuts fertile most men do T-shots with HCG…

    if your secondary HCG maybe enough..

    You need alot more testing

    LH,FSH, thyroid, e2, dheas, etc.

    Those testosterone levels are pretty low… Hows your diet? Are you eating enough fats? I have seen men increase testosterone through eating more fats, some men get real low testosterone from low fat diets or starvation diets/




    Oh my gosh, you are starting to scare me. My tests have became smaller as i mentionned x1000 times but they look dead as well, they just look lifeless. So according to your post, my nuts could be dead? I will know more when i do tests maybe later this week. If my doctor announces me they are dead, by raising my tests level could it come back to life?

    As for the thread starter, i do have a severe condition as well, you have to stop for atleast 6 months to see changes (something i will do).



    You are in the range…[ But its kind of low]

    And I think Dr. Lin has mistaken judging your situation from only one test…you need to do more blood, semen, scans…even the can take a small part from your testis and check it out

    you need to seek medical care to view your case clearly



    Yes you need to see a good doctor..

    But those levels are dam low… those levels indicate using HRT..

    but you should rule out everything factors before going down the HRT road.

    you could use HCG this can bring your testis back.



    So there is a link between over-masturbation and total death of sperms/testosterone for production? Because my tests dont have the shape or size that i had at 16-17.



    First of all i really appreciate all your anwsers in a short amount of time, i feel great just talking to you guys i have been very suicidal i thought i was alone in this until i found you guys!, Dr.lin which happens to be the most educated in this field (correct me if im wrong) tells me that a testosterone level at 280 ng/dl certainly means i can not do anything to help myself? some of you guys say go see a doctor or specialist, but tell me which doctor acknowledges over masturbation symptoms? everyone of them will tell you its a perfectly normal thing no matter how much you do it…., which blood tests exactly should i do to see if my testicles are still functioning? max as for your questions i am 21 years old living in california and no total testosterone is the only test i have done so far, which other tests exactly should i get done?



    280 ng/dl

    what is the range for this test?

    since your in CA

    i recommend this doctor

    Office Address: 262 El Dorado Street, Suite 100, Monterey, CA 93940

    Mailing Address: 395 Del Monte Ctr #305, Monterey, CA 93940

    Phone: 1-831-375-6655

    Fax: 1-831-626-9094




    hey thanks max! cant thank you enough man, exactly what kind of doctor is this? what speciality? does he/she understand over masturbation? also what do you mean by the “range” of my total testosterone test?



    hes top doctor in the usa; hes your best chance at getting healthy.

    like was the range 200-800?



    200-1500 something like that or 250-1500 why you ask? whats the difference?



    I’m not sure about this, but I can think of a few specializations that might be related: you would probably be looking for someone who specializes in reproductive endocrinology. If you have the money it may make sense to see different types of specialists, I would suggest natural healing before going the hrt route, try abstaining for 3 to 6 months, if you don’t see a difference then start seeing specialists. Don’t take too much stock in just one persons advice, see a number of them first.


    – Reproductive endocrinologist

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    – Urologist [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    – Endocrinologist [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    – A gynecologist who specializes in reproductive endocrinology of men or both sexes. [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I think a Reproductive Endocrinologist & Urologist will be most suited for the job. Make sure its a male specialist, females will only have theoretical perspective.

    I am not a big fan of western medicine though, if its your lifestyle that created this problem then you should change it by changing your lifestyle. Live healthier, eat healthier, be more active, get involved in society, do weight lifting and cardio exercises, start Tai Chi or yoga or Qigong, abstain from sex and masturbation, participate in competitive sports etc.

    See a naturalholistic healer, they can recommend lifestyle changes and holistic approaches to your problem, but beware there are many frauds, quacks and snake oil salesmen pretending to be holistic healers and the sort. I think Dr Lin is a good example of a quack snake oil salesmen, and you people who buy his products are his dupes.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]


    Stay away from New Age Healers and Spiritualists.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Dr Lin is a Quack



    the doc max recommended you is a top dog in the field and you would be best of seeing him, i would recommend him as well

    good luck



    Thank you for the good post Riseandfall.. but

    Just stick with Dr. M…

    urologist and endocrinologists are useless for the most part; i have seen one before, the problem is the information Endos and Urologist were taught in med school is completely useless crap… they do horrible testing and treatment for thyroid and most wont even look at adrenals. They will think your Testosterone is good… its just a big waste of time in the end. All the top hormone doctors had to research and teach themselves, they dont teach this in med school. A reason its very hard to find a good doctor.

    This is a quote from Dr. M





    I agree, I’ve not yet been to an endocrinologist, I am a bit hesitant to go to one. They will likely just pump you with hormones to create a “normal” level, without taking the bigger picture into account.

    I read up a bit about Dr M, he seems know what he’s doing.

    His pathophysiology theory is interesting…it all comes down to the lifestyle you live. You can’t just pump yourself with hormones and expect everything will be ok. You need to primary problem, which is something in the way you are living your life.



    Dr. M will take a much more holistic approach into healing.



    Premature and Vick everything will be alright

    Just do the tests and seek medical care



    Thanks everyone for the help! max is it possible what dr.lin suggests, that once testicles go dead it can never be revived?



    I wouldn’t listen to everything Dr Lin says. You still have a chance to revive your testicles with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG for short. If your Leydig Cells are still good that is.



    i have one twisted nut and it’s half the size of the other

    still with this situation i was able to produce 792 ng/dl

    it shouldn’t be a problem, but it could be, there are guys with one nut who produce enough testosterone

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