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    I am not here for advertistment, but I have been working with MAX for the past year and half. I believe finally we are starting to get down to tail end of his health issues. One needs to understand it takes alot of time, trial and error to finally understand the causes behind each case. Not every case is the same, but over the past 2 years myself and the DR I work with have taken meticulous steps to get the best results possible. All the kinks of traditional medicine have been worked out to give the best possible care and attention to each every case on an individual basis. I am sure alot of you are feed up with the health care system thinking that most Dr’s are oblvious to how excessive masturbation can cause alot of health issue. When guys we encounter start telling their case to us they get all worried about that we are not going to believe them thinking its all in their head. We know that it is not and once they realize this it makes the patient more at ease. So if you have concern please contact MAX and he will give you the contact information. If you are from abroad, I have consulted several people from UK, austrailia, italy, ect that are documented on other websites their results.

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    Seriously I have no idea how to use this site. I can reap threads and posts but it’s like the website protects all users from having their actual username displayed. I’ll read a thread and a guy will say something like “oh wow, blueshark82, that’s great info” and then I’ll look and there’s no one by the username of blueshark82. It will be like Heriberto or David. This post alone says it was created by Josiah. And I can’t even click the fucking username. WHY the fuck does this website have to be like this? How can I contact you or max?



    Hi doctorj. The sticky at the top of the forum explains ( but to summarize: there were omplications with the forum update from phpbb to bbpress.
    During the upgrade to bbpress some of the guest post names got messed up.

    You can’t click Josiah’s name because he posted from a guest account. It used to be that there was no forum sign up, just guest posting. Now we ask that everyone make an account and soon PMs will also be possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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