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    Hi guys,

    I have some more questions:

    1) Throughout this site eating raw eggs has been recommended. When you say ‘raw’ do you mean that the shell needs to be broken and the yolk eaten just like that? Is it okay if I can boil the egg and eat the yolk?

    2) If I lack serotonin and dopamine what symptoms would I experience?

    3) I have noticed that if I lay off the porn and masturbation for like a week my nightly erections come back again. They are very weak erections but still I can feel it. Also in the morning I can feel the erection (weak) while I am still waking up. BUT as soon as I am completely awake, like 100% awake and get out of the bed, the erection is gone. And I don’t get any erections throughout the day. I am not able to understand this…

    Any ideas?

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    I often have the same issue. Erections through the night but not during the day. I think this is because your body is more “parasympathetic” when you are sleeping. When you wake up, your body becomes more sympathetic and stress hormones are released to get you going for the day.

    When exhausted, our parasympathetic nervous system is weak, which is why many of us have panic attacks and anixety. I’m not sure yet if this means that receptors are damaged, or what. We need to re-train our bodies to be less sympathetic…with meditation, massage, deep breathing. Adaptogens such as Rhodiola Rosea are also good to help make the body less sympathetic.



    Thanks a lot.

    Can you plz answer my other 2 questions?

    1) Throughout this site eating raw eggs has been recommended. When you say ‘raw’ do you mean that the shell needs to be broken and the yolk eaten just like that? Is it okay if I can boil the egg and eat the yolk?

    2) If I lack serotonin and dopamine what symptoms would I experience?



    bout the raw eggs

    i first had the same problem about not liking to eat them raw

    i still like boiled eggs but can also eat them raw, its much quicker

    i just gulp m down.. no problem

    both haven’t had any noticeable effect on me personally, maybe on others they have had some good effects from it i dont know

    other questions other board members might wanna chime in



    Depression and Moodswings or lack of motivation/procrastination would be an example. Also anxiety and nervousness.

    @.: I think being way too sympathic is one of my major problems (tension all over body, also anxiety and nervousness …).

    You have already recommended Rhodiola Rosea to me. Can you suggest other Adaptogens for calming my nervous system? Would Passion Flower or St. John’S Word be other examples or 5 HTP (Griffonia simplicifolia)?



    Hmmm… I do have violent mood swings and get “very sad” often…

    How do we put our bodies into “parasympathetic” mode?

    … and I seriously don’t know how to eat raw eggs… can i atleast boil them and eat or would it be a waste?



    To put your body into a parasympathetic mode, you just need to relax for a while… Avoid all things that make you nervous or anxious and try to get lots of sleep. Don’t exercise hard, aerobics is fine if you need some. When you are in parasympathetic mode you’ll notice that your body will need a little more sleep to rest, and you’ll feel fine by the moment you wake up. And you won’t wake up during the night. So give it the chance and sleep a lot.

    Depression isn’t about the mood only… Most people have mood swings… Depression is affecting your overall health (you can’t think, don’t want to talk to anybody for days, you cannot sleep and can’t be happy whatsoever… You may have noticed these symptoms if you really are under depression). Serotonin (and dopamine in a lesser degree) deficiency is thought to lead to depression. So if you think you have all these symptoms try a serotonin booster as a 5-HTP. I’ve been taking it for a while, it gave me very vivid dreams-nightmares at first and made me wake up during sleep and that was not good for recovery so I now take it in a lower dosage. But it depends on the person. Dopamine deficiency also makes you less energetic and fatigued easily, mentally as well as bodily.

    Egg yolks will make you feel better overall and more energetic but will not probably help your sexual health enough. They can surely be eaten cooked and they will keep most nutrients in a high concentration so don’t worry about that. Just boil them for 3-4 minutes so the yolk doesn’t turn hard. Salt them a bit and they’ll be fine for eating.

    @Alpha: In Germany 80% of the psychiatrists use St John’s wort as an antidepressant – anti-anxiety herb… Ask someone in a drug store nearby and he will definitely know about herbal antidepressants. 5-HTP is a much stronger serotonin booster though… After some researching I found 5-HTP to be much better if you have depression. The other is more af an anti-anxiety herb. Depends on what you need most…



    Alpha The thing about that is, the person why experience these things such as lack of motivation/procrastination and it may bvery well be due to lack of serotonin and dopamine but these things may not be due to overmasturbation. I’ve always been that way(lack of motivation/procrastinatino) and I think some people are just like that. Unless you werent like that and you suddenly feel that way.

    Quote:Ashwagandha is a good one, 5-HTP is good too. It’s better to take 5-HTP before sleep.



    Yeah, great post

    St John’s herb may work with the 3 neurotransmitters : dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. But you should be carreful with it and ask to a doctor. Even it’s an herb.



    Thanks for the input guys.

    Okay I don’t think I have depression. I do get very moody some times but I have always been like that. Also procrastination and lack of motivation is not something new hehehe. So I guess my Serotonin and Dopamine levels are okay….

    I have been “very sad” lately but that is certainly tied to the SE.

    I do have a feeling that my Acetylcholine levels are very low. I really am not getting erections when I am awake.

    I didn’t see porn nor masturbate on Monday and Tuesday… and yesterday night I could feel nocturnal erections all through the night. They were very weak erections though… BUT the moment I completely woke up in the morning I lost them. And I am not getting spontaneous erections during the day (when I fully awake). Does this mean that my body is in Sympathetic mode?



    Just to point out.

    I only recommend eating the egg yolks raw, if you want to eat the whole egg, then boil it, but do not eat the egg whites raw.

    If you eat the egg whites raw, you may end up getting biotin deficiency, lookup mercola and raw eggs.

    Their are people on this forum who will also eat the egg whites raw, so if you’re pursuing that you’ll have to get their personal experiences, but my own are constipation and really smelly wind. Also egg whites are full of the basic amino acids unlike other proteins (meat, poultry, ect..) which you have to break down for amino acids, this may considered a good point, but remember in the end all amino acids will raise your blood to be more acidic (hence the acid in amino acids), and it’s important for it to be alkalized as much as possible. So if you want to eat some egg white, you’ll probably get enough still when trying to separate the yoke.

    Good luck.

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