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    Should I take Neetle Root Extract? It lowers DHT from what I know, but also helps with inflammated prostate and give a boost to free testosterone.

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    I think you need to stay away from nettle right now , it do lower the DHT but their is aq debate whether it lower it in the DHT tissues only or it lowers the overall production

    nettle also have the ability to lower SHBG in some.



    Thank your , , I wont use it until I check my DHT.



    Nettle root in some cases can also drive up DHT and also e2 depending on the person biochemistry. When dealing with inflammation in the prostate controling the immune response will be the best way to manage this condition. Proper evaluation of cytokines along with essential fatty acids may give more insight into where the imbalance may lie. DHT has bee shown not to be the main cause of BPH, but rather estrogens. Estrogen need to be metabolized, converted, and packaged by the liver then excreted through fecal or urine. There are several factors that may alter each step of this process. When dealing with BPH in people I have found alteration in the GI tract and liver detoxification, along with elevated inflammatory cytokine activity to be the main culprit. When proper regulating estrogen metabolism in all areas have shown to reduce symptoms of BPH.



    No i am not a medical Dr. I just consult.with them.when they are dealing with complex cases of fatigue, depression or other.hormones neurotransitters and immune question. Kind of a Dr house

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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