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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to bring some attention to this potentially very useful herbal lozenge supplement that was created by a scientist specializing in nitric oxide research.

    My understanding of the science behind it is, the lozenge is composed primarily of beet root and hawthorne berry with other co-factors such as vitamin c, b12 and citrulline. Beet root is very high in nitrates and when mixed with saliva and on your tongue, the bacteria therein converts the nitrates into nitrites, and after being swallowed the nitrites are converted to nitric oxide in your stomach. Now, some of these nitrites may convert to nitrosamines (harmful) so to prevent that from happening and ensure it is converted to nitric oxide, hawthorne berry is included which showed an ability to prevent the nitrosamine conversion through some sort of enzymatic action.

    Now if that weren’t cool enough, they also have test strips that show how much nitric oxide you are producing, by testing your saliva, and more or less how healthy your cardiovascular system is.

    I think it would be an excellent stack with something like Icariin and Pycnogenol. Which Dr. Nathan Bryan (the scientist behind Neo40) mentioned in an interview:

    Q. One of my readers asked me if Neo40 would work synergistically with some of the other standard erectile dysfunction herbs, such as Pycnogenol, Korean Ginseng and/or Horny Goat Weed (Icaarin). Do you have any recommendations in this regard?

    A. Yes. We think Neo40 will work synergistically with these other herbs due to the fact that NO is what activates this pathway and these herbs have been shown to affect the downstream signaling, either affecting PD5 activity or other components of the pathway.


    Btw, it is expensive, and the only side effect I read was that it might cause sensitivity in the mouth, if taking 2 per day (taking one per day, first thing when waking up is best, doesn’t seem to cause it at all), you should drink a little bit of water before taking it, and move the lozenge around in the mouth, on the tongue and mix thoroughly with the saliva as it dissolves.

    Anyways, if anyone is interested in trying any of this out I’d love to hear it. Since I’m still using Icariin at this time, and will be for the remainder of the year, I might as well throw this in too.

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