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    Do you feel increased sexual potential, when being away from computers and desks for a long time. I do even I massage and strech my body every evening.

    Who knows what years of too much sitting in front of the computer does for the buttocks and legs nervous/muscle systems. After all, how could one heal if the hormones can never go their target directions and energy/blood/hormones does not flow freely in the body.

    Remember the full body massage and streching every day. Especially beneficial is to try to find hurting spots in the body.

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    Yeah, clearly too much computer kills me.

    Even the sound of computer’s fan stress me after many hours.



    You say it stresses you? How do you feel to know that you’re being stressed?



    Sorry if my english is bad :s

    I feel nervous, anxious, tired and i have muscle tremors.



    I think , you have excessive dampness and stagnations in your organs. This is possible the result of too much mental stress / over-thinking which stagnates the spleen.

    See 5 elemental meditation on my webpage, every organ responds to specific element and we can use this to balance each of them every day, it works every time.

    Your body is not clearly working and getting much out of the foods you eat. I wonder if you have breathing problems too and fluids/phlegm in your lungs.



    Hmm thats weird. I feel tired if I just stare at the computer screen but everything else is not different that any other time.



    Try also avoid negative thinking ( becoming conscious of one thoughts and always transform thoughts from negative to positive ).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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