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    A surprising consequence of neuroplasticity is that the brain activity associated with a given function can move to a different location; this can result from normal experience and also occurs in the process of recovery from brain injury. Neuroplasticiy is the fundamental issue that supports the scientific basis for treatment of acquired brain injury with goal-directed experiential therapeutic programs in the context of rehabilitation approaches to the functional consequences of the injury.

    The adult brain is not “Hard Wired” with fixed and immutable neuronal circuits. There are many instances of cortical and subcortical rewiring of neuronal circuits in response to training as well as response to injury. There is solid evidence that neurogenesis, the formation of new nerve cells, occurs in the adult, mammalian brain-and such changes can persist well into old age. The evidence for neurogenesis is mainly restricted to the hippocampus and olfactory bulb, but current research has revealed that other parts of the brain, including the cerebellum, may be involved as well. In the rest of the brain, neurons can die, but they cannot be created.

    Well folks this is as good as it gets. I didn’t quote everything that Wikipedia had to say on this issue just what I thought was stating the point. I emailed Dr Lin and he said that this was a Semi-Permanent deformation/damage to the nervous system. The question now is how long would it take for Neurogenesis or Regeneration to occur? It would seem highly likely that practicing an ejaculation frequency would negate or slow this process down.

    I brought this subject up on behalf of the people on this board who have symptoms of Neuroplasticiy such as Tinnitus, Eye Floaters, Muscle Tremors, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety and Anorgasmia that were caused by Overmasturbation or in some cases Drug use.

    For those of you that have actually cured not masked their Tinnitus and Eye Floaters I would like to know what supplements or products you specifically used to get pass this cause I would like to get rid of these the most.

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    Grape seed extarct is known to help in maintain a healthy eye nerves,


    rutin &

    bilberry fruit extract

    But a question? eye floaters can be clearly seen when you look at a bright or clear sky m cloth

    so donot concentrate alot?

    I used to have them alot , but abstaining helped me to get rid of them by 80% [ I abstained for almost a year]

    But they came back again with less appearance .

    Another notice: donot sit a lot in front of PC,TV and dont exhaust your eyes reading small letters or in a dimmed light area

    Try to Visit a Doctor to check your eye

    Check this Website:

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