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    My neuro results ……got them done is september……they correlate with all my low amino acids

    epinephrine 5.8 range 7-12

    Norepinephrine 25.4 range 30-45

    Dopamine 115.7 range 115-175

    serotonin 68.6 range 120-185 (who called the low serotonin)

    Glycine 426.3 range 455-980

    GABA 3.0 range 4.7-7.0

    Glutamate 19.6 range 15-32

    PEA 28.1 range 30-70

    Histamine 11.8 range 14-24

    So as you can see my results are really fucked up lol. For the first 6 weeks im gona work on increasing serotonin, GABA, Glycine, and taurine as i mentioned in another post. After 2 months im going to restest and see where those levels are at. if there good then ill rearange my protocol to include a dopamine raisning supplement such as tyrosine.

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    boosting thyroid should boost serotonin

    boosting testosterone will boost dopamine.

    you can take L glutamine for for GABA.

    i have had similar results and i didnt get much luck in trying to increase them, in terms of how i felt and on actually blood test hormones.

    i havent tested neurotranmitters in about 2-3 years



    what doses did you use trying to boost them?

    Im thinking


    5 grams glutamine

    2 grams tryptophan

    1 gram taurine

    1 gram glycine

    500 milligrams alpha gpc

    50 mg P5P

    100 mg 5htp


    5 grams glutamine

    2 grams tryptophan

    1 gram taurine

    1 gram glycine

    500 milligrams alpha gpc

    50 mg P5P

    100 mg 5htp

    Late afternoon

    5 grams glutamine

    2 grams tryptophan

    1 gram taurine

    1 gram glycine

    50 mg P5P

    100 mg 5htp


    5 grams glutamine

    2 grams tryptophan

    1 gram taurine

    1 gram glycine

    50 mg P5P

    100 mg 5htp

    So that really adds up to alot……..i think itll do the trick…..I know thats what yuhu did and his case worked out. freaks me out a lil that you didnt have similar sucess.



    Why are we doing tests? Why don’t we just fill our body up with all of this medication and just abstain? lol. Where can I find this medication? Must I get a prescription? thanks



    this is not medication……its amino acids……you can buy then at GNC.

    Testing is absolutly crucial. the only way i could get to this point where i know that I have to take these supplements is because iv gotten extensive testing on my hormones and neurotransmitters. in this particular case i tested my urine and plasma amino acid levels along with my neurotransmitters. your problem could be totally diffrent especialyl since you have hard flacid……wouldnt be surprized if your norepinephrine was really high….so before you start injesing massive amounts of anyhting get tested so you know what to injest.



    Neurotransmitters Top

    Epinephrine – More familiarly known as Adrenaline, this neurotransmitter and hormone is essential in the body’s process of metabolizing fat. It comes from the amino acid, norepinephrine. Being both a neurotransmitter and a hormone it has dual functions: as a neurotransmitter it regulates mental focus and attentiveness; as a hormone it is involved in the “fight or flight” response associated with fear and anger (i.e. rapid heartbeat). Low levels can be involved in fatigue, weight gain, and poor concentration; high levels can be involved in acute stress, anxiety, restlessness, and sleep problems.

    Norepinephrine – Also important for focus and attention, this neurotransmitter and amino acid comes from dopamine. Norepinephrine is the precursor to epinephrine. Low levels can be involved in a lack of mental focus and poor concentration; high levels can be involved in anxiety and indicative of stress.

    Dopamine – The precursor to both epinephrine and norepinephrine, dopamine has numerous functions, not least of which are memory, motor control, pleasure, reward, thrills and addiction. But dopamine also plays a key role in many systems of the body, including the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, renal system, and of course the endocrine (or hormonal) system. Low levels can be involved in a loss of motor control, a loss in satisfaction, cravings, compulsions, and addictions; high levels can be involved in hyperactivity and anxiety.

    DOPAC – The job of DOPAC is, quite simply, to metabolize dopamine. Levels of DOPAC, then, relate to the levels of dopamine that can be made and stored.

    Serotonin – Serotonin has several roles, one being the regulation of body temperature. But the one it is perhaps best known for is its heavy involvement in the regulation of mood. A serotonin deficiency can relate to compulsions, low mood, headaches, and anxiousness. Severe serotonin deficiencies can be indicated in cases of depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders as well. Other roles serotonin plays are in regulating sleep, memory, and in diminishing appetite. As such, low serotonin levels can be related to trouble sleeping, memory troubles, and a heavy appetite; high levels can be related to trouble staying alert and a low appetite.

    5-HIAA – Short for 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid, this is serotonin metabolite like DOPAC is a dopamine metabolite. 5-HIAA is required for serotonin to be made and stored in the body. Abnormal levels can be involved in aggression, depression, suicidal behaviors, chronic psychotropic medication use, and Parkinson’s Disease.

    GABA – This is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for preventing overstimulation, or “excitability”. All neurotransmitters are either “excitatory” (stimulating) or “inhibitory” (inhibiting); to prevent overstimuation, there must be a balance between the two types of neurotransmitters in our bodies at all times. This is where GABA comes in, compensating for an excess of glutamate and thereby maintaining a constant balance of stimulating and inhibiting neurotransmitters in the body, so long as GABA levels aren’t imbalanced, that is.

    Glycine – An inhibitory neurotransmitter that functions similar to GABA, Glycine is also a non-essential amino acid. When the body experiences an excess of stimulating neurotransmitters, glycine and taurine are released to compensate, restoring balance. Imbalances in glycine can related to overall neurotransmitter imbalances in the body on a macro level; think of glycine (and taurine – below) as part of the body’s checks-and-balances system. Additionally, glycine is instrumental in the activation of glutamate which itself is essential for proper brain development, memory, and learning.

    Taurine – Taurine’s primary role is to support GABA function (described briefly above as critical in preventing overstimulation, or excitability). Therefore, like another inhibitory neurotransmitter, glycine, taurine levels can be elevated in order to compensate for an excess of excitatory neurotransmitters. Taurine is also involved in regulating the effect of harmful free radicals on the cells of the body.

    Glutamate – Counter to GABA, glutamate is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain. It is necessary for learning and memory, including the brain’s ability to adapt to genetic and environmental influences. It influences behavior and motivation. High levels of glutamate can be involved in impulse-driven behaviors and addictive cravings, and it can be indicated in cases of trauma and degenerative diseases, though an excess of glutamate alone is unlikely to cause those conditions to manifest; low levels can be related to problems with learning and memory, as well as to overstimulation (if GABA levels can’t keep up to compensate).

    PEA – This amino acid promotes energy and elevates mood, which explains why PEA has been associated with the antidepressant effects of physical exercise. In addition, a PEA imbalance has been associated with headaches. Low levels can be indicated in cases of depression; high levels can be associated with psychopathic behavior. PEA supplementation can be used to help increase focus and attention.

    Histamine – Depending on the receptor it binds with, histamine can activate a wide array of disparate biological activities: it can help regulate (or disturb) the sleeping-waking cycle, it’s involved in inducing inflammation (generally in reaction to exposure to an allergen), or it can regulate the production and flow of other neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and acetylcholine in the body.

    Creatinine – The body relies on creatinine to help calculate the levels of all the various neurotransmitters in the body. Without the proper levels of creatinine, the body could have a neurotransmitter imbalance – with too high a level of some transmitters and/or too low a level of others released into the bloodstream at the same time.




    low neurotranmitters = low pregnenolone



    wouldnt be surprized. My adrenals are weird for sure.

    Max do you know how to find the test for pregnelone? iv tried googling it but I cant seem to find it anywere. Would I need hans or Dr. O to request it for me?



    also the weird thing in my case is…… progesterone is good, my DHEA is good, and my cortisol is decent. there all synthesized from pregnenalone. Though at the same time my ACTH is low…….and my morning cortisol is low…….F*ck i dont even know anymore i really wouldnt be surprized if i could benefit from some transdermal pregnenalone in small doses but as of right now i dont want to manipulate to many factors.



    test for it…

    you can get pregnenolone from the compounding pharmacy…..

    i just started

    its $30/month im using 50mg Daily.

    will test in 8 weeks.



    how do i test for it ? Do i have to order a test from an online source or do regular labs like quest diagnostics also do it? Iv tried finding it on the quest website but no luck otherwise i would have gotten it by now.


    Gino has pregnenolone for 100$

    insurance will cover it, if u get it from doctor and go to Quest or Lab Corp.






    Please ignore

    sorry i just didnt know where else to post this and I want to

    remember this website cuse they 99 percent mucana pruriens so i figured I could just store it here in case I erase my history and cant remember.

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