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    Which way is more accurate?

    It is what is left to me and I am going to do it the next week. And cortisol saliva.

    The lab owner want to do it by frozen serum (blood), but I wanted first your opinion, buddies.

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    1) Excellent that your doing the saliva cortisol.

    2) In regards to the catecholamines. The best way would be to do a 24 hour urine collection. This means that the lab would give you a container that you would have to piss in over the course of 24 hours. This would give you your catecholamine production over the course of a whole day

    The one time serum blood draw only gives you a one time picture. However i still think its a useful test, I have actually gotten it done a bunch of times and it has always been very acurate for me. So if they cant give you the 24 hour urine collection then the blood draw sould be good as well.




    You mean just one container in which I have to piss lets say, in morning,afternoon, evening and night?

    Probably I will have to get the blood one.



    I was at my uro today and he said theres no way to test neurotransmitters.

    i had to beg him to test my hormones and he only checked off testosterone and prolactin i think.

    im getting so sick of these fucing so called specialists who wont listen to what i tell them.

    this latest guy kept telling me “ive seen hundreds of cases like yours, with premature ejaculation balblabl, its a psychosexual issue”

    i explained to him that i used to masturbate way too much and it probably dranied my body of serotonin and other neuros and hormones and now my body is not chemically balanced and its likely causing my prostate to do some weird shit and causing my premature ejaculation.

    his response to that was “youre reading too much on the internet”

    i dont kno what to do. i just want to investigate my neuros so that I can rule that out or find out if that is indeed the issue.

    anyone know how to get tested for neuros???



    You could get your amino acid levels checked, to give yourself a rough idea of your NT’s through the Watershed vitamin, mineral and amino acid test and/or take the organix comprehensive profile to test your metabolites of neuros.

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    You can also do a urine neurotransmitters test but i’m not sure how accurate those things are.

    There is no sure fire way to test NT levels in the brain right now but those tests will give you a good idea.

    This was actually discussed over the past few days in tests thread. Check it out, especially the posts by falcor.



    Thanks for your interest lee. Yep I read almost everything you guys posted, maybe I skipped something though.


    Hey whats the difference between testing NEUROS (by urine or blood) or testing METHABOLITES? Which one is better?

    Interesting links, specially the metabolite one, seems solid. The other one is actually cheap, is that one enough to test neuros?

    I hate pounds, with them we the euro-fags lose money, with US currency products I always feel good

    Anyway, for now I will need to stick with tha lab I have at hand. Will discuss with her about the tests available this wednesday.




    This topic has been beaten to death but I dont mind repeating myself since its super important, and iam at work with an hour to kill so F*ck it lol.

    First off all ……there is literally less then a 1% chance that you will be able to find a doctor who understands any of the biochemical issues you are most likely going through. The only doctor who I believe comes kinda close is Dr. Mariano and even him with all his amazing knowledge only partially comprehends it. SO what can you expect from some basic urologist. And i dont care if he advertises as some sexual expert he dosnt know shit. If I could tell you how many doctors , many of them urologists I have been to in the last two years you woudl be amazed. Its probably in the 20s somewhere. Not only that but the moment you start talking about overmasterbation and SE, and neurotransmitter , and hormones you are screwed. They immiediatly label you as a head case and its all mental. your chances at this point of being taken serious are less then 0.

    No offense man but this literally been explained numerous times on this forum. Where very much on our own, unless you can afford to work with a Dr. Like Dr. Mariano who will only partially be able to help you.

    In regards to neurotransmitters. In todays day and age there is no real way to test the EXACT levels of neuros in your brain. That however does not mean we are without any hope. Quite the contrary in my opinion.

    From my experience, research and personaly results the absolute best way to evaluate what the levels of your various neuros most likely are is to do the following

    1) order a urine neurotransmitter kid called “neuroscreen basic” from neuroscience. Just google any of those terms and you sould get links to their website and their tests . That one costs about 300 $ . IT IS AN OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE. Which means you have to save up 300$. There are few doctors who actually do these kind of tests as you have experienced their attitutes to this. YOur best chance would be to go to a naturpathic physician who put more weight into these kind of tests.

    2) The same day as that you run the urine neurotransmitter test you sould also run the Organix Comprehensive organic acids ( im sorry im not sure if this is the exact name as I am not home and my work computer is retarted and dosnt let me open up new tabs. Check out sargonis thread I mention it there. Ill try to edit this later if i remember) . What this test will do for you is it will test the urinary METABOLITES of the main neurotransmitters ( serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine). This is simply futher confirming what the urine neurotransmitter most likely told you, your neuros are abismally low. Its sort of like an insurance policy since as I have mentioned in todays day and age urine neurotransmitters tests dont directly test central nervous system levels but only periphrial nervous system levels and scientists have not yet discovered is there is an acurate corelation , I believe there is but who am I ) Also this test is excellent because it will also tell you the status of many of your B vitamins and your METHYLATION which is super important in regards to fixing neurotranmitters.

    SO those above two tests will really give you a solid idea of where you stand in regards to neuros. I have posted my results several times on several forums. Once again check out sargonas most recent thread i posted them there a few days ago.

    Alongside those two tests You can and sould also order the Watershed amino acid test.

    3) What that test will do for you is it will tell you what the levels of the precursor amino acids are. So your looking for tryptophan, tyrosine, glutamine. If those are low its further indicates how you can deal with the situation. HOWEVER I believe this test is only a supplemetal to the first two mentioned tests because there can be alot of different issues which will cause your amino acids levels to be fine. So I have to disagree with Lees statement that it will show you a good idea of your neuro levels, I would change that to “it MAY show you but only if your body is properly processing all the amino acids and there are no blocks”. But it is defiently a useful tool.

    So those three Tests run at the same time. Most likely you will have to fund them all out of pocket.

    If you find a cool doctor who is willing to help you get the blood work you need then also useful would be a fractured catecholamies blood test. OR even better a fractured catecholamines 24 hour urine collection.

    Thats about it. Once again dude… regardst to figuring this out your very much on your own. Doctors are simply people who can get you the things you need such as meds and blood work. But in regards to devising you a treatment plan or understanding your issues it prob wont happen . Maybe in like 30-40 years.



    Hey whats the difference between testing NEUROS (by urine or blood) or testing METHABOLITES? Which one is better?

    Interesting links, specially the metabolite one, seems solid. The other one is actually cheap, is that one enough to test neuros?

    I hate pounds, with them we the euro-fags lose money, with US currency products I always feel good

    Anyway, for now I will need to stick with tha lab I have at hand. Will discuss with her about the tests available this wednesday.

    Basically whether you do the fractured catecholamines blood draw ( which will tell you your dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine levels ) or a urinary neurotransmitter they will tell you the levels of the neurotransmitters in the periphrial nervous system. Not the central which is what we need. Scientists are still unsure of how well periphrial nervous system levels correlate with actually central nervous system levels ( or brain levels) but in my expeirence i have found them to be “acurate enough” to give you a genral idea. The urinary neurotransmitter test is also a lil better then just the factured catecholamines test since it will give you results for serotonin and gaba and otehr neuros as well and not just dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine.

    The METABOLITES test checks the levels of the END PRODUCTS of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinehprine. This is all a useful tool in evaluating neurotransmitters. As a matter of fact when I spoke with Dr. Mariano about this topic he said he puts more weight into the levels of the metabolites.

    Having said that I think running a urine neurotransmitter test from somewhere like Neuro science ( neuroscreen basic) and then on the same day running the METABOLITE test from metametix ( i believe is the name) is the best way to evaluate your neuro levels.

    IF you run them on the same day and they both come back very low below range ( MINE DID) then I literally dont see how anyone can argue that its inacurate. It dosnt even have to be 100% acurate its simply a way to monitor your progress and to get baselines and a general idea of where you stand.

    So ultimatly you want to run both tests at the same time since they reinforce each other.



    Thanks falcor. I guess i have to accept that were on our own with this condition. I saw a 2nd urologist today who was worse than yesterdays. Todays just handed me one month supply of cipro. I dont think i will even take the meds.

    I wanna investigate my nervous system first. Im feeling always angry and irritated and thats a symptom of having low serotonin.

    Anyways im gona order the tests u speak of. Money is not an issue. I just want to be sexually healthy again. I would pay 10,000$ to go back to a healthy human.



    If money is not an issue then that is huge for you. But in order to

    Get properly evaluated dont just focus on the nervous system. You really need the full picture which means a full hormonal evaluation as well. All the hormonal tests u need are posted somewhere . do u still have them as a sticky somewhere? If not ill repost them and lets make them a sticky



    they keep saying this to justify their inability to dig for the cause

    yes there is many bs in the net, but we are talking about a clear symptoms that is backed with scientifcal evidence which is blood tests results and people expierce and finally weak studies here and there.


    here is a group of links, quoted from the sticky

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    amino acid test:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    Its.not the test the problems.lies but.the inability to interpret the results based upon the individual case.and other factors.

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