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    When you look at underlying issues of SE its basically an addiction which is preciptated by a stress or trauma (biological, neurological, emotional, environmental or lifestyle,) which starts a huge cascade of HPTA dysfunction. This dysfunction can manifest into multiple imbalances in neurological, immune, endocrine issues which all need to be address. As stated before the same receptors which occupy the immune system also occupy the neurotransmitters. So if one has a hidden pathogen it can lead into depression. If one has psychological depression from an emotional trauma then the immune system will also be compromised. In order to get the best of both worlds both systems and may be the endocrine system may need to be addressed. As I am finding out correcting the immune system and neurotransmitters in younger guys is resulting in enhancing the endocrine system mainly adrenals, thyroid and finally sex hormones. Some times medical intervention may be needed with hormones to act as a temporary bridge till the other areas as well as lifestyles are addressed. For people in the united states familar with neuroscience testing, I am an NEI practicioner where one can have the testing done which is mainly covered by many insurance some up to 100%. This is not an advertisement, but just to let people know you do not have to jump through hoops to get this kind of testing. Since doing several neurotransmitter testing, there have been significance improvement in majority of cases. Neurotransmitters testing has opened a lot of doors for guys who are on HRT, or just not making progress. It takes out alot of the guess work in trying supplements which may actually be detrimental to a person due to their own biochemistry.

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    HANS! That is very good but I need your answer on this:

    Is it true that if one has a lazy lifestyle the thyroid becomes sluggish?

    That thyroid equals metabolic rate so if I stop being lazy and force myself to do sports my thyroids get the message that I need more hormones for the job?

    I think this can be true but the reason why most of us here don’t respond well to this is not because it doesn’t work that way but because we don’t have the fuel for the body to function (low vitamin,low amino,adrenal fatigue) so if we try to raise the metabolic rate the adrenals get screwed up even more.




    If this is not revealing a professional secret, can you draw the general lines of HOW do you balance or boost those systems?? Do you use aminoacids for neuros? Magic mushrooms or colostrum for inmune system? Etc

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