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    Been an SE suffer for over 10 years. I’m 22 years old, permanently exhausted, myalgia all over body, very poor vision – visual snow, excessive eye floaters, permanent burst blood vessels in both eyes. I never did to begin with excessively masturbate, but immediately after I would get a rapid onset of extreme flu like symptoms that last for a month and then start to dissapear.

    Testosterone Total 4/4/2010 261.17 ng/dl 290-942

    Testosterone Total 5/6/2006 310 ng/dl 330-1100

    Free Testosterone 4/4/2010 8.6 pg/ml 8.9-42.50

    25-OH Vitd3 10.6 ng/ml 11.1-42.9

    Calcium 11.4 mg/dl 8.4-10.6

    Estradiol 102.2 pg/ml 25-70

    Prolactin 13.4 ng/ml 4.0-15.2

    Serum Cholesterol 6.2 mmol/L <5

    Serum Triglycerides 0.9 mmol/L

    Serum HDL Cholesterol 1.4 mmol/L

    Serum LDL Cholesterol 4.2 mmol/L

    Total Cholesterol : HDL ratio 4.3

    Serum TSH (4/12/09) 1.43 uIU/ml 0.3-5

    B12 358 ng/L 220 – 770

    TSH (4/4/2010) 1.41 uIU/ml 0.30-5.5

    FT3 2.93 Pg/ml 1.7 – 4.2

    FT4 1.12 ng/dl 0.70 – 1.80


    LH 2.0 IU/L 0.8 – 7.6

    FSH 9.6 iu/L 1.0-9.0

    Cortisol Morning Serum & 234 nmol/L Unkown

    Testosterone Total 215 ng/dl 270-1100

    Prolactin 91 mIU/L 86 – 324

    SHBG unkown

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    I am still learning this stuff myself, but to state the obvious your testosterone is low and your E2 is high. These definitely could be causing your SE. You have a bunch of levels out of range and pretty extreme symptoms, are you seeing a doctor?



    Your such a simple case it is not even funny. There are so many variables sticking out at you its not even funny. I would suggest you get in contact with me so you could possible see my self and Dr overbeck to help get you back on the right track. Several guys have came to see us from this forum and are pleased that they have. Most of your issues would not require TRT but would need further investigation with indept medical profile inorder to really get to root cause of your issue. I have consulted with several guys are here and have made huge head way in giving them a better quality of life to help them resolve some of their issues which will take time to completely resolve. The fact is that they are now better.



    those numbers are so bad….

    thyroid, vit D, testoterone, b12, prolactin, e2



    yea, for some one so young the numbers look very bad.

    dude you really need to work hard before something goes majorly wrong.



    These symptoms sound awful similar to lyme disease, as are a few other members stories.

    Scary shit…..



    Vitamin D can help regulate testicular response to LH which has been shown to stimulate elevation in testosterone. Vitamin D deficeiny has similar symptoms to CFS with increased in pain sensitivity to down decrease in serotonin production. People can be very sensitive to vitamin D fluctuations. One cancer patient we were dealing with just came through therapy and we had his levels to 50-60 ng/dl vitamin D. Figuring his levels where fine he discontinued the vitamin D from 10,000 a day. With in a matter of a month and half he was severely fatigued, depressed, and unable to function. We had him came in and he told me what he did. I immediately put him on 50,000 ius vitamin D for a couple days then tampered him back down notified him to let me know how he feels. A week or so later I saw him back in the gym starting to feel his old self again. 3 weeks we measured levels at 67 and he was back to where he was before he crashed. So vitamin D and also other nutrients play a crucial role in many of the symptoms that can mimic lyme disease.



    yo to state the obvious your testosterone and alot of those other hormones actually suck….but thats good at least you know part of the problem.

    since you have eyeflaoters ( i got em to) theres no doubt that you have neurotransmitter imbalances as well .you need to order a test and check that out. and yes i know neurotransmitter testing in controversial blah blah just trust me and do it.

    im assuming you have mood swings, depresion, lack of energy as well?

    do you have premature ejaculation?

    my advice is if you can go see Dr. mariano and/or chrisler



    js that post is from july.



    o wow i really gotta start paying attention

    either way his hormones suck whoever that is



    I was just browsing the forum and I saw this thread, seemed interesting looked at the author then saw it was me lol.

    Well things have changed, alot.

    I was referred to an endocrinologist and basically messed around, he wasn’t really interested in treating with testosterone as my LH/FSH was in range and his argument was my testicles are functioning perfecty… Naturally I disagreed there was a bit of a dispute of opinion of treatment, I tried invoking my rights for treatment and still the guy would not budge. I did demonstrate the symptoms that I was having with low T, as per the original post, but just to name a few that I didn’t mention – penile shrinkage, testicular shrinkage, permanent fatigue, no libido, poor digestion, extremely painful joints, muscle twitches. It was to the point where I was going to give into the suicidal thoughts.

    Since last september I have been self medicating with a mix of test-e&sus 4/5 test-e and 1/5 sustanton @ 120mg p/w split into two injections I also have on hand some Arimidex and I only take as when needed no more than 0.25mg x 2 per week. I would use HCG but I already have naturally high e2 possibly down to overly active armotase enzymes.

    As a sufferer of extreme SE amongst some of the worst reported cases here I have made an amazing recovery, of the above symptoms the only one that prominently remains is the testicular shrinkage, literarly very little exhausting, I haven’t seen any visual snow for a few months, but eye floaters are still there, penis size has increased!!! and premature ejaculation is starting to fix itself also.

    Right now I am a much happy person, I am writing this after ejaculating yesterday night, prior to this treatment I would be in bed today with an extremely painful stomach ache exhaustion and brainfog wishing I’d be dead. I only ejaculate around 1-2 per week, and each week the symptoms of SE are reducing.

    The only problem with this self treatment, I can’t run any endocrine labs till this coming august, but I can get tested for RBC and immonoassay stuff on the NHS, so I’m only really going by symptoms.

    The next stage is to take this treatment further, I’ve cut out all the crap from my diet and eat 3 well balanced meals daily, I’m going to start working out again after being off for 4 years and shred this fat, I’m sure lurking under there somewhere is a sixpack

    I hope this is inspirational for those in a bad situation with SE, I’ve made a pretty massive recovery in a very short amount of time, it can be contained and fixed. once someone finds something in common with all the sufferers I really hope there is some universal treatment.



    dude i fucking love you…..

    whats your Testosterone like while on the injections?

    I think this is the answer for alot of us .

    have you thought about checking out your neurotransmitters and amino acids?

    if you have premature ejac theres a good chance those are out of wack.

    F*ck that doctor good shit for taking your health into your own hands. that really is fuckin beautiful .

    sucks hcg isnt an option for you.



    Congrats man, on a self recovery.

    Hope everything goes as planned from here.

    Just be CAREFUL with the bull shrinkage situation..

    I donno a lot on the subject, but I believe you need HCG white taking T shots for your balls to stay healthy and normal sized.

    Maybe you should add in HCG but also up your dose of Arimidex to keep E2 in check or something?

    Anyway, just know exactly what you’re doing because self treating is no joke.

    but again glad to hear you’re doing better!



    Thanks for the support, I should have checked this thread a while back fro replies.

    My bio available testosterone was about 2.5 nmol/l which is just scratching the bottom end of the range, I have low SHBG ~ 14 nmol/l meaning a lot my testosterone is loosely bounded, great

    I have an up and coming endo appointment, I’ll ask for a blood test for total test then, but I’m coping very well with the test dose I’m on, taking into consideration losses in the syringe and needle and possibly some injection site losses I would guess the out of the 120mg in the syring 20mg is going to be wasted. I doubt I’d be out of the phsyiological range, I have 0 bacne and the oily skin has gone now and so has the joint cracking.

    Pre trt my premature ejac was bad, I’d cum in a few strokes. last time I had sex I lasted 10 mins plus with the use of a numbing gel, better but not ideal, I’m sure with exercise and recovery I can get it better.

    I have HCG, I tried it in the first week of trt but I was feeling the symptoms of high e2 not sure if I was doing it wrong, I was injecting 300iu subcantenously x 2 a week, I’m doing fine without ejaculation volume is quite low but testicles are only slightly smaller than when I started trt.



    dude to over to the MuscleChatRoom forum and post your doses there.

    people will tell you exactly how much HCG to take and how much Arimidex and how to keep E2 down..

    a bunch of people there have gone through the same story and have the answers.



    Cheers man!

    It’s so good to be back to near normal, the rest is up to me to quit bad habits and pick up good ones.

    I spent a few years reading on the subject I’ve gone through literarly 100’s of journals and spent enough time on forums and ran an almost full panel of blood work before going down the trt route.

    It’s something for the short run, eventually I’ll find a doctor to take me under his wings, right now here in the UK there are very few doctors willing to prescribe testosterone and we are many years behind the US for treatment protacol for the masses. I asked my endo (diabetes specialist) at what dosage testosterone he would give me if he did decide to prescribe, he said he only gives out a maximum of 50mg transdermal per week… that doesn’t strike me as even theraputic, treatment doesn’t appear to catered to the needs of the patient’s there’s even more ridiculous stories of how people with hormone problems are treated on the NHS on the musclechat site, you’ll struggle find any positive treatment solutions, that’s the reason why I’ve decided to go it alone, not prepared to suffer and waste life when there are medicinal products out there that clearly offer to reduce symptoms and possibly fix the problem…

    There have been some mistakes along the way, such as glass in the amouple I broke and I can’t afford to throw it away as I have a scarce supply that I used, injection site pain lasting for days, test flu, I think I hit a blood vessel in my delt from my last injection as it’s still hurting from over a week, I could easily F*ck up things but I’ve just got to take it on the chin and do it methodolically.

    Hope some sort of recovery plan works for you!



    your so lucky that you can order Test from online pharmacies in england.

    Does anyone know if people in the USA can do the same and not have legal issues?



    I didn’t order from online, I have GP’s in the family and it’s under an international prescription, steroid laws are going to change very soon here in the UK because of the olympics and it looks to be indefinate the inportation of steroids for personal use is going to be banned, bad news



    o i apolgize. That sucks man I hate being so relient on doctors.



    I can only sympathise, been there lots of times putting my trust in doctors only to be told the problems are a work of fiction and in my head.

    There is some good news this week, there is a paper being release by dr. M. Waldinger who has identified the cause of “post orgasmic illness syndrome” which is for the most part relabelled SE and suggests treatment for it.



    F*ck I donno if you can import steroids and hcg and such to canada either… if no then I’m screwed..

    Green, the injections shouldn’t hurt much. Consider getting a smaller needle maybe?

    Also change up injection sites- glutes, quad, delt.. but I’m sure you do that.

    You’ll find alota good info at the other forum for people who are self treating.

    Once again, respect, you’ve come a really long way on your own.. it motivates me so much to start my own path.



    thats the thing im not even that scared to start my own path anymore.

    I think it could be kinda exciting and stuff.

    but the problem is you cant get fucking Testosterone. Shit blows were dependent on so many ignorant doctors.



    how about the site that you found where you can get testosterone and anything else from asia for cheap?

    I was actually considering ordering from there.



    Im sure you could order thats not the issue. I think the issue is what happens at customs? Im sure they check what your getting . As far as I no there probably gona treat it as steroids or something.

    it would be good to talk to someone whos done it or tried. I know chris said hes talked to people in the USA who have ordered online.



    Thanks dude! I’m only using a maximum of 23g needle and thats for glutes only but I mostly use 25g needle, the injection isn’t painful at all but sometimes if I don’t pull out straight I suppose is the reason of pain or just a bad injection in general, I’m getting better at it though. Yep I do rotate sites.

    I think you should be able to import HCG into Canada but not sure about test, you might find some lupeholes in the law system you can exploit to import it if you dig hard.

    Self medicating was cashing in my last chip, I’d done almost everything I could possibly by myself, tons of doctors visits, lots of scans bloodwork, it’s only till I started digging for myself, I started to learn for the cause of it, the more I dug the more I found and how the medical system in place won’t really ever cater to treat SE unless a massive medical break through.

    good luck with you’re recovery!



    You had vision snow? Interesting I started experiencing that during the summer before any of this even started.

    maybe the cause of my problems are neuro’s ….

    BTW guys, you can always get testosterone, because there’s always the black market.

    You’d need to find a reputable dealer for sure though, and it would cost a little more.




    I didn’t even think of that.



    You definitely need to consider HCG dude , keep your testicles alive at all costs even if there working only 25% who cares about the Estrogen issues with HCG deal with it for me T alone was ok but T + HCG made me feel much better even if your testicles are working just a little any natural production combined with T is better than just T alone



    I know I should definetly consider HCG, I have been keping an eye on my testicles but funnily enough they havne’t shrunk a lot, they were quite small to begin with and have remained almost the same size.

    They do however shink quite a bit after ejaculating, my age helps with things too, I’m on a conservative dose so there might not be too much suppression of lh/fsh but I’ll find that out in a few months time.




    Hello and glad to hear your feeling better.

    I have the same symptoms as you and have been suffering with this for over 6 1/2 years. Let me ask you how did you come up with this formula? Dr. prescribed?

    {Since last september I have been self medicating with a mix of test-e&sus 4/5 test-e and 1/5 sustanton @ 120mg p/w split into two injections I also have on hand some Arimidex and I only take as when needed no more than 0.25mg x 2 per week.}

    I was on Arimedix and this did nothing for me, and in fact hardasnails thought this was the wrong route for me. Who came up with this protocol. How long till you felt better?

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