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    Just to notify people on West coast there is a new cutting edge Dr in California who specializes in the approach of finding out root cause by examining the many principles and factors I and many other people of like mindset have been helping educate people and their Dr’s on here for years. They specialize in difficult cases dealing with fatigue, depression, and other imbalance in the immune, neurological, and other hormone systems. These type of Dr’s are the future of medicine who are not just putting band aide effects on the problem, but dealing with imbalances directly. This new generation of Dr’s are not looking at the one thing, but rather the interaction between all systems to get the best outcome for their patient. If HRT is needed then it is available to the patient . Hopefully this can be very beneficial to people who have been trying to find a good Dr on the west coast. if interested pm me for details.

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    I hope your INBOX isnt full like last time



    just cleared them all …



    HANS do you “believe in” overmasturbation as the root cause of our problems?



    I believe hidden “Stress” is the cause of your issue which is made worse by neurological and behavioral aspect of the masturbation. What came first one will never know, but you deal with all issues looking for how they are all interconnected. Hormones are just a small part of the issue. As the other systems get back into check they should stabilize over time. If symptoms improve then you are moving in right direction. If Gi, liver, immune and neurological system are in check hormones still low then treat accordingly. IF T is low then giving some clomid may not be a bad idea to see if will give you a boost. If it does not then correct the other issues then restart it again in 3-4 months when body has begun to heal.



    I always was an austist, since childhood but ED and most of my issues began mostly with that relationship I had back in the 18s, she really put a lot of stress and trauma in me. I think it forms part of the puzzle that made my body reach a limit, along with pornography addiction and weekly abuse of alcohol (like 2 times per week one year and 3 years one per week), aluminum chloride, vaccinations putting mercury into my autistic detox pathways and only God knows what more…



    Oh yeah I got bullying for like one year, and the others I was mostly socially awkward and social interactions really stressed me (still stressing me, I got excessive sweating and even some somatic itching) most of the time, my father also beated me several times very violently and my cousin abused me (“softly” we could say) two times. I also were a very sickly kid and they put in antibiotics, one of them strong, and my mum confessed me he took for 4 months a medication consisting in Doxylamine succinate / pyridoxine hydrochloride for the nausea while she was pregnant of me.



    Knowing all the.details are case. We are details are a product of our environment plain and simple.

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