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    Ok, I have new info. Good news for people who are unable to abstain very long.

    According to taoist theory, testicles and sexual organs in general are very powerful for generating more energy and life-force. Ejaculation, excessive porn watching/masturbation robs our body from vital energies but when the testicles and adrenals get their share, they will give high amounts of energy back to the body in short time. This is the case for healthy men.

    What this basically means, is that if you feel that you are unable to abstain many weeks or this will harm you mentally, you can masturbate i.e. once a week ( if situation is not very severe ) but keep the session time very small. I.e. try to ejaculate and do your tricks in about 10 minutes ( don’t worry about training you to ejaculate too fast, as when we are healthy we can control it anyway ). You will sure lose energy but this way you leave something inside your energy channels and nervous system so when the sexual organs begin to work again full speed, they have more energy for their work and overall you can even benefit this way ( also, if you can eat your semen, even better ).

    Masturbating over 30 minutes or hours with porn, will empty all the energy from the organs channels in weak persons and all the good work is gone leaving you totally depressed and exhausted. Its all about accumulating the lost energy, like accumulating money. Use little money, invest little and spare the rest so you will keep gaining. Spend everything in few days and start all over again.

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    There are many acupuncturists and other eastern/natural doctors who believe Chi energy can be rechanneled through needles, hands on healing, raki (sp.), quantum physics and some believe small positive voltage electricity (ie.

    It is true when you ejaculate quickly there is a much better chance of being able to ejaculate a second or even third time so the theory of extra energy may ring true; however, being somewhat open to the middle ground of Western/Eastern philosophies – I’m still not a believer that ejaculation is the “loss of life force” any more than “masturbation is a sin”.

    BTW – Do people who donate blood lose their life force also?

    Thanks for sharing your views.



    Hi, thanks for the link and info. Its good to have many different views.

    I think too that masturbation is not a sin, but consider it somewhat evil as it weakens us. I´m a huge believer in the energy, as the tcm teaches. Everything they say makes sense with my own experiences. Also I study computer science and I see resemblances with computers and body. Both our organs and computer devices and chips need continuing current so they can keep doing their tasks. If I plug-out computer, it turns off. If someone brakes our spinal vessel, we die immediately. If computer does not get enough current and voltage, it might work improperly if the loss is not too big but ultimately stops working. Similarly, if our body organ network runs low, they will not have the energy to do their tasks properly. Also, in the body stagnations are possible ( both emotional/physical ) which prevents the energy to circulate smoothly. When all the energy channels are full and working smoothly, there is perfect balance and health as all the organs are working at their full speed safely.

    According to TCM, masturbation/sex itself depletes more the general qi, which the organs use as their basic supply voltage and ejaculation is then the external loss of the harder to regain energy and jing ( can be thinked somewhat like a reserve of highly refined qi ). Healthy men with lots of general qi will not feel fatiqued/exhausted during masturbation but after ejaculation they lose erection, feel fatiqued and are not able to continue. If they continue to ejaculate too often, they also run out of this life-force energy reserve ( jing ) and original qi and this way completely empty themselves. After this the body does not revitalize itself so quickly anymore, like elders.

    But some men are so weak that they begun to show exhaustion symptoms even during the masturbation session itself. If they then continue to do it hours with porn, it will empty all the energy channels from the basic qi and they feel like a zombie.

    With correct methods, general qi and blood should be quickly restorable with foods in just couple of weeks, but these original energies behind all physical functions is a harder task, and when they run out we get old and die. Luckily, our body turns off the semen production and erection if situation gets too bad or otherwise some could be able to kill himself with masturbation.

    Blood and qi have a mutual relationship. When there is loss of qi in already deficient persons, the blood will also show deficient signs ( i.e. sauna, hard physical exercise ). And also, if we run out of blood i.e. from severe wounds, the general qi leaves the body with blood giving symptoms that be regarded as qi deficient. But this is all easily restorable with basic foods and breathing, as long there is good jing and original reserve left.

    Ps. I leave today for a longer time, and come back somewhere next year to see all the new methods and info. Good new year everyone, it will be better than this year what comes to healing.



    With correct methods, general qi and blood should be quickly restorable

    what methods



    All what helps with smooth flow of emotions, qi and strengthen digestion so the foods turn to energy more effectively. I use very little ginger powder after every meal, and it works well and is relatively safe in small amounts ( its highly yang, warming stomach, spleen, triple warmer and lungs ). Look all the posts in the forum and try different approaches.



    I raise this also.

    It´s important to know, that when men are masturbating there is not the female energy balancing and supporting the intercourse. The nature is wise, and has carefully designed the human bodies so man and women will balance each other energies in normal intercourse.

    Masturbating too long at one time will give extra burden to the kidney energy ( when there is not the female energy balancing ) and burn the energy reserves. Possibly it is the jing, that I should refer when I talk about energy reserves. Just remember that you are healing, so keep the ejaculation frequency low and also the session length low. This goes especially for men who already start feeling depressed or low in vitality during the masturbating session. I know that when I masturbate I will do it too much at one time but I will limit this in the future.



    It can also be, that when masturbating too long at one time, it draws the juices from your bodily organs to the semen and when there is not the female energy balancing this loss of yin-type ( fluid and material like ) energy, masturbation can be considered almost ten times destructive compared to normal intercourse with real woman.

    Here is how I think it goes now ( can be far from truth ):

    – when having sex with real woman, the intercourse can last as long as preferred, only think to worry is how often one ejaculates. The female and male energies will balance and support each other. Women can have sex and orgasm as many times as she wishes. If man can learn not to ejaculate too often, he can then have sex 3 hours in straight. If men however starts ejaculating/masturbating too often ( or by some other means exhaust their life-force and organs ), I welcome these men to this forum to start healing.

    -when male masturbating, both session length and ejaculation cycle should be kept very low since everything runs on his own energy. Possibly female masturbation is not as good as I have though however child bearing is still the one of the most biggest jing/energy loss one can experience.



    When u have sex too a long time, dopamine’s receivers in brain are exhausted.



    Seems like mother nature was very unfair in this regard…I mean, knowing women are multi-orgasmic and don’t have to worry about losing their female essence. We in turn have to do all the work and must hold back on ejaculation plus we can only do it once or twice at best then we have to wait and recover. I may be a little off on this but it doesn’t seem like it.

    Tantra is supposed to be a way for us to have whole body orgasms without ejaculating. Has anyone heard of this?



    Maybe the old saying, listen to the nature goes here too. Even if normal intercourse starts giving problems when stimulating too long at one time or possibly if females also starts getting exhausted, then just simply stop doing it so much.

    I´m not sure if all the tricks are easy to practice when having sex, its a little miracle to get them working alone.

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