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    hello people. first of i like to say thanks to everyone who is helping people overcome there sexual problems.

    i am 19 years old and seriously sexually exhausted. my symptoms are:

    weak erection

    difficult obtaining erection

    semen leakage

    watery semen

    weak orgasm

    premature ejacualtion

    low concentration

    low memory

    eye floaters

    hot flashes

    cannot get to sleep quickly

    cannot get facial hair

    i really need your help guys. is there a product i can take to eradicate my problems and return my testosterone to youthful levels? i am willing to try anything for aslong as it takes. i really want my normal body back.

    many thanks

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    Heres what to do:

    Help your body get stronger:

    Take ADAM multivitamin

    Restore your neurotransmitters functions:

    Take 5-htp 100 mg 3 times a day.

    Take L-tyrosine 500 * 3 a day.

    Take Choline 200 mg *2 a day

    Take ZMA as prescribed on the box

    You can consider taking DMAE, Acetyl-l-cartinine, NOx or NO2 and Lecithin. (if you want more information on that, just ask, im not elacorating because this supplements are extras and cost more money)

    Stop masturbation completely!!!

    Start lifting weights at the gym!!

    Eat Right, alot of FRESH veggies and fruits, alot of nuts and seeds, alot of fish.

    Participate in more outdoor activities to communicate with nature and exercise more to consume testosterone in the muscles of the body, rather than burn it into DHT. Try jogging or even taking a brisk walk. Any kind of physical activity is much better for your body than sitting around in front of a TV, especially if you don’t normally move around much

    And you have to get a good sleep! take the evening 5-htp right before going to sleep, and if its really hard for you sleep than try also GABA (as prescribed on the box) before going to bed. Remeber, your body heals when you sleep.

    All of this will help your body heal, your body is now on a healing process, this supplements will help him.

    And for last, test your testosterone levels, not being able to grow hair doesnt necceraly mean you have low testosterone. Test your testosterone in the morning before 9:00 am and report back, if its low you should also take Tribex 500.

    Don’t worry man you will heal, don’t take my word for it, I’m sure more people here will help you out, and believe me, me and them are seeing improvements.

    Glad to help!

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