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    Good day forum…. my story might be similar to a good few but here it goes….

    Since 2009 my testosterone level has been in the low normal range (330-327) and ever since then poor performance in the bedroom followed…. my coping mechanism has been porn/masturbation/ and ejac…….

    InBetween 2009 and 2013 i have been off an on with P/M/E (like above) in sperts…. binges….. tryed to abstain but weakly caved in.

    When i watch porn it feels like my brain is feeding like a fiend!!

    I set a goal for myself… (2012 new years resolution) of no porn/masturbation/Ejac…… And failed again so i know i have a problem or addiction!!

    As of now i do have a prescription for testosterone cypionate to restore my testosterone levels to normal….

    Now i have read that the damage i have done with porn/Masturbation/Ejac…… has sent my adrenals and thyroid in overdrive.( fatigued!! ) ….. I’m here to learn how to recover…. and am will to take advice….



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    Welcome John

    I would advice you to start with CLOMID rather than Test cypionate

    Not to mention, Testing Zinc – Vitamin D- Vitamin A- Magnesium -Selenium are crucial to know if they are low or not, they are importent fot testerone production and the Thyroid-adrenal function.

    as for your porn addiction, you’ll need a strong and dedicated mind.

    failure must not hinder you progress, youll need to try different routes and procedures.

    Try to have a check list, a table of 16 week, with a goal of a certain percentage.

    lets say if you watch 5 X a week, then make it for 4 days.

    if your average is 2 hours, reduce it to 1.5 hours…and work on reducing it.

    The most important thing is to avoid being stressful, since stress push you to your addiction (what ever your addiction was).

    Thats what i got, hope youll find your way John.



    Testosterone cyp will have to do for now…..

    Shell…. what kind of test do i need to check my thyroid and adrenals…. what are they called??

    And the zinc vitamin D vitamin A Magnesium – selenium (should i be taking that while on TRT??)

    And after reading what porn and masturbation (REALLY does to you!!!) I’m done….. I have cold turkey cut out alcohol from my life……. I can do the same with porn and masturbation… i recognize a was doing it too much or had a problem…its time to fix it.



    Test cypionate if used alone can close done your testicles, you can read down the negative side effects of Test, some of them use HCG with it or HMG around 70-225 IU a week to avoid Testesterone side effect.

    As for thyroid these are the basic tests:





    Thyroid Antibodies.


    For Adrenal:

    Cortisol saliva




    Electrolytes (Ionic levels of sodium)

    As for Zinc and the rest of the supplements, i think it would be better to Test them…to know the proper dosage of the supplement if you are deficient.



    Now HCG i can get. With my TRT i can use this schedule throughout the year.

    Jan Feb March —–> Test cyp

    April ——————> HCG + Nolvadex

    May June July ——> Test cyp

    August ————–> HCG + Nolvadex

    Sept Oct Nov ——> Test cyp

    December ———-> HCG + Nolvadex

    And repeat

    I am still following no porn and masturbation…..



    If TRT/HRT is the route you’re going to take then you’ll get a lot of good advice and info from the allthingsmale forum. There are a few people over their who believe their problems may have been caused by over-masturbation.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    If you post over there, i wouldn’t say it was OM that caused your problems though, just stick to what you know for a fact, and when you explain about your lifestyle at the time the symptoms started maybe add that you where masturbating frequently or something to that effect.

    There is a young guy over their, that used to be a member here that go’s by the user name of ‘Alex’. He knows his stuff and maybe if you PM’d him asking for a little advice he may be able to give you some worthwhile help.

    Good luck



    Just be aware that rising testosterone levels while not stopping too frequent masturbation and specially pornography will be a dead end. Its demonstrated by empirical experience of millions of men and by clinical studies that consuming pornography leads to ED. This is just the mainstreamed effect of it, but indeed its an insidious weapon that will harm you in other aspects and will lower your frequency. Watching a lot of porn its a smaller and softer door to attune to lower frequencies and can result in nightmares and bizarre experiences which I have had, like waking up and being embraced and caressed by someone in the middle of the night. The personal result of me watching porn was that eventually I stumbled across penile enlargament exercises and that was a fatal blow to my sexuality from which I am recovering very slowly. Make no mistake, porn its out there to destroy you. Also I always get the feeling that everytime I masturbate and especially to porn I am a little more alienated from the moment of starting intimacy with real women again. I am officially recovered from the addiction but still fall from month to month.

    Oh yeah I came from 650 to 900 in testosterone total thanks to sticking to a completely healthy diet. Juicing vegetables, eating whole grains, avoiding emotional stress and negative things will work by your side. I have also read studies suggesting that feeling manly makes testosterone rise in both animals and human, winning fights and getting females etc, and thats the way I think nerds get nerdier while there is someone there to remind them how nerdy they are. Since reading those reports I avoid situations in which I dont feel manly like being around a hot woman as her friend. True story!

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    (This is why the more time you remain as a loser the harder will be to get out but it can be done)

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    sargonnas…. Roger that sir…. I actually look forward to healing from my downward progress from porn and masturbation…. This site is an eye opener and a positive motivator for me stopping porn.

    I’m 100% ready to heal or to be healed. The more info i read here on this site and the more i visit will keep me more humble i believe and not ignorant of the facts!

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