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    hello i am a 19 year old male who used to masturbate around 3 times a day but i have cut back within the last year or so. I have noticed that i can only get full erections when i am physically touching myself. I can get semi-erections from kissing my gf but not a fully hard erection. I have sex frequently with my gf sometimes twice a night and i have no problem ejaculating nor do i have premature ejaculation. I do not have any lower back pain or leg pain, no hair loss, i do have the occasional eye floater but doesnt everybody? i am just wondering if i am sexually exhausted? any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    Hello! Welcome to the forum! =)

    Alright well, I’d say that you are experiencing some form of sexual exhaustion for sure. You need to fix this.

    The first step to recovering is cutting back on masturbating/having sex immediately! I would also suggest you get your testosterone levels checked (make sure you are getting both free and total levels looked at). If they are low, you may need some type of testosterone boosting supplement, such as Tribex or Alpha Male. Next, you’ll need something to boost your parasympathetic nervous system function (such as Alpha-GPC), just as Armani suggested.

    There are more steps to recovering, however, I’ll need to know what other symptoms you are experiencing, so that we can correct the problems, and not work on things that are already good! =)



    well i dont really have any other symptoms that i can think of in terms of my condition. i think i may have buzzing ears. but like i said before i have no back or leg pains, no hair loss, no memory loss, etc. And again, i can get a semi erection through kissing and stuff and can only get a full erection through touch, i also notice that i can lose my erection if i stop touching it, its not like i lose it instantly but i do lose it. I was also wondering that do you think its possible for me to heal naturally? For example just by cutting back on sex for the next year or so? I have heard that some young men like myself can do this but im no doctor. Thanks for you help.



    Not being able to sustain an erection without physical stimulation is a sign that your parasympathetic nervous function is weakening. Soon you will not be able to get an erection at all and then develop premature ejaculation if this pattern continues.

    I would suggest cutting back on sexual activities in the next six months and take a multi-vitamin with choline in it. Your condition seems to be in the developing stage.



    which multi-vitamins contain choline? which one would you reccomend for me?






    i would just like to know where i can get this alpha stuff. Can i get it from my family doctor or what? How long do u think it would take for me to recover? Another thing what exactly are eye floaters, and what kind of leg pain is associated with sexual exhaustion? is it only in one leg or both? is it a sharp pain? etc.



    you cannot get it from doctors. you can only get it from the internet. same as other powerful choline supplements. maybe some shops sell it.

    you can get ordinary choline from your health food shop.

    if you get eye floaters many times a day then you have a slight defiency in dopamine. this can be fixed with tyrosine and high grade fish oil. (fish oil increases dopamine and serotonin in a month). you can get tyrosine also from a health food shop. dont buy cheap fish oil. buy the best one you can find. take 2 teaspoons a day.

    i also heard great things about craniyums which increase dopamine and serotonin significantly.

    also take a 30 minute walk a day to lower adrenaline which causes “fight or flight” symptoms.



    Drew, I had similiar symptoms to you, except I have premature ejaculation. I am now taking Alpha-GPC, Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, Picamilon (soon), fish oil, borage oil, and a multivitamin. I am also ordering Craniyums very soon. However, with my current regimen, my erection is very strong! It is getting better everyday! I used to not be able to sustain an erection for sex if I had sex more than once every 4 days. However now, I am ready everytime, although I’m still limiting myself.

    Good luck, man! =)






    Yes, I’ve started Alpha-GPC, and I definetely notice a difference, in only about a week of taking it! How long did it take before you felt full effects, Armani?




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