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    i was at whole foods today and saw this bottle called “virility for men” made by Pure Essence Labs. It’s mostly herbal and seems similar to Dr. Lin’s product. It claims to have a four way system: relieve, nourish, cleanse, and restore. It was like 50$ and looked pretty good so I decided to get it. Has any heard anything about it or have any insights to its value?

    I also noticed that I’m starting to have a bit of erectile dysfunction, which is pretty devastating; I never thought the day would come. It’s weird though because a couple weeks ago I was having no trouble getting hard, but now all of a sudden I am. My refractory phase after masturbating seems to be a lot longer now also. I’m only 18 years old, my sex drive should be at its peak right now. wtf. anyways, if anyone could guess or tell me a way of finding out why this is happening and how to go about fixing it, it would be very much appreciated. thanks guys

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    If I were you I would go with doctor Liu’s product the (Duramax) it seems more promising than Dr Lins because Lins supplements doesn’t contain Rehmannia Root which is a key Yin tonic that is beneficial in overcomming pre-mature ejaculation and urinary incontinence also strengthening the nervous system. According to Chinese Medicine Yang will balance when Yin is replenished. If you live close enough to LA I would see Dr Liu in person since he has a thermal imaging scanner.



    just take Vitamin D. probably most important supplement.

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