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    Hormone Test 12/23/2010 10/07/2011

    Cortisol Morning (saliva) 2.7 8.6

    Cortisol Noon (saliva) 2.7 4.3

    Cortisol Evening (saliva) 4.5 2.3

    Cortisol Night (saliva) 1.5 0.4

    Estradiol (blood spot) 48

    Testosterone (blood spot) 721

    Ratio: T/SHBG (blood spot) 0.5

    DHEAS (blood spot) 231

    SHBG (blood spot) 50

    PSA (blood spot) 1.9

    Free T4 (blood spot) 1.8

    Free T3 (blood spot) 3.1

    TSH (blood spot) 5.5

    TPO (blood spot) 16


    Hormone Test 08/25/2012

    Cortisol Morning (saliva) 5.7

    Cortisol Noon (saliva) 1.8

    Cortisol Evening (saliva) 0.9

    Cortisol Night (saliva) 0.4

    Estradiol (blood spot) 41

    Testosterone (blood spot) 672

    Ratio: T/SHBG (blood spot) 0.6

    DHEAS (blood spot) 204

    SHBG (blood spot) 42

    PSA (blood spot) 0.7

    Free T4 (blood spot) 1.1

    Free T3 (blood spot) 3.0

    TSH (blood spot) 1.8

    TPO (blood spot) 35

    Hormone Test Range

    Cortisol Morning (saliva) 3.7-9.5

    Cortisol Noon (saliva) 1.2-3.0

    Cortisol Evening (saliva) 0.6-1.9

    Cortisol Night (saliva) 0.4-1.0

    Estradiol (blood spot) 12-56

    Testosterone (blood spot) 400-1200 (Age Dependent)

    Ratio: T/SHBG (blood spot) .7 – 1.0

    DHEAS (blood spot) 70-325

    SHBG (blood spot) 15-50

    PSA (blood spot) <0.5-4 (optimal 0.5-2)

    Free T4 (blood spot) 0.7-2.5

    Free T3 (blood spot) 2.5-6.5

    TSH (blood spot) 0.5-3.0

    TPO (blood spot) 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

    Seems my adrenals improved, which could be because I been waking up early for work, getting sunlight at work, eating pretty healthy.

    Seems my thyroid has gotten a bit worse. That could explain why I think my voice is kinda weak.

    Testosterone and DHEA dropped a bit. It could be because I stopped working out/lifting weights. In 2010 I still was.

    Estradiol dropped a bit, my guess is that I been eating healthier with enough green veggies, and possibly those few months when I started taking B12 and folate it helped flush of the E2 out.

    So now I’m pretty much ready to start taking supps. I’ll start with B12 and folate, then probably take 5 mg cortef in the mornings, cuz seems my morning cortisol is still weak, then add in Erfa + cytomel T3 for thyroid, then add in magnesium oil, SAM-e, DHEA cream, then DIM, and finally Sustain Alpha to raise T. We’ll see what happens.

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    That cocktail sounds solid. I would expect some very good changes in the way you feel. Maybe Sam-E can trigger some problems (normally psychological), depending on your methylation status and genetic mutations involved. Remember how I reacted to the methylsupps back in the day? If you not, long story short: severe agitation and agression impulses to people on the streets. Awful crazy feeling. I am now 100% sure it was the 1,8 grams of TMG in the mix. Not good for my methylation, god knows why. In any case, trying its better than guessing. Personally, I want to test both my current status and then my genetic characteristic before doing methylation again. I seriously thought that day about explaining my parents that they needed to get me into a sanitarium lol



    Hi frenchi,

    Your labs don’t look to bad to me. All the bad stuff is coming down. like PSA, estrogen, SHBG, so you’ve def improved even in 10 months since the last one.

    Did you get these labs done privately? I take it there’s a few seperate tests you’ve had done there?

    Where do you plan on getting cortef, Erfa etc from? I’m not sure if this is any use to you but i know jansz from musclechat uses this for his thyroid, and could be an option for you if you struggle to find Erfa.



    Sargonnas, yea I remember you felt like shit while being on methylation supps. I’ve felt detox symptoms as well when I was on B12 and folate, and looks like I’m gonna feel them soon again. Yea I know its unpleasant but I was prepared for it cuz Chris warned me. You’re not supposed to have aggressive impulses through from a detox. You must have taken some serious shit that you shouldn’t have taken like that TMG and taking too high doses initially makes the detox worse, but you know all this. I just wanted to say that going through the detox side effects is part of what we need to do, it is what it is, and I’m ready for it. From what I remember I just needed to get more sleep, and felt a bit slugish in the mornings, besides that its not too bad.


    I know my numbers don’t look too bad on paper, but I still have very little libido, still feel like shit after ejaculating.

    My E2 is 42, when it should be like 20-25. My T should be like 900. My DHEA is 204, Chris said it should be over 300.

    So its mainly my androgens that are messed up, T, E2, DHEA, and this is mainly cuz of blocked liver. I need to fix that.

    I ordered the tests from ZRT lab. I’ve ordered this complete kit twice already and a cortisol test once. All the results are above. I also really need to take that vitamin mineral amino acid test I took before once again before I start supplementing, so I know if there are any changes with B12, folate, and other important minerals. But they discontinued that test so I;m gonna have to wing it without it. I found similar ones for like $350 (that one was $80) so I dont have the $ to blow on it right now.

    I also got tested locally for a few thing.. Free T was really low. Like below mid range, which is what I expected. That pretty much explains hard flaccid together with the high E2.

    I also tested Free T3 and T4 not too long ago locally. T3 was slightly over mid range. T4 was close to the top of the range. So those results are completely different then the ones I just received from ZRT. Both were blood test. So I donno what I should believe.. my gut instinct tells me to believe the ZRT results. First cuz I trust this lab, and seems like other numbers are about right, and also cuz I still feel like shit so my thyroid must be low, at least Reverse T3.

    What I’m gonna do is take my body temperature in the mornings and decide where I stand. It’s something I should have done a long time ago already.

    For cortef, Erfa I had a serious website saved that pretty much had any medication you can order from them. Everything besides TRT. I think Janek sent me the link a long time ago. If I dont find it I’m gonna google search until I find a website that has everything I need.

    Thanks for the link. That product looks serious. I’m just really hoping the Erfa works for me. I haven’t done as much research as I should have, being 3 years in this condition, and I only understand the basics of how to correct thyroid, cortisol, ect, and their relationship.. I guess I’m solely relying on the plan Chris made for me. I’ll be very fortunate if it works out. If no then I;m gonna have to do intense reading on musclechat and websites, try diff supps like this one, and def consider TRT at that point.

    anything new with you lee?



    Have you ever looked into coffee enemas for liver detox? From everything i’ve read they’re quite effective for this, and they’re simple enough to do.

    does then everyday so he might be able to help you out, if you wanna give them a try.


    Nothing significant. Im just waiting to get some money in a couple of months so i can take some tests. The tests im gonna do are this (test kit 4) this and this. The last one is the most important and useful one because it comes with a professional breakdown of what it all means, whats wrong with me and how to fix it. The other two are just to confirm what i already know. Sargonnas is doing Nutritional Balancing too, thats what the protocol from the third link is called, but he’s doing it through Dr. Wilson.

    Apart from that, i’ve been abstaining for around 15 weeks OMG lol, which is a new record for me. I know this won’t cure me, but it just takes extra pressure off my weak adrenals and it is helping with some symptoms. It’s def gonna take more than this to recover from an adrenal crash though. My nocturnal erections are much improved, along with dreams about sex. I think what brought them back was a combination of abstinance and a supplement called Seriphos (phosphorylated serine), which is an adrenal support and adaptogen, the first night i used Seriphos was the first night the sleeping erections came back, but even when i ran out for a couple of weeks the erections remained, so they must be effective IMO. Of course it could be just a coincidence and it was all because of abstinance, but i doubt it. These are all good signs anyway, and im heading in the right direction, so there’s hope for me yet. Some days i feel almost normal, apart from that damn hard flaccid. Im not worrying about hard flaccid anymore though and just leaving it till last. It may even auto correct once my adrenals are fixed. If not then i’ll just do physio of some sort and stop sitting down for a few months. Sitting in this office chair 12 hours a day is’nt doing my tight anus any favours lol.

    All the best



    Right now im sitting in the sofa typing this. I know my pelvic area its thankful for this lol

    Today my aunt should be calling saying my supps are in her hands! Fingers crosed!!

    Will be tracking your progress frenchi. Im very curious about some things you are gonna try.

    Coffee enemas do detox the liver (do one and tell me if you are not detoxing lol), but when we are taking methyl supps, we are covering the need of our bodies and liver of specific nutrients for detoxification and much more. Since we are all probably MTHFR or something similar here, we do need the methylfolate, methylcobalamin and p5p. I know because I sensed it when started the supps, I was less awkward and more talkative, the first week. I also know because I am very low in b6 in blood tests so imagine p5p, which autistic people have always low because of impaired conversion. And finally I know because most of CFS sufferers have find that a big part of their problems are methylation related and lots of them feel better in the simplified methylation protocol of Fredd and Richvank.

    its making big steps in the methylation path. He have purchased a 500 dollars genetic test. With this, you can be sure if you have MTHFR and what kind and other SNPs (genetic mutations). Keep in mind Alex (JS) did the mthfr spectracell and surprise! he was a genetic mutant. Taking assloads of methylfolate etc didnt help with anorgasmia, anhedonia and depression though, the last time I checked musclechat he was planning to take antidepressants. I think we all are genetic mutants in this forum and thats why we crashed or got toxic at a young age. Thats why cured with the simplified methylation protocol. My case isnt that simple, sadly. These tests of Steve covers all mutations and not only the ones methylation-related. I will be posting here his results. He cannot get into the forum with his psp, the computer broke.

    Talking about musclechat, funny how dangdk, a case of high e2, low DHEA etc (same than us, he even had some hard flaccid) being young casually said that his digestion its a mess and he poops kind of diarreah. He stopped posting there. Normal after all, because taking estrogen inhibitors and that kind of allopathic shit wont cure anyone. That approach its just so wrong, treating hormone dysregulations, which are simply a symptom, with artificial substances to force the body to lower this or that hormone. Even more in young people that didnt had such problems some years ago. Its not like you dont produce Testosterone since birth and you need to go on TRT. If I eventually discover I CANT naturally produce hormones I would do that route, but I highly doubt it. I showed him this forum but he didnt like it. I wonder where its that guy nowadays.



    the coffee enema sounds really interesting. The website has a lot of valid points. I never knew coffee had that many benefits. But I’ve never used an enema and the idea of putting it up my ass kinda grosses me out so I;m not gonna do it yet, maybe I’ll decide to do it in the future. Sounds like it would help thou. Sargonnas let us know how it goes.

    Lee the first test is def important if you suspect you might have some intestinal issues. I’m gonna skip on this test and assume I don’t have those issues cuz my digestion is not bothering me and I don’t think I have symptoms of candida.

    The second test is good. The third one is def good. How much is one of those hair analysis tests?

    It would be interesting to find out if I have some metals poisoning as well and getting minerals tested is important too.

    Wow dude 15 weeks is a long time. I bet you have better sex drive now. How much did hard flaccid improve? and have you had nocturnal emissions? was hard flaccid worse after?

    The Seriphos sounds interesting.. isnt is just calcium and margesium though? don’t you think an adaptogen like Relora is more effective? I’m thinking of maybe taking an adaptogen instead of the Cortef for my adrenals.

    Trust me dude there’s still hope for us. All of us. Soon we’ll start recovering one after another. And yea hard flaccid should def go away once main hormones are fixed. I’m not worried about it either.


    I’m pretty curious about the things I’m gonna try too. Excited too.

    Genetic mutants makes this sound worse than it is. Who cares really. We just wanna know how to recover. If I need to swallow 15 pills a day to achieve normal sex drive I’ll take it.

    I been thinking of possibly going to school in another city to get a masters in physiotherapy or to become an x-ray tech, it means I’d have to live on campus 2 or 3 years. Now that we’re close to recovering finally reality is kinda setting in. I’m gonna have to drop $300 on supps every month for the next 10 years probably. And rely on some sites to receive my medicine and receive it on time. If they’re outta stock or something I’m screwed. I might be living F*ck knows where, I need my meds to stay sharp and focused on school, and lets say erfa and cytomel t3 arrive late or something and I miss a few doses and start feeling wack as I;m studying.. that would be pretty messed up. Of course in that situation I’ll still try my best and end up passing but thats still a pretty bizarre scenario. And lets not even go if we are trying to hook up with a girl and the supps arrive late and it affects libido.. sigh

    But its ok, if we manage to recover fully from taking 15 pills a day, I’m gonna instantly be the happiest person. To me it’ll be such a blessing after the hell we went through that even supps arriving late won’t faze me. But realistically they shouldn’t arrive late, and to avoid that I’m gonna stock up for the next few months in advance. And besides that its not like I have an alternative. Its either I take 15 pills or TRT or keep sitting and waiting for a miracle. But the school situation really is depressing. I’m concerned enough about going away to school especially after taking 2 years off to take care of this, but on top of that I have to worry about buying supps online and hoping they deliver there and taking them on time. O man life was so much simpler when I was 15. But with age came wisdom and a thick skin.



    Oh me too. If I could sign to be in need to take 15 pills everyday and be cured forever I would sign with my blood lol.




    Through the site i linked to it’s $140 if you receive the results by email instead of post, but this includes an professional evaluation. Then another optional $40 if you want an extra audio cd/file with loads more info regarding your results.


    I haven’t noticed that much of an improvement in sex drive, only in the morning upon waking. My sex drive is linked to my weak adrenals, so until they’re sorted i want feel much of a libido, through pregnenolone steal.

    Hard flaccid hasn’t really improved all that much TBH, but i’m sat in a chair for 12 hours a day usually so i don’t expect much. My hard flaccid is caused by my tight anus muscle which i believe is putting pressure on the ischio muscle, so abstinance is not going to make any kind of significant difference here. Like i said, if my hard flaccid dosn’t fix itself after my adrenals are sorted, then i’ll focus all of my attention on it, but until then i’m just not sweatin’ it. I can stress about hard flaccid all i want and F*ck my adrenals up even more but it’s not going to help any, so F*ck it… Not stressing is part of the puzzle.

    Iv’e had two nocturnal emissions in the past 15 weeks, the first eleven days in, and the second a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t notice much difference in hard flaccid after this, nor any other negative symptoms except possibly a very (1 day) temporary worsening of inflammation in my head, which iv’e been suffering from, but dos’nt heal properly because of my low cortisol.


    It’s just a more bio-available form of Phosphatidyl Serine, i think, but w/e, it’s good stuff, i wouldn’t be without it.

    I wonder what the route cause is in your case, frenchi? I mean you’re a young guy, this just shouldn’t be happening. My route cause is an adrenal crash through poor lifestyle that may have been helped along by a candida infection through poor diet which is well known to burden the adrenals, so i know that if i go on TRT it would probably make me worse, as candida loves streroids yum yum. I doubt iv’e got heavy metal toxicity because i don’t have any mercury fillings and, well, just don’t think i have that. Once i take that test i’ll know for sure. Your adrenals look good from what i can see, getting lower throughout the day and not higher and you don’t have any digestive issues. There must be a route cause, i know you have high E2 lowish T etc but why? Could a blocked liver do all this? If so then if you unblocked it would the rest of your body fix itself. I think you’d benefit from taking that test i linked to, just to rule out any heavy metal toxicity.


    Yeah it’s a lot to handle. I find it to overwhelming sometimes, there’s so many different theories and routes to take, and so much contradiction it’s enough to drive a man crazy.



    Lee, the two nocturnal emissions sounds normal. When I tried abstaining I also got one about two weeks in.. and it also made inflammation symptoms bad next day.

    I’ll get the Seriphos.

    I have no idea what the root cause for me is bro. I do know my liver is clogged and this all started after doing ecstasy.. there must have been some filthy chemicals in the E and on top of that I been getting not enough sleep for years so my system was already weakened. But my hard flaccid subsides somewhat every time I take tylenol so I know my issues can’t be that bad.. and I haven’t been bed sick in almost 2 years (knock on wood).. so something must be right. Hopefully Chris’s remedy will be enough and I won’t resort to TRT.

    lool the beginning to the movie is hilarious.. I’ll finish watching when I have time.

    lool sargonas I’d sign in blood too.




    When i first posted that link it directed to Prometheus. I haven’t seen the movie it directs to now. That’s a great site for HD movies in general though. Just click on the A-Z to find one to watch.



    Prometheous was pretty neat, saw it in the cinema. I ended finding the heroine hot after all that sweats, semi-naked scenes and ferocity. I would make an effort to heat my cold fellow to satisfy that woman! hehehehe I think at this point I would need 10 grams of pure Icariin though



    I dont recommend cortef…

    Using pregnenolone is way better….

    I was on 20mg at cortef at one point, and i switched to pregnenolone and my cortisol came up nicely without using cortef…

    also pregnenolone will help boost dheas and testosterone, its a great hormone to fill in everything.



    I barely ever come here anymore but I’m glad I came across this post. I don’t really supplement much anymore but I just ordered SAM-e and DIM. I have a hunch these two are going to help me out a lot, especially SAM-e in combination with a good b-vitamin complex. Basically I think SAM-e and the b vitamins will help out my liver a lot (which is responsible for a lot of neurotransmitter/hormone production and activity) and the DIM will be good for my overall health and better regulate my testosterone and estrogen levels. My livers probably pretty fucked up from lots of drinking, drug use, masturbation/sex, stress, sleep deprivation, toxins, etc. and this just might be the missing link. There have been a ton of studies supporting SAM-e effectiveness and safety, and there are many testimonials of it working wonders for people, often better than prescription drugs or whatever. Meditation is also potentially great ; it’s awesome for your health, happiness, and overall well-being. It has improved my life so much.

    I’d be interested to hear thoughts, knowledge, experiences, etc. about SAM-e and DIM. I’m real stoked to start up with them.



    I think you guys are going to have the best experiences with DIM since it lowers Estradiol while SAM-e only works for certain people (undermethylators?), and for others it can trigger suicidal depression etc. It all depends of how your methylation cycle its and what genetic mutations you have in it, if any. But in the cases SAM-e was needed the shift can be dramatic. Thats how important methylation its, neurotransmitters, detoxification… that its huge. But my experience with methylation supps tell me that for me its better to get tested before trying anything in that aspect.



    Lee it linked me to That’s My Boy with Adam Sandler. It’s one of the funniest movies I seen in a while.

    Max, Chris told me that if I take pregnenolone in the shape I am now it won’t take the cortisol pathway like it should because my DHT is really low or something and whats gonna happen is that it will somehow make my free T even lower temporarily giving me even worse hard flaccid. This guy Nirvana that used to post here had pretty much the identical condition as mine and he tried Preg and didn’t feel better so maybe that’s proof of that. But I won’t know until i try.

    I think I won’t take cortef but instead just take the Seriphos and Relora and go through with liver detox. And then add in thyroid meds, then retest, and if my cortisol remains about the same I’ll try Preg. I just definitely wanna wait till my liver is good until I take it cuz having worse hard flaccid is the last thing I want.

    Alex, DIM and SAMe should e very effective. Make sure to get the Indoplex DIM and not any other because the Indoplex is more effective according to people on musclechat.



    5 months of abstinence today. Feel much better less brainfog idea’s of how to make money coming into my head often. I’m currently looking into setting up my own website which is why i haven’t posted for a while, it’s only in the early stages though so i won’t go into that now.

    Haven’t had any pre-cum for at least 6 weeks and get nocturnal erections to some degree every night.

    My libido is still very low though. Almost non existent though the daytime. Hard flaccid hasn’t improved at all really, but i’m sat down for most of the day so…

    My constant feeling of a need to yawn is greatly reduced which is def because of the abstinence, as it’s taken some pressure off my adrenals.

    I take between 3-4 gram of kelp each morning which makes me feel nice and warm all day and not noticed any neg sides from it.

    I was drinking nettle tea 3 times a day but my yawns started to return along with heart palpitations so had to stop drinking it.. MUst have been doing something to my cortisol levels?

    Anyway thats a quick update so if you need to ask anything, ask away

    Sick tune for ya!!



    Im gonna start a blog and what not myself. Write a book for sure. Maybe a youtube channel, but somehow I doubt the youtube community will embrace me as a celebrity. All this creativity and drama its been wasted, enteratining people for free lol Oh and make a curriculum and look for a work I guess. Will be no progress otherwise.

    Good to know you are doing fine



    Lee26, I am glad you’re motivated to start your own website. I think in a way abstinence has helped motivate you to do more things. Good luck with your endeavor!

    Sargonnas, creating a youtube channel is a good idea. It may turn out better than you expect, however, it might also be a bust. I am not saying you will be a hit or a bust. I guess what I am trying to say is if you want to do it, then you should. You never know until you try. Never give up on your dreams.



    Find out why you need cortef in the first place or have adrenal related in the first place. By correcting methylation process, it is helping clients to finally address adrenal,immune, thyroid and other related conditions by addressing the problem at the highest level you can…



    Keep going with the abstaining buddy.

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