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    So got some bloodwork done, i know i need alot more stuff done but all i got is this for now, can someone please help me interpret these tests and somewhat have an idea of whats going on with me? thanks.

    Testosterone, Serum 424 ng/dL 280-800

    Free Testosterone(Direct) 19.1 pg/mL 9.3-26.5

    Estradiol 12.0 pg/mL 7.6-42.6

    Cortisol AM 35.3 ug/dL 2.3-19.4

    DHEA-Sulfate 716.3 ug/dL 211.0-492.0

    T4 Total 8.3 ug/dL 4.5-12.0

    T3 Free 4.5 pg/mL 2.0-4.4

    TSH 4.610 uIU/mL 0.450-4.500

    Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 15.9 ng/mL 32.0-100.0

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    Your Vitamin D is a little low and your Cortisol is way too high. Nothing wrong with your Free Testosterone and your Total T would come up alot if you got the cortisol down. You could possibly have something going on with the thyroid too.



    Low testosterone

    Low E2

    high cortisol/DHEAs

    bad thyroid

    low vit D



    Max i read somewhere that if adrenals are producing to much cortisol in some cases they have to remove the adrenal glands ?!?!?!?!? is this true?!



    I have no idea, i doubt it



    No !

    Sometime there is adenoma on adrenal’s cortex causing Cushing. They only remove the adenoma ,not the gland.



    You could have been in a stress response.

    The lab may have contaminated the specific sample

    If you have adrenal tumor 5 hiaa urine will pick this up known as CAH !!

    Vitamin D is low which can help offset adrenal response to stress

    Your shbg would be better indicator of where Testosterone levels are

    424 may not be low for you. I have people at 350 and are monsters.

    I would also look at neurotransmitters because anxiety or other drugs such as ritalin or speed can increase these levels.

    Vitamin D is way too low goal is 60-70

    50,000 ius for 3 days then 10,000 ius retest in 6 weeks would be the optimal plan along with 1000 mgs calcium citrate and 600 mgs magnesum

    Thyroid is fine provided that you find out why the feed back loop is being disrputed such as low ferritin , b-12 levels.



    Thyroids are ok you say? really? i thought those numbers make me hyperthyroid



    lower the tsh higher the thyroid

    higher tsh lower the thyroid

    It appears your body may not be using the thyroid at tissue level due to indicators mentioned above.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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