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    Hi to all, first off id like to say im so glad ive found this forum, as im sure you all know this sort of thing is somthing you really cant talk to anybody about so its good to have some company!

    im 21 and have been masturbating reguarly throughout my teens and thought in my naivety that it was a GOOD! thing and kept you large and good in bed! It was only at the start of this year when I started going out with a really fit bird and loosing erections prior to sex I realised somthing was wrong. I was also getting an ache in my penis when erect and getting loads of precum. After looking it up online I read all about it and realised some other things id been getting through the last year was probaly down to that, like low back pain, tiredness, anxiety, joint clicking and spots.

    I immediately started abstinence and found that from starting that I felt alot worse! Mentaly unstable, getting black eyes and generaly feeling like shit, also was not getting erections much at all, also the next time I did cum – about 3 – 4 weeks later I ejaculated very quickly, guessing its cos the body is still producing enough for every other day?

    Ive been taking Dr Lins lovelonger 3 and am part way through my second course of that, im thinking of trying somthing else after that, any suggestions? Also im reading alot on here about hormone tests, how do these help you and how would you decide whats best to go on when you get the results? Where would the best place be to get one of these tests done?

    This has all had quite a deep impact on my mental state, worrying youve crossed a bridge of no return and things are only gonna get worse, im trying to just settle in the idea that for the next year ive gotta be very consious of recovery processes and stay completely off sexual activity.

    Be very interested in your thoughts guys, appreciate it.

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    You are highly welcomed to the forum. We are here to support and tell people what worked and what did not, and own observing is still often needed. Please read the forum as much as you can, but try to stay calm at the same time. Do not STRESS too much, gradually you will get better. You will notice that there all kinds of tips regarding abstaining, supplements, herbs, foods, lifestyles, meditation, … almost anything. Just look for them and test what suits you.

    I highly doubt you can have sex / masturbate once every other day if you are having sexual exhaustion symptoms or your sexual abilities is starting to get weaker. Of course, it is not good to avoid sexual practices or masturbation for prolonged times, if you are very horny or if you think the abstaining will hurt you.

    But sometimes, when we stop the destructive practices, the body will go to the healing mode where you might feel that your health gets worse but this is actually because when your body calms down, you will face your bodies ( normal ) state, which is now weakened. Excessive masturbation keeps the body very sympathetic and drives the glands on their highest gear but this is of course taxing the nervous system. When the nervous system begins to break down, all kinds of symptoms arise.



    Thanks, im sure with some sensible action and help from the site I can get over this, the main thing that gets me is how little is know about this condition compaired to how big a problem it is! i recon if i had ever heard of this before I would have seriously kerbed my masterbation, the same for most people heard i imagine.

    I think a three month abstinence at least would be the best thing because ive been starting to feel better in my self the longer i go even if im not getting as many erections. Is PE the sort of thing I should worry about when getting back in to sex after recovery? I think ive been getting it because im just so horny after waiting for so long.

    The main thing thats bothering me really is black eyes and how I feel, I think your right by saying the body is so used to soomthing that when your habits change it really throws it off track abit. Ill probaly try egg yokes, starflower oil and 5 HTP for a while and see how i go before getting a hormone test.



    Few month abstinence sounds good at the beginning. After that you may start to regulate it more often.

    Remember also to exercise, eat well ( food that leaves you well satisfied ), avoid using computers all day long.

    If you simply become so horny that you think now it is pointless to abstain any longer, then simply have sex or masturbate. Do not make too much of a problem out of it.

    It is more different for people, who feel like s%it even they do not masturbate and they might begin to feel there is none if any recharging. It is important too to know, that the body produces all kinds of hormones that makes us feel happy and alive, and if we feel very empty and dull, we may suspect everything is not working well right now ( maybe physical or mental stagnations, emotional problems, blockages etc… ).

    There shouldn’t be any pe after you are recovered. Premature ejaculation and urinating issues are classic problems of over-masturbators or men with weak nervous systems.



    I know exercise is crucial, im cycling to work and doing yoga, I was doing alot of weights and circuits before but I think im gonna leave that until im well on the way to recovery, ive been getting back pain for a while now and i think its down to this, and general aching in the muscles after hard exercise but thats probaly cos im out of training!

    Is this a thing that gets better with time with a healthy life style or does it always need a complex course of the right chemicals and suppliments to over come? I only ask because I see alot of people who have had this for years, is that generally due to not breaking with bad habits or just because its got to a very bad stage?

    In the short term im only thinking about feeling better in myself, loosing my black eyes(although there not too bad, nobodys commented) and getting back into training. Just out of interest would you consider yourself as recovered?



    some lab tests can help determine if chemical intervention would be necessary. if you have any hormonal imbalances then I suggest you take it easy with the weight-lifting.

    generally abstaining for quite some time, having a positive outlook and positive thinking, meditation and getting any hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances on the right track are what you need.

    oh and don’t forget to record your body temp before walking up in the morning. do that for at least 5 days.



    K Dog

    It all depends if you can do exercise. It depends on body type, constitution, current health, nutrition, correct style etc….

    Always listen to your body, if simply some exercise is not good or is too exhaustive then simply stop doing it. If you benefit from something, then continue doing it.

    K Dog

    You should not need to eat too much if any supplements or herbs once you have recovered. I personally have not eaten any supplements regularly in over a year. Of course, you can eat them if you think they benefit you.

    K Dog

    If I keep the two weeks cycle and basic healthy lifestyle I can keep a good health. It may not sound too much, but its a long way from the insomnia, panic attacks and other extreme symptoms I had so I´m quite happy currently on my situation. I´m also quick to notice how the things I do affect my health nowadays so I practice all kinds of methods and observe things every day.



    did any of you find that it affected your muscles/joints/tendons? clicking, tenderness and generally less capacity for exercise? is this a thing that goes away the more you recover?

    Im ok with the abstinance, i imagine a common problem is actual addiction to porn, I do find that I have wet dreams occationally, im guessing its a good thing and your bodys way of ‘venting excess’ but theres nothing you can do about it any way so i suppose its best not to worry!

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