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    Hello I am a 17 year old male with what I believe are sexual exhaustion symptoms. I have searched the site for similar problems to mine and some have helped me to understand my problems. I would prefer if any of you could help me though and I would be eternally grateful.

    Here is a list of the symptoms that I have been experiencing:

    Ringing in my ears

    I do not feel horny any more

    The only times I get an erection now are when I masturbate

    Once I stop masturbation my erection disappears pretty fast

    Premature ejaculation – ejaculating after about 2 minutes

    I am not interested in sex what so ever, e.g. I used to get turned on by

    looking at magazines, nude females etc. but not now

    Pains in my penis, testicles and groin area

    My penis and testicles often shrink so that my testicles are hung up rather than down and my penis is significantly smaller

    I have less energy than I used to and this effects me when I play sports

    I have constant bags under my eyes

    I constantly feel fatigued

    Hair loss

    Low concentration levels

    Also a few weeks ago I have had frequent wet dreams, sometimes 2 a night and this is frustrating as I know it doens’t aid the healing process

    I recently had a blood test but my doctor said everything was ok. I am thinking of going back to have another one especially to check out my testosterone as at the moment I feel as if i don’t have any what so ever.

    All this is really worrying me and has been going on since March this year (2006) and it is now July so thats 4/5 months. Also as you can probably imagine with me being 17 I have a whole life ahead of me and I just wanted your opinions on what will happen to me, what I should take to heal myself which I hope is possible.

    Also I should mention I contacted Dr Lin and purchased 1 Viadopa and 1 ArgiNOx bottle as he suggested on the 26th of June and I haven’t received them yet.

    Now as I live in the UK I obviously expect the parcel to come a lot later than usual as its coming from the US but also could my post office just not send the parcel to me as they may examine the products and believe them to be drugs?

    Thank you for your time.

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    although dr lins marketing is annoying, he will send you the products

    may take a while though

    depending on your countries regulations for customs they might inspect it

    i never had any problems here, asked dr lin to relabel everything and it always got through



    you need to get your testosterone level checked.

    you need to strengthen, acetycholine,dopamine,serotonin,pge1 and reduce pge2 to solve your problems.



    Thanks for the help and advice guys!

    How can I strengthen, acetycholine,dopamine,serotonin,pge1 and reduce pge2 then? What food do I need to eat? Or what herbs do I need to take, do i need to take fish oil??

    I have the seven seas one a day bottle of capsules but i am under the impression i can only take one a day as that is what it says on the bottle but from what i have read i should be taking about 2500mg. In this bottle one capsule is 525mg so how can i do this?

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