nice discussion on fat intake and libido

Sexual Reboot Forum nice discussion on fat intake and libido

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    since bluebaby posted about taking in 8 tablespoons of olive oil a day along with other stuff! i got interested and found this …

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    Sounds like the guy has sexual exhaustion, but just doesn’t know it. I had it for 3 years before I stumbled on to


    Lida DaiDaihua Slimming

    I don’t think I have lost plenty of Lida DaiDaihua Slimming or made plenty of of a modify to own found nearly anything, but I’m incredibly intrigued to see if it does come up with a difference.


    3X Slimming Power

    I had the opposite concern with depo…the day right after I acquired my shot I bought a interval and it didn’t prevent for 22 months….extensive just after the depo was from my procedure. I also identified that it manufactured me achieve a lot of 3X Slimming Power, since it did with my sister also. With depo, anything at all is possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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