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    I just bought 6 bottles of Grape seed extract & Green tea extract from Natrol supp. manufacture

    The article made me more doubtful about the purity of these extracts..

    But a remark, donot you find this man is trying to market out his products???

    Remark 2 : His product are somehow unique



    definitely the guy is trying to market his own products

    i do believe dr schulze to be an honest man though

    i also use vitamins and am not sure as to how correct the statements in this article are, but they do make sense

    just make sure that if you do buy vitamins you get the best absorbable ones, like vitamin b in activated forms or zinc in picolinate

    this is just some food for thought the article.. i am curious as to what other people think



    its a good idea to take whole foods if possible

    like liver tablets, cod liver oil..

    and take supplements without stearates

    i like pure encapsulation..

    i do take pure synergy which he sells on his website.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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