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    Almost every night/morning I wake up with semi erections, variing in strength from 50 to 75% of normal erections.

    However the second I wake up they immediately go down.

    I never have spontaneous erections during the rest of the day. With manual stimu I can get at maybe 80% but need to keep stimulating to keep it up.

    Anyone got any idea why I do get them (semi) when I sleep but not during the day being awake and why they immediately go down when I wake up?

    I mean, if I have them waking up they must last some amount of time when I’m asleep right?

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    You need parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous erectile action at the same time. DHT may be low. your stress hormone fires up when you become awake.

    at least your semi-morning erections indicates your paraysmpathetic nervous recharge system works properly.

    ROba, your situation is almost exact to mine, what supplements are you taking?



    well at the moment I have stopped taking any supplement because I was getting some serious stomach aches for a few weeks. I tried a lot of supplements, fish/borage oil, vitamine, the Lin stuff. and 5 Htp, ZMA but to little effect.

    Only thing I am taking now is St. John’s Worth to fight my depression which offcourse is not good for curing. Thing is, the moment I wake up I think about my erectile dysfunction and this goes one throughout the day untill the moment I fall asleep. It’s like an obsession and it’s driving me crazy. This has been going on for two years, day in day out.

    I have to find a way to get it out of my thoughts otherwise I will never get better.

    That’s why I plan to get a massage every week and try and excercise every day to get my mind off it. Also ordered some Alpha GPC and will order cranyums or maybe try the organ things from Ron.



    It’s interesting… i have spoken to dr.ron by email he realizes how over-ejaculations and what it does to the brains choline,gaba,dopamine,serotonin; he told me he could help me with my situation by having a phone consulation for he told me he has helped many people in my situation; but he requires quite a large fee(200)…

    you could wait on the organ supplements; i’ll let you know how my results play out in a month or so.



    i’d appreciate that, thanks.

    200 for a phone consult..


    what on earth will he tell you for that money?

    can’t he do it just by e-mail.

    sounds like one of those getting rich on our misery.



    hehe yeah i was dissapointed when he told me that, but he did tell me organ delight and testicle should help my problem; so im not sure what other advice he would have to offer me.

    next week im finally getting a blood test : D this will greatly help me then i’ll know if i need extra Test and know my dhea, dht and other levels : D cant wait



    I only had a Test test asked my doc for some other tests but he refuses. Told him about sexual exhaustion and he just started to laugh. think I’ll look for a private clinic somewhere that does tests I want.

    The Test was ok so that’s not the cause.



    hmm well i dont know if ALpha GPC would help you since you get night/morning erections…. a reason why you dont get spontaneous day time erections is basically due to stress and probably lower testosterone levels….. maybe you could try increase NO levels…




    send him another email and say that the phone consultation is only worth it, if the solution is not his products or choline, tyrosine, 5htp, l dopa.



    which reminds me that i might try to do a DHEA test?



    I have nightly erections but they are nowhere near they used to be.

    Raise NO levels through L-Arginine? tried that too.

    I think I might try to raise the testosterone level somehow.

    first thing is to get rid of stress and see if that helps.



    raising NO levels through plain L-Arginine is useless. you really need more potent stuff or just a superior form of l-arginine for NO levesl to increase.

    do you have the exact levels of free and total test levels by any chance?



    Blueshark, what do you recommend for a good increase in NO levels?



    only have one level don’t know which one was around 17 where normal was between 12 and 33.

    another test a few months later somewhere else came back with 465.

    probably a bit low but according to the doctors good.



    yeah you might one wanna boost that further. anything is good for a doctor

    ,for NO there are many thingz you can try. i had good success with l-arginine ethyl ester. or one of those ones like l-orthonine and l-citruline that machine talked about.

    just don’t use plain l-arginine on its own coz its not very potent



    Blueshark I take 3g Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and 3g Acetyl-L-Carnitine daily. This should be pretty good shouldn’t it?



    with acetyl-l-carnitine just seem if you get a response. usually the dose can be as low as 60mg.

    that l-arginine sounds good, see how it goes with you and if it doesn’t work just change it.

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