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    Pfffff, I have problems getting erection man, These past few days i have stressed so much and it left me without erection.

    And i have sometimes a strange feelings in my stomach, like adrenaline shots or something.

    Anyone a solution? Do i need to relax a few days ?

    I have no libido anymore and cant aroused by woman and not even by porn:|

    And I am 17 years old.

    I have fucked so much up man.

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    I am walking with sexual exhaustion for more then 2 years, and i am doing right. But this problem came from nothing??



    That strange feeling is most likely anxiety. High amounts of anxiety = No boner.

    You really do need to get your hormones tested though, and if you have anxiety issues, see a psychiatrist/psychologist. Sometimes it helps just to say all of the shit that’s on your mind.



    This already starts at 15 yrs old… WTFF

    You need to get TESTED for hormones, adrenals, and everything… only then can we help you and you can help yourself. Do the testing as soon as possible.



    yeah could be anything, high / low e2, high / low cortisol, etc, etc..



    I will be testing soon, I woke up today with a boner so it going the right way.

    And with the anxiety issue:

    I think that i have created it in myself because, i was scared to broke up with a gf last month ago. She said that i wasn’t attracting enough beside that she liked me.

    It started like this, last week i had a party at school, it was going good and right. But at the end of the party I feeled like high in my head, i did not use something. Soo i woke horny up in the morning and began with masturbating. So i looked some porn but it did not arouse me very very good. And then I did not ejaculait. And i got from that very high in my head I think brain fog?

    And I lost then my sexual desire for woman and that scared me out thinking that i am becoming gay. And all that stuff left me out without erection.

    But now everything is going right mentally, I know that i am not gay and stuff.

    Hmm But now i need to solve that anxiety problem.



    It could be anxiety or it could be an imbalance.

    The only way to tell is checking your hormone levels, if nothing is imbalanced than you might want to see a psychiatrist to figure out your anxiety issues.



    i have alot more anxiety since this all started …….and my neurotransmitters are fucked up

    possible answer

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