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    if i feel sleepy and if during that i engage in sex even without ejaculaton my neck and back of head hurts and i feel that there is numb on my head ……

    like lack of oxygen or blood to brain to function normally ….

    and i also get nose blockage …..

    any body help me

    ……sameer !!!

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    you may think of doing a blood test or urine test to check your

    nutrient profile

    neurotransmitters metabolism

    infection with candida or parasite (from stool test)

    you need to check your thyroid and adrenal hormone results

    the pain in the neck could be a signal of severe epinephrine release that constrict the vessels , high GABA ,could be a signal of low neurotransmitters in your Cerebrospinal fluid .

    it could be a signal also of chronic adrenal fatigue, that drives your cortisol to very low levels, high prolactin can also be suspected after your ejaculation.

    many assumptions, the test can only validate

    good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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