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    I saw it mentioned Mariano will try this and i now know someone who has had good use with it for ED

    Does anyone know of these medications? What are the side effects? How can they be used in our cases?

    Just like the anti inflammatory story, these medications also help with inflammation..

    Like we discussed Tylenol it may not be effective for some, perhaps these meds will?

    I am a noob on this one, but here’s a link to start you guys of:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

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    do you mean lowering the Norepinephrine, i think you need to be more careful in this side, you need to get the blood and urine for the catchlomines to be certainly sure.



    I was taking atenolol, 12.5 mg which is very small.

    I noticed only a very slight increase in erection quality and my blood pressure went down which was good for me as I was having prehypertension.

    I wouldnt recommend relying on them though your better off fixing your hormones first.



    was this mariano prescribed or?

    this exact med is what the guy im talking about takes



    was this mariano prescribed or?

    this exact med is what the guy im talking about takes

    If I remember correctly that’s what Mariano prescribed him along with fish oils and vitamins.

    Pimp, I read about Ecklonia Cava and it looks very good. I have actually taken this supplement couple of years ago. The brand name is Fibroboost.. It contains an extract from Ecklonia Cava. I just remembered the brand name and that’s why in your thread EC I couldn’t recall taking it in the past. It has multiple benefits and is a potent antioxidant.



    ya he prescribed it but again i wouldnt recommend taking it for more than 2 weeks straight.

    What happens long term? when you stop? your not fixing hormones either.

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