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    After doing some research it seems pretty pointless in taking borage oil since my diet (particularly the western world diet) contains omega-6, in things such as a full english breakfast fried in sunflower oil! Crisps, peanuts, seeds, nuts, eggs, meat and cheese all contain it.

    So why is borage oil recommended? Would my sexual exhaustion drained me of PGE-1? …Perhaps I should just be trying to boost levels of omega-3 by taking fish oil or flaxseed oil. Please advise…

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    if you’re not already taking omega-3 then you should be doing that. you can use fish oil or cod liver oil which i think is better.

    your piont about borage oil is very true assuming you actually eat that sort of diet.



    The only reason borage oil is recommended is because the point of view is that you don’t eat all that crap to start with.

    Borage oil is good because your body will convert into either PGE 2 or PGE 3 and its your body that decides, but in processed foods, meat mainly, and anything derived from milk (due to it being pumped full of hormones), PGE 2 and other pro flammatry hormones are already present, your body can’t convert them back, they’re just there in form ready to use, so your body uses it and trys to excrete what it can.

    Think about it like this; borage oil is at the top of the chain and your body uses enzymes to break it down into substances it can use, while the PGE 2 hormone is at the bottom of the chain already broken down, already to use, what can your body do?

    If people ate healthly and cooked all their own stuff, they wouldn’t have this problem, they could take borage oil too and wouldn’t have a worry in the world.

    Borage oils use folks is PGE 3, another anit flammatry, PGE 2 isn’t evil, our bodies need it, but like some thing in out diet, we have too much of it.



    after my experiences with milk, i’ve come to the conclusion that even the orgnaic version is just plain rubbish. too many fillers in that stuff.

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