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    So iv heard of people buying male hormones ( testosterone cypionate, testosterone ethanthate) on these online pharmacies.

    this is one that I found that offers the above mentioned products

    Does anyone know if this shit is for real? Can you actually order this stuff to your house and apply testosterone yourself?

    keep in mind im not gona order this stuff or anything like that I just wanna know.

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    it was like 116 dollars for 2000 mg test cyp……thats about a 20 weeks supply… just finding it hard to believe…..

    does anyone know?




    site seems legit. Ya thats damn cheap. (I dont know what it costs here though)

    I guess its legal to sell T in europe.

    I donno what would happen at the border though..



    werd i think that guy chris and YUHU both took their own TRT route.

    Most doctors didnt want to help them out so they had to get their own. Im pretty sure YUHU is from england so maybe theres diffrent laws there.

    No idea about chris im gona ask him cuse if hes from the states im assuming your good ordering it.

    Im also not gona order it in case anyones thinking….”this motherfuckers crazy”…..i just like knowing my options



    i wouldnt recommend ordering anything online..

    but a lot of guys get HCG from



    Steroids are LEGAL in the UK, which is why he was able to easily get his hands on testosterone.

    If you want to get testosterone in the Us/Canada unless its through a doctor I’m almost 100% you need to go through the black market route.

    Go to gyms and look for a steroid monkey. The shit isn’t hard to find.



    i can get a vial of test e underground for 50 euros

    10 ml of 250 mg/ml

    shit lasts me 20 weeks (half a year almost)

    at 100 mg per week it will last even longer than half a year, total cost per year 100 euros, it’s a no brainer



    werd theres a couple routes to take if someone is interested in administering there own trt.

    i talked to chris last night and he told me that gets his from online pharmacies.


    He balanced all his hormones,neuros discovered the effects of paracetemol and practiced on the head honco…….

    please make your own conclusions about this lol cuse i made mine a long time ago



    is he also asbstaining as well?

    i am currently living in with my g/f and of course you do not have much chance to watch porn so i just made a resolve to just cut out porn for around a week and see how that affects me

    i am still using viagra, will be getting bloodwork in two weeks for my test/hcg/arimi combo and see if my e2 is actually getting low enough for wood.. so that’s something i’ll have to watch for coming weeks

    i must say i noticed less precum since starting (4-5 days now) and occasional harder wood, but not quite sure yet

    i must try paracetamol again for a week or so, taking it 3-4 times at two tablets and see if it works.. if it works i will buy zyflamend to see how that helps



    ill do my best to explain what chris did …..hes shared alot with me (chris if your reading this hope you dont mind. let me know)

    anyway…..he balanced all his neuros by taking high doses of glutamine, tryptophan and 5htp for a few months. He however did neurotransmitter and amino acid testing before and several times during so he knew what his levels were like before and see how they were changing over the several months of therapy. He had high dopamine and high norepinephrine so he didnt need tyrosine.

    he also had adrenal fatigue so he went on pregnenalone.

    He tried several clomid restarts and hcg restarts but they were relatively unsucessful so he took his own TRT route through online pharmacies.

    So once he balanced all his hormones , neuros, adrenal fatigue etc his sexual fucntioning was alot better but he still had PE. He would train on the head honcho ( basically fleshlight, fake vagina) and he could never get past 50 strokes into it.

    then by chance he got sick and took paracetmol. He noticed his PE was gone.

    so the last factor contributing to the PE was prostaglandin e2. once he got rid of that he was basically good to go.

    He told me his life with his new GF is going great in all departments, sex included.

    so him and YUHU both have very similar stories.

    I dono if just taking paracetomol will do anyhting for you if still have other neurotransmitter imbalances since this only reduces PG2 and your probably also have low serotonin, GABA and high dopamine and norepinephrine.

    just my opinion



    this also took him ten years to figure out……YUHU im sure was liike 3 or 4 as well…….so they basically did all the hard for us and now we know what they did.



    He saves all his sexual energy for his girl…..I doubt hes jerking off and watching porn if hes got a girl. I know i wouldnt .



    That’s not the important part of the story, the important part is what he did. Who gives a shit if he jerks off or not.



    ehh i agree what he did is most important but there are people on here who clearly have porn addiction problems. If they heal all their imbalances but continue jerking off and waatching porn it sorta kills the purpose.



    Is Paracetamol similar to Ibuprofen? I took ibuprofen last night because I had a head ache. Afterward me and my girlfriend had sex in the shower, and I seemed to have lasted longer, also my erection was awesome to. Could of coincidence..



    All Ibuprofen does is lower the inflammatory response, I don’t see how that should have helped you TBH.



    prostaglandin E2 is inflamatory. Prostaglandin e2 is one of the reasons for precum leakage as well as premature ejaculation (not in everyone, only some)

    Paracetomol inhibits the formation of prostaglandin e2 ….I dono if ibuprofin does the same but if its antinflamatory then its possible.



    its true.

    inflammation is part of the hard flaccid. not inflammation, but inflammatory hormones (prostag e2) are at play.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Paracetamol alone reversed the hard flaccid. But it won’t bring sex drive back alone.. so I’m gonna take care of hormones first, then add it.

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