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    When kissing my girlfriend and ‘feeding the pony’ I get precum, usually pretty bad. Strangely I wouldnt say I am suffering BADLY with premature ejaculation. When distracting my mind I can satisfy my girl for sometimes over 10 minutes.

    Mainly I plan to stop precum coz it bugs me. My girlfriend doesnt like giving me a blowjob coz she hates the taste of my precum.

    After reading some threads I have decided to cut masturbation or sex to once every 2 weeks (a meere 26 times a year ) and take that extra strength fish oil talks about and try some CraniYums to boost my seratonin levels plus I love nuts so I will be buying myself many of those. Will this be enough do you think? I dont want to go crazy with supplements. Benefits are I eat relatively healthy and I do work out at the gym. Which is better… Weights or working up sweats on the old rowing machine?

    I appreciate your help. Thanks guys!

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    keep to your plan sounds good, fish oil and borage oil are best for pre-cum



    like Max said the oils + increase serotonin/GABA.

    how good is your erection?



    My errection isnt too bad – I certianly have no problem getting one around my girlfriend. Not quite the 3 oclock position… probably half past 3, lol.

    So if im understanding correctly, the fish oil helps produce more PGE-1 and less PGE-2 to promote the healing of the cowpers gland, prostate and ducts, thus producing less precum? I look forward to getting started on my recovery plan.

    Hey – would I benefit much from chucking in a multi-vitamin?




    fish oil decreases pge2. borage oil increases pge1

    i have also noticed that when i distract my mind from sex, i last a few minutes longer. i think about football (soccer) lol. what do you think about to distract your mind?



    i find playing music helps me, plus having a calm mind, but my mind is so trained that as soon as i start thinking about sex then i contract my PC muscles then i cum!



    Usually I think about somthing really NOT sexy! For example I have a obese male friend who stinks of sour sweat. I picture myself giving him anal, lol!

    After the graphic images I feel I have lasted long anough to have satisfied my girlfriend so I feel very confident and not under any pressure to hold back ejaculation. This feeling then enables me to keep going for a while longer – plus changing positions to give my old man a break!

    By the way – are you a ‘black books’ fan manny? I assume your british since you call it football as aposed to soccer, lol.

    Whilst im here. Is this the stuff you recommend?




    HA HA HA HA !!



    lol about the graphic images

    i dont watch “black books”.

    for sexual exhaustion i reccomend the “seven seas extra high strength cod liver oil”. the one in the picture is high strength.



    Oh, is a character from black books ~ thought perhaps you were inspired by Bill Bailey.

    Thanks . I know the one you mean, I saw it in boots the other day. Did you also take borage oil or would that seven seas stuff do enough?



    Bought seven seas extra high strength today PURE in the bottle… Took one spoonfull and wretched over the sink, lol… I tried it with juice and everything – its disgusting!

    Im going to need to go for the capsules. My theory is capsules must be better since it is preserved until it reaches the stomach. Most off the spoon was left in the back of my throat and on my tongue. What is your thought?






    What are the symptoms of low pge1?

    I think this borage oil could have been what mainly healed you. After doing some good research I realise that borage oil is the most effective as an anti-flamitory. If I have damaged my prostate, cowpers gland and ducts increasing pge1 and lowering ejaculation frequency should help sooth and heal the damage I have done.

    Is it pge2 that has done the damage to me? What does it do exactly?



    low pge1 symptoms are frequent urination when there is low pge1 and high pge2, premature ejaculation, cracking joints, erection problems, etc.

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