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    hey guys

    ordered two bottles of the bodybuilding.com alpha gpc

    also one bottle of 100 caps acetyl l-carnitine

    should together last me 90 days i suppose

    as soon as i get them ill keep u updated

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    ok thanks for that info.

    i’m just curious how that alpha GPC compairs to the one from vitacost



    my mind is a lot clearer from just 5 days of use:d



    sounds good



    yep its the 500 mg pill

    i think i will take 2 times one pill a day plus one 500 mg acetyl l-carnitine tab

    my mucuna has almost run out so i am ordering some more of that stuff also

    still got some griffonia seeds extract 5-htp so that should last me a while also

    have bought a bottle of omega-3 pills already and some borage oil pills too



    where did u buy your mucuna from?



    its a ayurvedic shop online, country specific

    i order 250 g for around 25 euros

    maybe if you search around for mucuna powder and ayurvedic youll get it too for your country



    fucken backorder

    have to wait till it ships

    and then another week or so

    keep u posted

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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